McNally Jackson Books Cafe by Front Studio

I know a lot of the time I post about minimal architecture, with lots of concrete and blank walls and well, it can be kind of boring. Then I come across spaces like the cafe for McNally Jackson Books, and I’m struck by the warmth and character of the space. Designed by Front Studio, the space where, ” every moment evokes some visceral connection with books and with reading.” Doesn’t that sound nice?

There are books on the ceiling which are meant to look like someone tossed them up there and they were frozen in place, and the walls are also lined with opened books, giving the walls texture. I also love the fold down reading arms that when folded up against the wall look like books. When lowered off the wall they accommodate a book and cup of coffee.

Found through MoCo Loco
Photos by Maggie Soloday


January 19, 2010