The Desktop Wallpaper Project featuring Steve McCarthy

Steve McCarthy

My apologies for the delay in the wallpaper this week. As I’ve mentioned before I”m in New York for ICFF and I was busy trying to get ready the last couple nights. Anyhow, this week’s wallpaper comes from a Dublin based illustrator named Steve McCarthy. Steve wrote me a little while back asking if he could submit something and after checking out his work I was really excited. He’s got this really fun, vibrant style of illustration that has a great sense of humor as well. For example, the boy who was born with ears where his testicles should be, luckily he loves music.

For his wallpaper he created this hysterical and bizarre wallpaper featuring lumberjacks and… legs. I’ve never seen trees like this before but I certainly enjoy this wallpaper and it’s weirdness. Be sure to notice the black squirrel who’s a close relative to the black fox, of course.


May 13, 2010