Nike Dunk High Supreme 08 Limited Edition

As you may have noticed we’ve been posting up shoes today on the site, so hopefully you’ve been enjoying them so far. Alex and Danica both posted a couple of items for ladies so I’m posting a couple of pairs for dudes. Honestly I’ve been wearing Sperry’s non-stop lately but I have this constant crush on Dunk-y looking shoes, even if I never wear them.

From what Freshness Mag says these are some kinda’ fancy, limited edition shoe which come in an amazing medium, metallic silver dot pattern which looks woven into the material, not printed on. Usually when a shoe company makes a polka dot print they tend to make it smaller, cuz’, big polka dots are pretty gross. But I think the muted color palette of the shoe make this one a serious winner. No idea where to get it, so good luck finding it!

Found through Freshness Mag


June 29, 2010