I got an email from one of the guys over at PTARMAK/PMTK letting me know that they updated their site with some new work. I checked it out and these Austin, TX folks have some really nice work. My personal favorite was the branding then did for Honest Don’s and The Chop Shop. As far as I can tell they’re basically a local butcher shop and market. Thus, they gave them both an updated twist on the classic butcher shop look and feel. I love how they used a palette of red and white with an extremely dark red almost brown color, which reminds me blood or meat (in a good way).

My only beef with their site is that I have no idea what to call them. I’m guessing that it’s supposed to be PTARMAK, which doesn’t make any sense, but I also see PTMK all over the place as well. Otherwise, I’m very impressed and if I was opening a butcher shop any time soon I’d totally let them handle the branding.


January 6, 2010