The Desktop Wallpaper Project featuring Jennifer Daniel (Part 1)

Jennifer Daniel

View more of Daniel’s wallpapers by clicking here and here.

As I mentioned in the previous post there were two reasons for our impromptu bike day posts. The first were the crazy, beautiful handlebars by SungKug Kim and the second were these totally ridiculous bike chain wallpapers by Jennifer Daniel. I’d written Jennifer about a year ago to see if she’d like to create a wallpaper for the site and she graciously said yes and that she wouldn’t forget about me… and a year later she finally kept her promise! (Haha, sorry Jennifer, it was too funny not to mention!)

If you’ve never seen Jennifer’s work you should really stop reading this and click the link above. She’s a brilliant illustrator and designer and has one of the best senses of humor I’ve ever seen in an artist’s work. If I had to guess her body would be compromised of 50% water, 30% talent and a 20% mixture of wit and charm.

Since Jennifer is also a bike nut she sent me these awesome and abstract bike chain wallpapers with which to adorn your electronic devices. She created three different versions, one with a chain heart, one with a few random chains and then finally an orgy of bike chains. Even if you’re not a bike fan you have to appreciate the abstract beauty of something like this. Thanks for the bike chain beauties Jen!


May 26, 2010