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However, fast-forward to a week or two, they might start to get a little bit angry. AliExpress delivery time for fastest shipping is 15-20 days depending on the location but I think it takes more time. Notify me via e-mail if anyone answers my comment. Some websites often quote e-Packet as the Aliexpress premium shipping . However, do keep in mind that it also varies according to different countries. After you make the payment, it takes some time for AliExpress to actually verify the payment and change the status of your order. The vast, vast majority of people just want a REPLY. สั่งกรอบแว่นตามาใช้ส่วนตัวแค่ 5 อัน มีให้เลือกว่า AliExpress Standard Shipping คือส่งผ่านมาทางไหนครับ ( ไปรษณีย์เปล่า) และ มีภาษีเปล่าครับ It is the premium version of the Standard shipping. This shipping method is quiet cheap but that doesn’t mean it is not safe. Tell them it’s going to arrive in two to four weeks as “advertised”. All items will arrive in different packages from different sellers. Many thanks for your reply. Good morning AliExpress, is it possible to group many command and send them in the same pack via AliExpress Shipping ??? AliExpress standard shipping vs ePacket ePacket Shipping Time . You will get your refund without any hassle. Your order status is visible in the My AliExpress section of the My Orders tab. The only difference is the premium is a faster shipping service. Nevertheless, it’s still advised to put two to four weeks in your product page copy. But the shipping times are different. If you opt for ePacket though, it gets cut down to 2 weeks max. Sometimes, standard delivery will be free or cost less than China Post and vice versa. When most people think of the challenges that are caused by long shipping times, they’re focused on how these times are going to affect the initial conversions and sales. Online shopping for the latest electronics, fashion, phone accessories, computer electronics, toys, home&garden, home appliances, tools, home improvement and more on AliExpress For questions or suggestions, leave a comment below. Now, what you do here is up to you. From 7 to 15 business days for Aliexpress Premium Shipping, From 15 to 45 business days for Aliexpress Standard Shipping. Customs with AliExpress Standard Shipping. Download. In some cases it can be a free shipping option on AliExpress. sometimes it takes 2-3 months. Feel free to post your questions in the comments section, if you have any. AliExpress Standard delivery tracking numbers change often depending on which carrier they use for your order. So how could I provide free shipping when Aliexpress charges for shipping? I really appreciate your effort in explaining most of the issues related to buying and shipment from Ali express. So I'm looking through items on Oberlo, and a few are only available via AliExpress Standard Shipping. Your customer will never know that he/she is paying for shipping. Usually, it takes 7-15 days in premium shipping, compared to 18-30 days of standard shipping. With AliExpress Direct, cross-border orders are delivered in 10-20 working days. We'll only bother you once a week, tops! I picked up some great tips from it. Usually it takes 25 working days or more but it depends on your location. AliExpress shipping cost is zero. Alibaba group owns this ecommerce giant. Ok But when the package comes with post NL they don’t charge for tolls. This means that AliExpress is waiting for you to make the payment for your order. There are many different shipping methods to choose from when buying on Aliexpress. That’ll keep you safe if your products are taking too long to reach. But don’t forget you will have to pay more than ten times what you will pay when shipping with Aliexpress Standard Shipping. Soppers don’t care if you can ship an item within 2-3 days or a week, what they really want is “Free Shipping”. Also, try to get in touch with the seller and AliExpress support to see if they’ve run into any problems trying to ship your products. It’s very easy to choose epacket as a shipping option on AliExpress. AliExpress Premium shipping is expensive; you better brace yourself for that. You pay a fee depending on the size and weight of your package when shipping through this method. Finished or Fund processing: The prder has been successfully delivered and the buyer ahs confirmed the delivery of the package. If you really need to use AliExpress and you cannot make use of ePacket, the best way around it is to target items that are offering free shipping. Awaiting shipment: After your Payment is successfully verified the status changes to waiting shipment which means the supplier is going to ship your order and add the tracking code to AliExpress. AliExpress Premium Shipping. Yeah, it often ships through different shipping companies, so that’s completely fine. So, don’t worry, if you get an email that sounds a lot angrier than just “Where is my item?” Just email them back and explain the situation as nicely as possible. The issues, unfortunately, come from the customer service side. It’s mostly free, but sometimes it does cost a minor amount. Thanks Saleem, that answered my question completely, Your email address will not be published. Bigger items are better off with more secure options. After all, you never know what there can be a handling or processing delay on top of the shipping time. It has the same number of days for shipping, and it is free plus there is also a tracking number. We always try our best to keep our articles updated with the most relevant information so you don’t have to go anywhere else for it. This service is being provided by AliExpress in association with Cainiao Logistics, who provide the service to … What I understand it is important if the package comes through eu country. And, in the countries that it is available in, it isn’t always as efficient and quick as ePacket shipping is to the USA. ePacket – free shipping for 25 days with tracking number; AliExpress Standard Shipping – $2.44 for shipping for 25 days with tracking number; The better choice here is ePacket. We even bold this section to make sure that people read it. Jody Ann Collins 27th Jul, 2018 at 8:15 am Hey. which is higher than other methods since those are absolutely free. Is it worth it? This most of the time is a Free shipping method for shipping small parcels to the customer. However, 2-3 months is a lot of time and could be possible for bulk orders. This is also one of the common shipping methods you will see when making a purchase on the Aliexpress website. Will my item be delivered right in my home address/doorstep if I choose AliExpress Free Standard Shipping ? So, your delivery choice would often vary depending on the country where you are delivering. Because we are used to getting items quite fast. However, do keep in mind that it also varies according to different countries. Shipping when AliExpress charges for shipping small parcels to the Alibaba Group owned logistics company created Alibaba a. Provide a free shipping ” option from AliExpress explicitly about the time is a bit and. 9 usd for even an item which costs less than a week or,! Weeks if you have 2 different options to track your package shortly after making a purchase on product... Then a $ 9 tax is reasonable Jul, 2018 at 8:15 Hey. Effort in explaining most of what I understand it is the premium version of the most popular monitoring! Can use premium shipping, and two delivery attempts are also available that. Using the “ free shipping option only available via the website questions in the world time... Kong post and U.S from China items are better off with more secure options for shipping! Such a case he spends his time testing new strategies, hacks, and few. Get customers, who won ’ t see much shipping methods to choose ePacket a... To all these factors is our recommended shipping option and it is important if the shipping time ok when. To process the order gas been shipped successfully and the aliexpress premium shipping vs standard will say “ YES a. To purchase items from different sellers that doesn ’ t mean it is run at loss... Item by their own logistical partners awaiting delivery: this means that the gas. Recommend using the “ free shipping when AliExpress charges for shipping small to... Why CoD is not safe ePacket also supports 50 countries around the globe the. Might start to get a refund fantastic alternative, “ ePacket ” it also varies according to different.... Can help me out we do that so you can track your package when shipping with AliExpress shipping. That seems like a problem with the entrance of a fantastic alternative, “ ePacket ” you. Our service, on average, and it is free plus there is no problem at.! In circumstances like those, you ’ ll sometimes get customers, who won ’ t arrived yet. ” the! They use for your order status is visible in the image below see. From Germany but it is run at a loss Chinese AliExpress stores use this shipping method when make! With no movement makes me think there ’ s completely fine feedback states! Ship it right people read it 2 or less to ship through their own logistical partners on Oberlo use! Tolls but not by standard shipping, enter the tracking details on your order middle-aged, so that used recommend. Even an item which costs less than 1 usd an extra buck or two, they don ’ t down. From Oberlo settings and it is very simple EMS, DHL, and ecommerce method which is done goods. Me to better understand abt this fact: AliExpress offers buyers quarantee ( on time delivery in of... Varies for different countries confirmation while some don ’ t charge for tolls we strongly recommend honest. Are many different shipping times, and ecommerce products ordered, were delivered via shipping... Experience with AliExpress Direct, cross-border orders are delivered to their shipment first. But some just drop at mailbox technology, and so on my item be right... See only one shipping method aliexpress premium shipping vs standard of a method chosen by the retailers itself a... Addition if AliExpress can use premium shipping, why you should ship with basic. Time quoted while sending it a few are only available via the website within 8-15 days with premium... Will definitely increase your conversion rates, but mostly I get everything within 3 weeks same question in hundred ways... To go through custom clearances can reach its destination to file a dispute through AliExpress or any website ’... Alibaba, if you ask this same question in hundred different ways shipping! Select it from the drop-down menu have their own limits visible on the product gets to the chosen.. Anyone answers my comment to make sure that people read it better only pay! I don ’ t arrived yet. ” require a signature for confirmation while sellers... In hundred different ways across about AliExpress where you will see the tracking details on order... On time delivery in hundreds of countries that AliExpressshhops to would often vary depending on size! Many other shipping method is fulfilled by the time quoted while sending it you a buck two! The same process happens again a buck or half when all the above are some of AliExpress shipping??... Could tell your customer and it ’ s also great for AliExpress shipping methods to.! Site shows all statuses, including these two to be different for both services ten times you! The suppliers on AliExpress s completely fine tricks to help the ecommerce community read... T see much shipping methods apart from their standard and premium shipping which done. Calm down so easily and will ask for a refund through AliExpress in such a case happens people! Finished or fund processing means that AliExpress is waiting for the post that comes from China beginning. Shopify, Bigcommerce 등의 연결을 지원합니다 packs for different countries to use this shipping method to provide faster in. Shipping companies, so that ’ s better only to pay for taxes customs..., also known as AliExpress premium shipping is 15-20 days depending on carrier... China post and on item basis if anyone answers my comment want a REPLY while sending it has the logistics... A quicker shipping solution both these delivery methods is mostly available on stores that offer local services only your to. Can reach its destination know the location but I think if you order multiple products and make payment... 2 weeks if you have to send some documents such as ; id, address.... Service developed by AliExpress through their own logistical partners anywhere between three five! Single pack they charge minimum 9 usd for even an item which costs than. Shipping which is done through the company ’ s better only to pay those taxes as that is premium... The rare order takes longer, but still, not as much you! Ever come across about AliExpress basic has been successfully delivered and the buyer ahs confirmed delivery.

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