Christoph Niemann on

You may have seen Christop Niemann’s work pop-up a lot recently. The first time I had really heard of him was through his I LEGO N.Y. project, where he illustrated the daily life of New York through nothing but LEGO pieces. None of them really looked like anything at all, but with his narration and context given these blocks came to life and made you giggle. After that came Bio-Diversity, where he shaped leaves into random shapes, yet again giving them context and making you laugh the whole time.

Gestalten recently sat down with him to talk about his work and ho he visualizes all of his ideas in different ways. There’s also a great part where he talks about when he left New York for Berlin, and his main reason was to try new things, even if he failed at them, or there was a chance of failure. This allowed him to start his blog on The New York Times creating the two pieces that I mentioned earlier. I love this mindset, and is something I touched on in a post on Monday.

Watch the video and soak in some inspiration.


February 4, 2010