Liquid Lamp and Bookmark by Kyouei Design

Kyouei Design is small firm based out of Shizouka City, Japan which is about 2 ours West of Tokyo. They have a big body of products that they’ve created and distribute, a lot of you will remember this Umbrella Pot that waters a small plant at the base through runoff from the umbrella. But I’m really enjoying this weird liquid collection they have going on.

First is the Liquid Lamp which looks like a lampshade that has started to melt from the inside, creating a small puddle of red metal at the base. I wonder if that extra splotch comes along with it? Then there’s the liquid bookmark which looks like your bookmark is melting inside your book. Each of these silicon bookmarks are handmade, so no two are alike. Is drippy the new black?

Found through Hypebeast


February 3, 2010