It’s another week and X-Mas music has been on repeat for me. My number one artist two weeks in a row now is Vince Guaraldi Trio because of the Charlie Brown Christmas album. It’s hands down my favorite X-Mas album and I can’t X-mas without it. Coming up next Sufjan, been listening to a lot of BQE and Seven Swans a lot, the latter feels like it’s kind of an underrated album.

After that is Alexandre Desplat who did the score for the soundtrack to The Fantastic Mr. Fox. Alexandre took the place of Mark Mothersbaugh for Wes Anderson’s newest flick. He’s done a really great job of setting up the mood of the movie and it’s even more apparent when you sit down and listen to the soundtrack. It’s also got some Beach Boys and Rolling Stones on there so you can’t go wrong.

Number four was Bright Eyes as I’ve been listening to the X-Mas album he put together. It’s actually a rather faithful rendition of classic songs done in his own creative way. No matter what you think of his music you can’t deny that he’s a talented musician and it definitely shows. Then came The Walkmen and M. Ward, two of my usual favorites. Following that up was Jason Lytle who released a fun new X-Mas present filled with beautiful piano songs. It’s a wonderful treat. Finishing things up is Casio for the Painfully Alone who’s always good for cold, holiday days.

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December 13, 2009