The Honda Ruckus, My Dream Ride

Nearly two years ago I posted about the Honda Zoomer, or Rucks here in America,which is a medium sized scooter that gets crazy good mileage, and I’m absolutely obsessed with them. I keep finding new images of them, and seeing them on the roads, and I want one really badly.

They’re not very expensive either, starting at $2,500, and would be amazing to ride, especially here in Los Angeles, where it’s nice 75% of the year. The Ruckus above I found on the ZoomerBoys blog, and I would buy it in a heartbeat, it’s basically the most perfect bike ever.

If anyone from Honda wants to go ahead and give me a ride one of these, or you know, give me one, I’ll be happy to shill for you. Visit Honda’s official Ruckus site for the details.


April 8, 2009