‘Our Younger Noise’ by Letting up Despite Great Faults

One band I’ve been listening to quite a lot lately is Letting Up Despite Great Faults, who actually have a new video for their song Our Younger Noise. I think the song is one of the best on the album, kind fo Postal Service sounding music with breathy vocals that go along perfectly with it. The video itself kind of reminds me of The Smashing Punpkins video for 1979 mixed with something Michel Gondry might do. It was directed by Christopher J. Ewing whom I think did a pretty rad job.

What’s really funny is that the guy in the video is my really good friend Jesse Rice, who I’ve known for like 4 years or so now, so that was a really fun surprise. Go Jesse! Anyhow, watch the video and definitely pick up their new, self-titled album.


May 14, 2010