Olimpia Zagnolli Exhibit at the Vice Gallery, Milan

If you take one part beautiful Italian girl and another part mega-talented illustrator what would get? I’m pretty sure you’d get Olimpia Zagnoli. Olimpia sent me an email a couple days ago telling me about the exhibit she recently had at the Vice Gallery in Milan, and boy did she do some effing amazing pieces. She won the Celebrate Originality Award that was sponsored by Adidas Originals and Vice, and prize was having her own gallery show at the Vice space.

I don’t usually post so many images, but honestly I had such an incredibly hard time narrowing down which of her pieces I wanted to show. Scrolling through her work you just get a sense of how amazingly talented she is. Each piece feels like it’s been minimally crafted to perfection, that ever color was arduously fussed over and that no detail was left untouched. Most importantly, her work makes me extremely happy to look at. I just need to shut up already, because I honestly can’t say enough about her work.

For those who don’t remember, Olimpia did a desktop wallpaper for the DWP which you can find here.


December 7, 2009