Space Suit of the Week

Hunter Freeman is a photographer living and working in San Francisco. In an ongoing personal project, Freeman photographs astronauts exploring very pedestrian environments while fully dressed in Apollo Space Suits. I suspect that Freeman is a bit of a science geek at heart, not only because of his Astronaut series but also because he majored in Math before he realized that he could make a living a professional photographer.

If Space Suits were less expensive on e-bay, I would not hesitate to wear one around town. Fitting into my car might be an issue, but I’d love to see the looks of strangers as they glanced over and saw me next to them at a stoplight. “What are you doing here?” The probability of running into an astronaut at the laundromat or diner is an easy calculation: zero percent.  But the likelihood of laughing to yourself in such an event is stellar.


This week’s Space Suit was suggested by helpful reader Kate.  Thanks!

July 2, 2010