Bi-King by SungKug Kim

The motivation for our bike day posts actually started back in New York and were inspired by two different things. The first was actually the bike handles you see above called Bi-King (HA! Get it?) by Korean designer SungKug Kim. Now I’m not any kind of professional bike kinda’ guy, and such I think these are amazing looking. It’s almost like incorporating pieces of art into your bike, giving them a whole new dimension. Would handlebars like these make your bike a theft magnet? Hell yes, but that’s not what we’re talking about, we’re talking about sheer awesome looking.

I totally love the mixture of wood with the steel, it’s a beautiful combination that looks both industrial and natural all at once. I know that the antler ones are a bit more impractical, but c’mon, you’d definitely take a second (or third) look if someone passed you on the street with something like these.


May 26, 2010