Good Monday, hopefully your day has been good so far. This week’s #musicmonday definitely feels better than last week’s, though I’m not sure why. Numero Uno is Beach House since I haven’t stopped listening to their upcoming Teen Dream. It’s my late-twenties dream. I’ve really been enjoying the Bowerbids album Upper Air, though I’m annoyed that their name isn’t BowerbiRds. Doesn’t that sound better? (EDITThey are called Bowerbirds. Phew.) Animal Collective snuck back in there because of their new Fall Be Kind EP, which lead me into listening to Feels a lot as well.

I came across this band called Venice is Sinking and their album Azar and have really been digging it. Kind of remind me of Dirty on Purpose mixed with Explosions in the Sky. I’ve also been listening to Princeton when I walk around town, it’s cheery and upbeat with hints of Magentic Fields and more than a nod to Jens Lekman. Girls and Real Estate round out the list, and you can catch the latter on the Mixcast No.015.

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November 23, 2009