Filming Myself in the Snow

The other day I got an email from a guy named Stebs Schinnerer, who was writing to tell me that he filmed himself doing some tricks on his bike in the middle of the snow in Massachusetts. On the video description it says that it took him about 3 hours to shoot and edit the entire video… which was done by just himself. That’s right, he shot it, he edited it, and he rode around the snow.

The video itself, while simple, is shot really beautifully. There’s kind of a quiet beauty to the video, with Mr. Schinnerer cruising around to the sound of Efterklang’s Mirador. He did an amazing job of editing the video together and creating a look and feel. The contrast was amped up and the color desaturated, giving the video look even chillier. It would be really great if more people could do small, beautiful projects like these in only three hours.


February 18, 2010