Saturdays Surf NYC

Yesterday afternoon before leaving New York I had the opportunity to meet up with my buddy who works over at Warp for some coffee at a little shop called Saturdays Surf NYC. The appeal of Saturdays is that they’re the only surf shop in SoHo plus they have amazing coffee AND they have one of the best patios I’ve ever sat on, as evidenced by the photos above.

The light in New York is hard to describe, but it’s similar to the light of Los Angeles in some respects. I think in New York it’s more how the light is being filtered and reflected off buildings, how you’er surrounded by brick and steel but it still feels bright out. Now imagine sitting in a tiny garden with a perfect iced Americano in your hand… that’s what Saturdays is like.

They also happen to carry some great products like handmade canvas totes, Baxter, Best Made axes, surfboards, fins, clothing… pretty much everything. I also loved that it’s on a small side street off of the hustle of Broadway, even though when I was around they were shooting a film. Nonetheless it’s a beautiful space and a place worthy of your time.


May 18, 2010