Bertelli Bicycles

I know, I just posted about really expensive speakers and now I’m posting about $1600 bicycles. What can I say, I like fancy things? Anyhow, the bike you see above is from a company called Bertelli that makes one-of-a-kind bicycles, all hand made by an Italian guy named Francesco. The bikes are put together in New York but the pieces they’re made up of are from all over the world, bits and pieces of new and old merged into one. No matter what though, no one in the world is going to have a bike exactly like yours.

The one you see above is my absolute favorite thouhg. It’s called Domenica and features a Viking frame, a black Brooks saddle, vintage white MIchelin tires and my favorite part, a rare Titan stem (handlebars) frome the 60’s. The handlebars are definitely what make me want this bike.

Be sure to check out the rest of his designs as well, they’re all beautiful and drool worthy.


January 8, 2010