Hernan Paganini

The folks over at Behance pointed out the work of Hernan Paganini on Twitter earlier and it felt like the same sort of vibe as the previous post, sometimes things work out like that. These images are from a spread that Hernan did for Catalogue Magazine which is like a highly curated fashion spread.

Lately I’ve been thinking about design in general and why some people understand it, and I think Hernan’s work is a great example. In the first image, at the top left there’s a stick that’s been painted a number of different colors. What if instead that had been a wooden spoon or a stock of celery? Would the image have had the same impact? I’m inclined to believe that it wouldn’t have, that the sum of all of Hernan’s experiences have given him the ability to create images like this, and no one else could spontaneously do the same thing.

These experiences have allowed him to create this installations with pieces that work and flow together, creating something new from the parts. It’s a simple beauty that I think often times can go overlooked. The only other person I’ve seen do work like this (in person) is Scott Barry, who can somehow magically create these works of art from seemingly meaningless found objects. Long live hippy shit.


August 3, 2010