Metaball Attenborough

This is just strange enough that it’s easy to either appreciate or hate without thinking too much. Lars Berg made the video, and it reminds me of the video for Heartbeats by the Knife… kind of. ┬áThe video for Hearbeats seems more cut-and-paste than Metaball Attenborough which is accomplished through computer scripting processes that I don’t understand. Meta…balls?

Something else I don’t understand: why the producers/distributers of ┬áthe Planet Earth documentary series decided that David Attenborough’s narration needed a do-over by someone who can’t say “water” correctly. There’s no “u” in water.

As amazing as Planet Earth is, there’s a quality in old nature documentaries that vanishes with the introduction of hi-def cameras. It’s not the grain of the film, because the programs I’m thinking about where all played from tape on PBS in the early 90’s. Maybe it’s the edges of shapes in old tape: where the leafy backgrounds turn into fields of shimmering green and the figures in the foreground have overly sharp edges between khaki cargo vests and t-shirts. Does anyone have a combination VCR and Bluray player?

Other than Meathball Attenborough, Berg has other videos including this video called Lights Out which is delightful.


May 13, 2010