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Put all documents in one envelope and send them by courier to Anabin’s address. But, refusing any of these cookies may influence your browsing experience. Currently, only 9 Countries Are visa free for Pakistani Passport Holders as of 2020. The German Embassy Islamabad is always flooded with the number of applicants every day. A Work Visa is extendable on yearly basis subject to approval. You also have to provide all original documents (including all of your passports). Please also bring 50,000 PKR in 5000 notes for the necessary document verification. Complete Germany work visa guide for Pakistani applicants. Our team of professional visa experts has vast experience in Schengen visa applications from Germany. Proof of adequate health insurance cover. Appointment confirmation e-mail (only for Embassy Islamabad), - including the provided booking code (e.g. The new law extends the opportunities for qualified professionals from outside the European Union to come to work in Germany. Breaking News!! All Rights Reserved. Documents to be submitted for a work visa, Confirmation of the employment relationship, additional sheet to the confirmation of the employment relationship, Germany opens labour market for skilled workers from non-,, Information provided to applicants pursuant to Section 54 (2) 8 in conjunction with Section 53 of the Residence Act). All those applying for Pakistan’s ... Work Visa. In cases where only one parent has full custody over the child. Additional instructions: Embassy Islamabad with effect from 1st March 2020: If you received an advance approval according to Art. Beware and don’t send original documents to KMK, you have to send only attested photocopies. German Embassy Islamabad and Consulate Karachi have a different schedule of appointment availability so schedule your appointment accordingly. Watch my detailed video on Job Seeker Visa Germany | … There may be different visa requirements for different candidates according to their nationality and study program. Family court order. The most famous German job portal is Indeed, Stepstone, Monster, and Glassdoor, etc. You can find a print-out version of this page under the following link: Print-out version work visa requirements. Proof of your language skills according to job requirements. It includes step by step information and a checklist of all required documents. Important: Equivalence certificate is the most important document for jobs related visas and needed in most cases especially if you don’t have a German degree. Attach the following documents with a printout of application form: HEC attested copies of degree and transcripts, Un-attested copies of Matric and Intermediate certificates. For the possibilities to take out health insurance please see the following link: Please note that Category “D” national visas for work are normally issued with a validity of 3 months from the date of travel onwards to enable the passport holder to enter Germany and register at the relevant authorities (Ausländerbehörde). 10. it’s a short form of Anerkennung und Bewertung ausländischer Bildungsnachweise (Recognition and evaluation of foreign educational certificates). Then sign the print outs. If as an employee you are subject to mandatory statutory health insurance, you must bear in mind that this insurance can only begin when you take up residence in Germany and enter into employment. Pay the fee of 200 EUR (paid by the employer in work visa cases). In case of your degree and university not preset in anabin list then you have to submit a statement of comparability that you can get from KMK website. Under Decreto-Flussi, over 30,000 workers from agriculture, tourism, construction and freight forwarding sectors can avail themselves of … If you changed your name then official proof of a possible change of name (if not shown on the identification document). Please keep in mind, appointments in this category are only possible for those applicants who have a confirmed job offer. Visa applicants will be turned away at the Embassy gate and will have to book a correct appointment at the visa section. For this, you have to submit an Anabin-extract (print-out) that must exactly match your degree and university. Especially when you will qualify for the Blue-Card in future. Top 20 German universities – 2021 ranking, Private universities in Germany for international students, Coronavirus updates for students traveling to Germany, Top universities to study Biology in Germany, List of universities to study Chemistry in Germany, EU Blue Card in Germany – Requirements 2020, Best ways to send money abroad from Germany, Germany Job Seeker Visa – Requirements 2020. Now you can apply for Germany work permit march 2020 with very minimum requirements. Germany’s new work visa immigration law opens the doors for skilled workers of non-EU countries to not only get a job offer and work here, but it also allows skilled workers to get a job seekers visa to come to Germany to find the job. In partnership with German industries, the National University of Technology, Pakistan (NUTECH) is going to offer 3 years of work visa/technical training program for Germany. Replace the job offer letter/contract with a blocked account in this process. Current waiting time for an appointment: Please note that appointments for work visas are currently only available in around 4 months. The motive of this step-by-step guide is to give clarity to the whole Germany work visa process. Hotline “Arbeiten und Leben in Deutschland” (+49 30 1815-1111), 3. Best way to find Dubai Work Visa from Pakistan. ROME/ISLAMABAD – The Italian government has allowed Pakistani nationals to apply for seasonal and non-seasonal work visas for the year 2020-21. Consent from the Federal Agency for Work (“Vorabzustimmung”) if applicable, 6. They will be returned to you on the same day (except the passport you intend to travel on which stays with the Embassy during the processing time of your visa application). be mindful of the fact, if you apply for a visa that required a Blue-Card then you have to prove the equivalence of your foreign university degree to a German university degree. ... in Pakistan, that have expired by 15th March, 2020 or are near expiry shall be deemed to be valid till 31st August, 2020. Pakistani / non-EU students have required the visa to enter and live in Germany. Confirmation of the employment relationship, 4. If you are applying alone then forget about this section. We also utilize 3rd-party cookies that assist us in analyzing and understanding how you use our website. No suitable keywords found. Arrange your documents using the document checklist mentioned below. Job seeking visa is for those people who want to go to Germany to find a job. VISA REQUIREMENTS FOR PAKISTANI STUDENTS FOR GERMANY. Copyright 2021. The rest of the documents and process will remain the same. You can apply for a Schengen visa (i.e. 1. Zentrale Servicestelle Berufsanerkennung (ZSBA), - employment letter from all former and current employers, Of all your passports starting with the most recent one you want to travel on. Germany is offering this opportunity to Pakistanis as part of its needs of shortage labor oncoming years. You need the following documents to get a ‘KMK statement of comparability’. The motive of this step-by-step guide is to give clarity to the whole Germany work visa process. The current waiting time for German work visa appointments is 4 months. Consent from the Federal Agency for Work – (“Vorabzustimmung”) – (if applicable), Information about any previous visa refusals, Information provided to applicants in accordance with Section 54 (2) 8 in conjunction with Section 53 of the Residence Act), Copy of appointment confirmation email (only for Islamabad embassy). The newly implemented law has expanded the list of those that are now considered as qualified professionals for moving to Germany for work. The Quick Check on the Make it in Germany website should indicate your chances of working in Germany. Whether you are planning to visit Germany, study or work or even to settle there permanently, you will have to apply for a different Schengen visa, accordingly. ... which will allow its nationals to avail seasonal and non-seasonal work visas for the year 2020-21. A Work Visa is valid for Multiple Entries in to Pakistan. allows you to stay in the country for six months and look for a job Germany is a famous destination for Pakistani visitors, due to its beautiful and colorful culture, which attracts tourists from all over the world. 12. Once you reached there, stay relax, follow their instructions, and look ready and prepared. For this online pre-registration, you will also have to pay Rs.500* (non-refundable) through the … In case you apply for a visa as a speciality cook please provide three sets of A4 size photocopies. Please also bring 50.000,00 PKR in 5000er notes for the necessary document verification. 9)- Vanuatu, Visa Free Countries For Pakistan. If you are applying for a. 2. So-called incoming travel insurance can also contain such exclusions. We'll ensure to maximize your chances of getting Germany visa from Pakistan. In case you are also applying visa of your family along with your visa. New rules for the immigration of skilled workers to Germany will enter into force in early 2020. ISLAMABAD: The Italian government has reopened sea­sonal and non-seasonal work visas for Pakistani nationals under its annual schedule of work visa called ‘Decreto Flussi’ for the year 2020-21. Fill in all the documents with the utmost care and use a computer to fill in all the fields except the signature field. These are the most frequent Germany visa types: National Visas. Download, fill in and sign the ‘Applicant Declaration’. If you desire to keep the process simple then you have to follow the visa application process in the sequence and as mentioned here. You can apply for jobs in Germany on different online job portals. Arrange your original educational certificates and degrees in chronological order. If your university and degree are already listed on the Anabin website, even then this equivalence certificate will be helpful for you. But to improve your visa file you can attach any additional supporting documentation. You don’t need to attest photocopies of these certificates. For the convenience of the passport holder it is now possible to issue such a visa with the validity of 6 months, if a matching travel health insurance or proof for subsequent, valid health insurance upon arrival and start of your employment in Germany is provided. Blue card is offered to only those people who earn more than 50,000 euros salary per annum. Before you start looking for a job it is best to first clarify whether you need a visa to work in Germany. Anabin is a database where you can find out your degrees and universities are recognized in Germany or not. Mostly an employer arranges this for an employee. Get attested to your bachelor, master, and PhD degrees (depends on your qualification) from HEC. Please enter your complete search term. Throughout filling out all your visa documents, use ONLY this date format: dd/mm/yyyy. Additional Germany Visa Requirements for Minors. You also have the choice to reject these cookies. Nationals of the 179 Countries who are residing in the same countries can apply for the Pakistani Visa through Pakistan Online Visa System in 3 Easy steps. Out of these, the cookies classified as necessary are saved on your browser because they are important for the working of the website's basic functionalities. Give an interview and submit your documents. Attested photocopies of Bachelor, Master and PhD degrees and transcripts.

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