Stand Up Straight 2010 Calendar by Atherton Lin

Finding a good calender each year always seem like such a difficult task, though last year I really lucked out and found a great calendar by Atherton Lin at the Marc by Marc Jacobs store. Curious, I thought I’d look and see if they had a new calendar for 2010 and sure enough, they do. This years calendar is decorated in the same style as the 2009, with charming watercolor drawings that tell stories or have tracks to put together a mixtape.

My favorite part is that they sell their calendar through Etsy and it’s only $8.25, how great is that? Plus for the eco-aware crowd each one is printed using vegetable-based inks on recycled paper, and their printer is a part of a co-op that uses renewable energy.

You can grab yourself one by clicking here.


January 18, 2010