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Sights & Sounds: Animal Collective / ‘Spirit They’re Gone, Spirit They’ve Vanished’ by Nick Iluzada

Sights & Sounds: Animal Collective / 'Spirit They're Gone, Spirit They've Vanished' by Nick Iluzada

Nick Iluzada

I’m really excited to share this new Sights & Sounds series, and so happy to see people who are equally excited to create something rad. I’ve been a big Animal Collective fan for years now, and I felt like they had the right vibe to really inspire some great looking wallpapers. Our first wallpaper in the series is for Spirit They’re Gone, Spirit They’ve Vanished. Recorded back in ’99, the album is technically the work of Avey Tare and Panda Bear, the other guys hadn’t joined the group yet, and was heavily inspired by Avey Tare’s move from Baltimore to New York. It’s amazing how you can so easily hear the very foundations of their style in this album. The production, while not the greatest, is the one thing that makes it feel not quite right. Nonetheless, it’s actually a pretty amazing album, Panda Bear’s drumming in particular is something to hear at the very least.

To illustrate the album our fearless curator Andy chose Nick Iluzada, who has one of the coolest last names ever. Before this project I wasn’t familiar with Nick’s illustration work, which is a total shame. Nick has a wonderful sense for color and motion, check out his Footbawlerz series to see exactly what I mean. The variety and creativity in his sketchbooks is also something worth checking out as well.

Here’s what Nick had to say about his wallpaper:

“I created this image simply with the hope of capturing the feel of some specific tracks (most notably Chocolate Girl, Untitled, Someday I’ll Grow To Be As Tall As the Giant, and Alvin Row) with the album title as the jumping off point. While the record sways back and forth between gritty, high-pitched noise and serene textures, I felt that there was some sort of middle ground that could be worked with in terms of bringing the imagery away from it’s Baltimore (make everything neon rainbows) roots and a subdued yet coarse feel would do just the trick.”

A huge thanks to Nick for creating such a beautiful wallpaper and Andy Mangold for choosing such a talented guy. Check back next Wednesday at 10AM PST for the next wallpaper in our series, Animal Collective’s Danse Manatee.


Courier, Microsoft’s New Booklet Computer

The folks over at Gizmodo are reporting that Microsoft has created a new type of portable computer, not a tablet, but a booklet. Simply called Courier, this little device is definitely different from what people were expecting from either Microsoft or Apple, but my dreams of having Penny’s book computer from Inspector Gadget may be finally coming true. I’ve decided to write up my likes and worries about the device, but first you should visit Gizmodo and watch the video with the Courier in action.

First off I love the idea of this in general. Having a little computer book to carry around could be really great and save space in my bag. I love that you can not only use your fingers but a stylus as well, and I’d wager that it’ll be a multi-touch display, as evidenced by the pinching and dragging. I like the idea of a built-in camera, though I’m not sure how often I’d use it if I have my iPhone in my pocket. Having access to my contacts and maps is a no-brainer as well, so obviously this thing has WiFi support as well.

Okay, so now my worries and concerns. First, I would definitely point out that the video is completely computer generated. I’m doubtful that the screens are going to be that bright and vibrant, though I could definitely be wrong. There’s also the issue of speed and how quickly the system will react to touch. The video makes it look absolutely seamless, but yet again, who knows? I’m also quite curious to see how it actually feels in your hands, whether it will fit snugly or if it could be bulky and feel awkward. There are no spec sizes so far, so it’s hard to say. It also has writing recognition, which I feel is still a sketchy area to dabble in. My 84 year old grandmother has crazy, cursive handwriting, would it work on there?

Coming from a big Apple geek, I will definitely say that this looks absolutely amazing and holds a ton of promise. If this was Apple I would be absolutely drooling, knowing that they’ve meticulously crafted this baby into perfection. But Microsoft doesn’t get the benefit of the doubt, especially after Vista. I think that if Microsoft can really do this right then Apple is going to have a serious contender.


Skyler Vander Molen

As a part of Make Something Cool Everyday, Skyler Vander Molen decided to start creating an illustrated alphabet. But this alphabet takes it’s cues from computer related things instead of stupid things like fluffy animals… okay that’s not true, I love fluffy friends. Anyhow I thought he did a great job clearly illustrating all of these different letters, though he still hasn’t quite finished the alphabet yet.


The Desktop Wallpaper Project by Ian O’Phelan

The Desktop Wallpaper Project by Ian O'Phelan

Ian O’Phelan

This is definitely one of the most beautifully, phallic wallpapers I’ve ever seen. Maybe I just have the mind of a 13 year old boy, but nonetheless it’s a beautiful wallpaper and extremely well done. It was made by Ian O’Phelan, a Los Angeles based illustrator who does the most incredible patterns. The pattern section on his site is absolutely stunning and should definitely be checked out if you have any kind of interest in the area.

I’m guessing that the creatures you see are all underwater beasties, but don’t they kind of look like spores as well? It’s funny because I’m listening to a new song off of Sufjan Steven’s The BQE Soundtrack and it totally fits with this wallpaper, very ethereal and unreal feeling. Give it a download and check back next week for a new wallpaper.

The Desktop Wallpaper Project featuring Mickey Duzyj

The Desktop Wallpaper Project featuring Mickey Duzyj

Mickey Duzyj

Hey everyone! This week’s wallpaper is by one of my favorite artists out there, Mickey Duzyj. Working in Brooklyn, Mickey has this really clean and simple style but has a way of using colors that really make his work pop and come to life.

For his wallpaper he sent me this classic image of his. Snarling greyhounds ripping down a race track, vying to win the race. There’s something so tense and amazing about this piece that totally grabs me. I love the look on the dogs faces, they look so damn intense! Enjoy these and be sure to check back next week.

Live Visuals for Nosaj Thing

The video above is sampling of video clips for Nosaj Things live performances. It was created in a partnership between Adam Guzman and Julie Tsao who created a ton of different visuals that go along with the live performance. In Adam’s own words:

The live show for Nosaj Thing, a collaboration with Julia Tsao. Video clips are the formatted for mixing in Modul8. Each clip belongs to a certain part of a song. We triggered and manipulated each clip live with 2 midi controllers. Our performance is focused around disorientation and using the projector as a light source. The first half of the show is dedicated to slowly building a visual style. The images are black and white lines and squares. The positive/negative space is used to create rhythm that is synced with the audio. As the set progresses, the imagery becomes less abstract and focused less on light. Patterns begin to form and space begins to open as if the two dimensions exploded into a third. The relationship the graphics create with the performer is interesting. As the graphics become more spatial, the performer flattens, becoming a 2-D cutout version of himself.

I’m absolutely enamored with this. I love the part where the light gets liquid-y, and all of the balls floating around in space. Does anyone have any idea what kind of program you would use to try and create graphics like this? I’d love to play around with something like this. It also kind of reminds me of something UVA might do.

Found through today and tomorrow


The Desktop Wallpaper Project featuring Cole Gerst

The Desktop Wallpaper Project featuring Cole Gerst

Cole Gerst

Good Wednesday everyone! Sorry things have been quiet for a few days, I’ve been getting ready to take a trip up to Santa Cruz and San Francisco with the boyfriend for the week. Thus, ducks had to be put in a row and things needed tidying up. But, there are lots of fun things still going on, like the awesome Cole Gerst doing this weeks desktop wallpaper. Growing up in Georgia, he studied art at the Atlanta College of Art and eventually moving out to LA. Funny enough, he lives about 15 blocks away from me!

I spotted the piece above on Cole’s site and I thought it was such a rad image, and that it would make such a great wallpaper. There are so many great little details in this wallpaper, and the color is so vibrant and warming, kind of like a summers sunset.

The Desktop Wallpaper Project featuring Will Hibberd

Name: Will Hibberd
Degree/College: Graphic Design and Production BA (hons) Plymouth College of Art

About Your Wallpaper:
I found it hard having a free reign over the design of this wallpaper, I am usually either doing doodle like illustrations for fun or designing for specific needs, but this opportunity gave me some freedom. I knew I would like the freedom but it was hard to stick with one idea. also I didn’t want to doodle for once! This wallpaper is a mixture of what i find appealing at the moment. Circles (which are not perfectly round) Bitmap imagining especially the cross type, and courier new italic, as well as purple, yellow and blue.