Hands On With Joey Roth’s Ceramic Speakers

Back in September I wrote a little post about Joey Roth and the beautiful Ceramic Speakers he created. I thought they were extremely well done but at $500 they’re not exactly in the black foxes budget, nor probably would ever be. Well this is one of those crazy times where I was actually sent the crazy ass thing I wrote about. And so I don’t get sued by whoever, I didn’t write about the speakers in order to get a pair, I never thought I was going to get them and I giggled for 4 hours yesterday when they showed up on my doorstep. Clearly this was not part of a grand master scheme.

Yes, I guess this is kind of a bragging post, but I’m so excited to share these that it can’t be helped. The first thing I’d say about the speakers is that they’re huge, way bigger than the site makes them seem. I thought they would fit in my hands, but you definitely both hands to get these guys together. The materials feel wonderful, especially the ceramic speakers which are totally flawless.

As for the sound, I’ve been listening to all kinds of music and they’re amazingly crisp and clear. I’ve been listening to old favorites and hearing sounds in songs that I’ve never ever heard before, I was totally shocked. And that’s the really important thing, right? I mean yeah, they’re gorgeous, but the fact that you’re getting such amazing sound out of them is the best part.

If I had a spare $500 to drop on a new pair of speakers, I would buy these in heartbeat. These are definitely not for the average Joe Schmoe, but if you’re someone with discerning taste in the areas of design and sound quality, these are the way to go. Plus you’ll be helping out an independent designer who’s trying to make a living, which I definitely think is worth something.

Thanks again Joey for sending me these, I’m still giggling over them, they’re the best late X-Mas present a boy could ever ask for.


January 8, 2010