One of the reasons I want to move to Copenhagen (eventually) is their reliance upon bikes. The idea of having a city that really supports the use of bikes in day-to-day life is something that I can really get behind. Recently, the Copenhagen Bike-Share program had a design competition for what’s basically a rent a bike program. Simply swipe an RFID tagged card or NFC enabled mobile phone next to the bike and you can rent it by the hour.

The winning design was by Erik Nohlin of LOTS Design, a guy who seems to have quite a knack for designing bikes. To me this bike looks like a lot of fun. I love the built-in basket, that way you’d never have to worry about not having a place to store things when you ran errands. The bike dispensaries as well can be placed anywhere in the city, giving people more options to use the bikes wherever they may be.

I find these kind of grand ideas really inspiring. The idea of giving back to the community is such a powerful idea to me. I think that if we gave back to our communities more there could be a lot of really great change happening. Unfortunately people usually only do it for their own ego or vanity.


January 26, 2010