Self-Stirring Cup by Anna Gram

You know when you’re having coffee or tea, and the dregs end up settling at the bottom? It’s kind of gross and designers Florian Dussopt and Julie Girard have come up with a way to counteract this. They’ve come up with a self-stirring cup. The idea is simple, it’s a glass which at the bottom is a wider reservoir that contains a ceramic ball. Once you spin the cup the ball spins in the reservoir, mixing your drink up more successfully, or so is the hope.

I like this idea a lot but I see two potential problems, the first being that there’s no handle to it. This is meant for hot beverages and grabbing hot glass is not fun in any way. The second more obvious problem is that someone is going to swallow that damn ceramic ball. It’s made purposefully so you won’t dot that, but some damn idiot is going to swallow the whole thing and find it two days later.

Found through Daily Mail


November 19, 2009