Piet Indoor Stove

Despite living in Los Angeles, my apartment is totally freezing during the winter. I live in a brick building that was probably built in the 40’sor 50’s and for some reason, probably all the windows the apartment has, my apartment is always totally cold. I’m currently typing this post with fingerless gloves on.

But with something like the Piet Indoor Stove I’d totally be able to warm up and have a cozy fire going. Designed by Fredrik Hyltén-Cavallius the Piet was designed to burn ethanol instead of wood, which provides a smokeless fire. Plus it’s totally safe to keep near walls and furniture because of it’s rock wool insulation and ceramic shell which keeps the fire in check.

One of the most exciting design aspects of this is the reflector which takes it’s inspiration from the work of Piet Hein, who the stove is also named after. The white ceramic with the gold insides and wooden legs… this thing is too good to be true.

Found through MoCo Loco


December 4, 2009