You Will Take A Chance At Something In The Near Future

The fortune above is just slightly nebulous (and the illustration is even mildly racist) but I found it last week while cleaning and it couldn’t have been more foretelling. Starting today I’ll be working on a giant new project that I don’t exactly want to name yet, but I will in the coming… well, sometime in the future.

The project itself probably couldn’t be a bigger challenge, which is exactly why I said yes. As a lover of all things design this could either be my greatest success or my biggest failure, though I’m confident it will be the former. But that’s sort of the fun of it, you know? I really don’t have any fear of failing or succeeding either way, because no matter what happens I’ll learn from my experiences.

I have my Mother to thank for this outlook. She raised me with a boat load of self-confidence, which is probably why people love to call me an “elitist” in comments. But I feel that my confidence is one of my biggest strengths, that I’m not afraid to speak my mind and that there’s nothing to fear in the idea of failing. As human beings we all fail, and failure is what gives us character. How we deal with these failures though is what shapes our character and who we are as people.

How do you deal with failure? Do you wallow in self-pity, dwelling on your failures? Or do you take an honest look at what you did wrong and learn from those mistakes? There’s no sense in dwelling on the past while you could be spending the time planning your future. Success rises from the ashes of failure.


February 1, 2010