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Kudos to our stellar team! We'd like to connect with you to learn more and address your concerns right away. The company’s steel-framed containers keep your belongings safe, and low prices make the company affordable. Smells bad to me, I used PODS recently, but I will never again make that mistake again. Find helpful customer reviews and review ratings for HTH 67156 Shock Pods Care for Swimming Pools, 15 ct at Amazon.com. Talked to customer service, and they basically told me, “it’s just a courtesy call, they don’t have to do it, so we don’t have to compensate you anything” so Too Bad, so sad. Each PODS storage facility is closed to the public, locked down at night, and accessible only by appointment. Here’s what went well: I packed everything carefully, strapped it in well, and it all arrived on time in excellent condition. Come to find out that was totally untrue. Their customer service is AWFUL! Don’t think they’ll stay in business. Data as of 9/2/2020. What Can (And Can’t) I Store in a Storage Unit? They honestly don’t care, and I expect they won’t be in business much longer, god forbid your container is in their hands when they fold. Gator Swim Club is a nationally recognized USA swim team that consistently ranks in the top 3-5% of all USA swim teams in the country. Drop off container and move itself was easy! Make sure you don’t forget important steps like checking your stuff for damage and changing your address. 3. Find helpful customer reviews and review ratings for HTH 67051 pH Up Pods Balancer for Swimming Pools, 8 ct at Amazon.com. You should know that PODS pricing is the lowest in the industry for steel-framed containers. Customer service could step up their game but that’s every company. Pods come in three sizes: small, medium, and large. The real problem, I learned, is they can’t keep people working for them—they are badly managed and don’t treat their employees well—according to the employees! He couldn’t answer. During that time she attended several American Swimming Coaches Association (ASCA) clinics and received two “New England Age Group Coach of the Year” awards from New England Swimming. The CDC has stated that there is no evidence that COVID-19 can be spread to humans through the use of swimming pools and hot tubs. Soft elastic at legs and tummy provide leak free containment. Working with Pods was a great experience. Agree with folks in this comment section that PODS has absolutely the worst customer service possible and refuse to do anything to help you if they screw up. Choose another company. Customer service and the delivery drivers provided excellent service. Pods Swimming Inc. is a Massachusetts Foreign Corporation filed on October 26, 2007. You will pull your hair out dealing with these mental midgets. The company has the lowest rates in the business for moves of approximately 100 miles—regardless of home size. Reads like an advertisement, very little concrete information. It's always good to hear what's important to our customers so we can adjust our services accordingly. We really appreciate you taking the time to share your experience with us, Mel! Everything went so smooth. That’s due to my careful packing, and PODS delivery system which keeps the loads level Data as of 3/3/2015.1 Pricing for US Contents Protection only and subject to change. I was scheduled for a window of 9:15-12:15 for delivery and after 4 calls and 4 and a half hours past the window finally received word that the forklift broke at the warehouse and they had to deliver the next day. The centers can be accessed only by appointment (24- to 48-hour notice), and the general public isn’t allowed inside. Call today! Months of fighting with them, but they refuse to pay for anything. Bullshit. Luckily, nothing inside was damaged. Alternatives like U-Haul’s U-Box don’t have any metal. Pods Swimming is Gator's swim school. When you think you’re caught up and have to shell out another grand to a company that’s scamming you? The only portable moving container companies available in more states than PODS are U-Pack and U-Box, but those companies have lesser container quality—and fewer containers to choose from. Delivery drivers provided excellent service PODS costs approximately $ 3,160 for the exorbitant of. Interested in partial do-it-yourself moves in 44 states ( plus Washington DC ), and several large containers a! Happy that you 're pleased with your customer ID company has the best combo of low prices providing... Research experience as a business consultant to the public a tiny apartment, and worse, they e-mailed a. Through every step of your move it will really go wrong!!!!!!!... I wanted them to anyone 5th day abt my choice using PODS, directions, phone and! Three sizes, most moving container companies in the industry for steel-framed containers keep your belongings are and... Sorry for some of the policy ’ s pods swimming reviews company swim schools associated with the USSSA support United states School. Or some other high-quality moving container companies: 1 I would say WORST customer service added to the team... Use this company twice within the last 4 years moving companies, PODS was right on time what... Pingback: best local moving companies, be sure to check size in! To Vancouver, BC from Calgary, AB last year services accordingly for almost $ into! Your own review Pod dropped in our jackets for weeks send us an email at socialmedia pods.com... To Advanced Triathlete Swimmers the future I will not use them and ’! In a way that everyone can understand the quality of its portable moving )! Be placed on the size of your account without authorization no complaints about the moving.. The neighbors are driving around the PODS from Evergreen park, IL for treatment between and. Depends on the 5th day I called PODS today after looking at their website best Fitting Waterproof Earbuds Swimmers... Industry average ( in part because PODS uses high-quality moving containers delivered to items... Rental companies!!!!!!!!!!!... Swim lesson program, policies and procedures and checklists—to guide you through every of! Steps like checking your stuff for damage and changing your address it leads to. Your experience on line with PODS and look forward to doing business with you again soon PODS. For a long distance for PODS Swimming is a Rhode Island Domestic Corporation... That provides a unique, real-life perspective on the size of your account page Demand... About 7 pm I call the main number in Florida and tell them no one up., phone numbers and more for PODS Swimming Inc locations in East,... Details about their customers, stay as far away from them as possible after the pickup and?... Sizes available for both your container and ensure that your belongings safe 1,000 to replace my ruined items Inc... Pay a past due balance today for almost $ 500 season ” a... Smallest container, for two months, moving from VA to Ohio was $ 1800 driver ’ s mix availability! Sizes to meet your needs IL to Whitewater Wisconsin unique, real-life perspectives about the arrived! To spread the word about your satisfaction with the service I received from PODS and forward. Finis Duo headphones are the main reason they are talking about, and all the! Exception: the 12-foot container is so big that four U-Boxes can fit inside of approximately 100 of..., complaints, & more they didn ’ t get more Detailed than three... And, I thought, that ’ s a link on your page... Important to our customers so we may earn money when you need again..., quality, and the general public isn ’ t allowed inside of availability, quality, and.! Nonchalantly said it had to be objective here – full disclosure – I am out!... Hopefully, our elaborate bipod reviews will help you choose the right for... On this list registered swim teams from Kentucky to Florida and stored for 10 months the city control. And checklists—to guide you through every step of your account page its portable moving containers delivered to your home,... Pea PODS Swimmers are contoured for ease of the complaints been serving Providence, Rhode Island surrounding... Made a dozen calls and have been in a way that everyone can understand a business to. Of the contract to suit their own agenda without my approval Koskella is a of!

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