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Vague and undefined authority and bitter subordinate relationships cause confusion and conflict of authority. It binds the people of the organisation and their activities to ensure a smooth functioning of the work. Large number of employees work in big business organisation. Adopt informal means that coordination is essence management explain example, supply of different departments and protect the actual performance or refusal to the coordination is seen as imperative. George R. Terry and Theo Haimann consider coordination as a permeating function of management passing through the managerial functions of planning, organizing, staffing, directing and controlling. It cannot be left to chance, but the manager must constantly work at it. According to them, coordination is a part of the managerial functions of planning, organizing, staffing, directing and controlling. Welcome to EconomicsDiscussion.net! Management should provide common direction to its employees. The basic function of coordination in an enterprise is the same as that of an orchestra conductor who directs the activities of the orchestra party in such a manner that it produces harmony in music. Answer: (b) Coordination. This empire building tendency makes co-ordination difficult. Cooperation – When the individuals of the organisation help each other voluntarily, coordination become easier. State. This may lead to confusion and chaos in the organization. The integration of various functions will be done through co-ordination. Coordination … Liaison officer – Liaison officers are appointed in the organisation to enhance the coordination between different sections, units and groups. Coordination is the function of management which ensures that different departments and groups work in sync. Co-ordination not improves the morale and job satisfaction of employees and improves the efficiency of operations. Answer: Coordination is not a separate function of the management, it is the force that binds all the other functions of management. This is the synergetic effect of co-ordination. TOS 7. 5. Coordination and Managerial Functions 15. Apart from these five functions, there is one more important function which every manager has to perform. In general coordination means bringing together the activities and resources of organisation and bringing harmony in them. Coordination is the base or primary function of every manager because various departments of an organisation are working independently and there is need to relate and integrate their activities. v. Management should provide opportunities for employees across the levels to attend training in the areas of leadership, team building coordination, etc. There should be a proper delegation of authority and responsibility at all levels of management. So in short we can say without coordination no company can work efficiently and earn profit. Content Filtrations 6. For example, to ensure harmonious functioning of the organisation, it is essential that the functions of purchasing, designing, production and sales departments are co-ordinated. My postulate is that this capability can be explained by the proper balance between coordination and collaboration, enabled by a co-operative desire. Party politics, desire for self-importance, dual superiors, lack of unity of command, lack of co-ordination, defective control are some other constraints in effective co-ordination. Everything you need to know about coordination. The manager brings about this process as he performs the basic managerial functions of planning, organising, staffing, directing and controlling. The conflict between line and staff personnel can also be avoided through proper coordination of their efforts. Co-ordination is an effort to reach business goals by means of planning, organising, actuating and controlling various activities. (i) Top level requires coordination to integrate all the activities of organisation and lead the efforts of all the individuals in one common direction. Coordination: The Essence of Management. The important techniques of coordination are as follows: 1. There should be proper delegation of authority and responsibility. Or, even if they can be produced, the suitable raw material may not be available. Objectives may overlap. i. Co-ordination is not a separate function but the very essence of management. Co-Ordination Needed to Perform all Functions: Managerial functions are performed in a better way with the help of co-ordination. They need to be adjusted as per the requirements of the situations. It is not a separate … What is Management? Each Managerial function is an exercise contributing individually to coordination. Session -6 - Coordination To understand the meaning and Importance of Coordination. It is a process by which the manager achieves harmonious group effort and unity of action in the pursuit of a common purpose. The personal contact is the most effective type of communication. Each of the managerial functions is an exercise in co-ordination.” Managerial functions are related to co­ordination. It harmonizes, unifies and blends all activities and thus, ensures the achievement of predetermined objectives. 1. While staffing, the manager should keep in mind the nature of jobs and the type of persons required for managing them. It is a by-product of good management. Well aware people will be able to contribute in achieving organizational goals. For such coordination, effective communication at all levels is essential. Planning is amongst the primary functions of management. (ii) Coordination is required at middle level to balance the activities of different departments so that these can work as a part of one organisation only. Lack of Administrative Capability – Co-ordination has to be achieved at administrative level. Principles 8. Coordination inaction: Though coordination is the essence of management and is achieved through the proper performance of all managerial functions, control afects this aspect significantly. 6. In order that there be understanding among people, there must be effective means of communication among them. The theory of CMM was developed in the mid-1970s by W. Barnett … Lack of administrative capability in the top officers and managers of the enterprise become a problem in establishing co-ordination. Coordination is the very important aspect in any Organization. So the importance of co-ordination has subsequently increased. (iii) Co-ordination in staffing function is needed between nature of job and qualifications of employees and between nature of work and compensation fixed. Importance of Coordination. | EduRev Commerce Question is disucussed on EduRev Study Group by … The whole or entire activities of the organisation should be divided department-wise or section-wise according to the size of the organisation. Without co-ordination, working cannot be harmonised. It also brings harmony in carrying out the different tasks and activities to achieve the organization’s objectives … Natural phenomenon like rains, floods, droughts, earth quake and abnormal changes in human behaviour of individuals and groups in the organisation are the examples of uncertain future. (e) To avoid interruptions in operations due to reasons such as delay in the supply of materials, tools or vague directions or omissions or wrong allocation of duties etc. 3. Coordination Meaning. A coordinated operation is one in which the activities of the employees are harmonious, dovetailed, and integrated towards a common objective.” McFarland defines co-ordination as “the process whereby an executive develops an orderly pattern of group effort among his subordinates and secures unit of action in the pursuit of a common purpose.”. To the extent deviations from the standard are addressed and the performance is aligned to the target, there is co-ordination. Co-ordination can certainly be achieved at planning stage. Coordination brings unity of action and integrates different activities of organisation. It was with this reason that classical school of thought considered co-ordination as a separate function. The managers at all levels are concerned with achieving coordination while performing the functions of planning, organizing, staffing, directing and controlling. 3. Effective communication is of utmost importance for achieving better co-ordination. Co-ordination makes employees loyal and committed to enterprise which increases effectiveness and stability of the enterprise. Any company which fails to coordinate its activities cannot survive and run successfully for a long period of time. Through coordination, it is possible to bring about economy and efficiency in the organization. They are assigned on the basis of their specialisation. Coordination is the force that binds all the other functions of management. It is like a thread of garland, flowers of which are different managerial functions. In other words, Co-ordination affects Planning, Organising, Staffing, Directing, Communication, Leading, Motivating and Controlling. The objectives of the organisation must be understood by the individuals. CMM relies on three interdependent elements: coordination, management and meaning. Processes that are highly responsive to customer needs require complex data, knowledge management, sophisticated rules and cutting edge communication devices. The controlling function itself will facilitate co-ordination because it will require the evaluation of performance of subordinates and will enable the manager to make changes if there are deviations between standards set and results achieved. It gives one clear direction to the whole organisation and brings unity and harmony in the whole business unit. Discussing the coordination is the essence of explain example, having knowledge about how to prevent this process. 3. Other methods like reports, procedures, bulletins, etc., can also be used properly. It also brings harmony in carrying out the different tasks and activities to achieve the organization’s objectives efficiently. Plans are not just desires, they are desires su… Composite and orderly effort established through team spirit and executive leadership enables employees to derive a sense of security and personal satisfaction from the job. Answer. Coordination is the essence of management or manager ship, for the achievement of harmony of individual effort towards the accomplish­ment of group goals is the purpose of management. Co­ordination avoids duplication of work or efforts, interpersonal conflicts, controversies, misunderstandings, delay, wastages and confusions. Co-ordination is a dynamic process and it is to be exercised all the time to ensure smooth functioning of departments. Diversification in Managerial Qualities – Managers differs in thinking and qualities. From a practitioner’s perspective, the conceptualization provides a guideline for designing organizational interventions and IT artifacts. 168 crore. Lack of cooperation on account of jealousy. Explain the importance of Controlling. Process 12. This would help in achieving co-ordination. Rather, it is intrinsic in all the operations and functions of the management. According to Mary Follett, planning stage is the ideal time to bring about co-ordination and they must see to it that various plans are properly interrelated. 6. 5. A manager has to link these diverse groups towards the achievement of a common goal. Meaning and Definitions Provided by Newman, Henry Fayol, Ordway Tead, George Terry, Koontz and O’Donnell, Henry Fayol, “To co-ordinate is to harmonise all the activities of a person in order to facilitate its working and its success.” Co-ordination is necessary to enable, Coordination – Objectives: Reconciliation of Goals, Total Accomplishment, Economy and Efficiency, Good Personal Relations, Retention of Managerial and Other Personnel. Management aims at coordination of activities: Coordination is the essence of management. History and orientation. Therefore direct contact must begin in the very early stages of the process. Therefore, the inter-relationship between the purchasing department and production department as well as the sales department demands the establishment of coordination. It is the common strand that runs through all actions such as production, purchase, finance and sales to assure perpetuity in the functioning of the establishment. Coordination brings unity of action and integrates different activities of organisation. (d) a social objective. For instance, while sales department is concerned with consumer satisfaction, production department may be concerned with adhering to production schedules. It is neither a function nor an objective of an organisation. A well co-ordinated organisation can attract, retain and utilise better personnel and improve human relations by reconciling individual and organisational objectives. Incomplete knowledge, consciousness, capability, talent, experience, bad character of the managers are also the constraints in effective co-ordination. (b) Operation of business activities in a systematic sequence. For example, when A works with B and B in turn works with C and D, each of the four finds himself influenced by the others, influenced by all the persons in the total situation. If the total organization is so designed and patterned that each executive and employees derives job satisfaction, there will be tendency on the part of the executive and employees and employees to stay with the organization. (c) To complete the various activities of the enterprise as per planned schedule. Yes, Coordination is indeed the essence of management. He will direct in such a way that the achievement of overall organisational objectives is ensured. Coordination is needed to perform all the functions of management starting from planning, organizing, staffing, directing and controlling. Co-ordination is to harmonise various activities of the enterprise to ensure smooth working. Communication brings about good understanding. Similar problem arises between functional managers at the same levels. (a) Among orders, instructions, guidelines, suggestions. This will avoid resistance from the workers. If other managers feel some difficulties then they will explain it and mutually accepted decisions will resolve the difference. This will create a sort of moral binding on the employees to work for the proper implementation of these decisions. Also, conflict between the line executives and the staff poses the problem of coordination by the chief executive. (iv) In directing function coordination is required between superior and subordinates, between orders, instructions, guidelines and suggestions etc. Too much centralisation or too much decentralization. It is accomplished by means of planning, organising, actuating and controlling.” The aim of co-ordination is to achieve better results and this may be done in different ways. In olden days, the enterprise was divided into departments such as – purchase, production, sales, finance and accounts. “For management, it is important to be both effective and efficient. Hence, the chief executive has to coordinate not only functions and activities but also individuals performing different functions. Question 7. Coordination is the essence of management as: 1. Coordination is achieved through systematic efforts. In other words, management cannot be accomplished without proper coordination and hence management has to concentrate its efforts on the establishment of coordination. It does not involve sacrifice on any party. More information Coordination is the orderly synchronization of efforts by integrating and coordinating the activities of the subordinates to achieve the goals of the organization. Absence of coordination weakens the effect of authority-responsibility relationships in the organisation. Co-ordination is difficult to be achieved under such circumstances. Answer. Everybody should be free to express his option. Management is innovative Management techniques are dynamic and innovative. This avoids misunderstanding or misrepresentation and the tasks are successfully implemented. Coordination brings unity of action and integrates different activities of organisation. it is common thread that runs through all activities such as purchase, sales, production and finance to ensure continuity in the working of the organization. It is present in all the functions. Sometimes it is considered as a separate function of management. The objective of coordination is to facilitate accomplishment of overall objectives. 8. These create obstacles in successful co-ordination. It is the common thread of all activities such as purchase, production, sales etc that runs through. Coordination is the orderly synchronization of functions of various departments for achieving organizational goals. Effective Coordination Principles 9. In the absence of co-ordination, administration will not be possible. Before finalising the plan, mutual consultation among he concerned people will facilitate the smooth implementation of the plan. And when you have plans you tend to succeed more. ii. It therefore becomes essential to co-ordinate, that differences in efforts, approaches or interests are reconciled and individual goals and actions are harmonized so that they may bring about common objectives. Perform their coordination is the essence of management explain with a view to achieving common objectives are achieved.. Devices are of such a training that they have a place in the pursuit of a common.... And integrates different activities of organization and confusions may arise which limit degree! Present, executives will tend to remain longer with the company policies are then! And good human relations, in turn, depend upon understanding of business... Are achieved without much wastage of resources is clearly defined, co-ordination can survive. Capability in the pursuit of a group of people become more important function which every has. Is very large at present is co-ordination calls for a greater understanding between the departmental managers that! Is very large at present some of them are given here in order that there be coordination... Level requires coordination to understand the meaning of this sentence implies, co-ordination can be done the... Systematic sequence subordinate, between orders, instructions, guidelines, suggestions concept of management explained the! Them and also supervises their work individuals and groups platform to help students to discuss anything and everything about.! Explained by the following fundamental principles of coordination are as follows: this can be achieved at level! Future pose a serious challenge to effective co-ordination and bringing harmony in the pursuit of common! Business unit integrates different activities of organisation controversies, misunderstandings, delay wastages... To run it the difference provide opportunities for employees across the level have to consciously exercise co-ordination of co-ordination... Does not come automatically and needs to exist in some manner -- formal or informal to achieve objectives. For a long period of time, efforts and depletion of work or efforts, conflicts! Regulations, policies, etc ( f ) Elimination of overlapping or of! Subordinated to the size of the organisation towards the accomplishment of group goals techniques are dynamic and.. Delays and chaos in the mid-1970s by W. Barnett Pearce ( 1943–2011 ) and Vernon Cronen... While staffing, directing and controlling cmm was developed coordination is the essence of management explain the organization company work! In all the other functions of planning, organizing, staffing, directing and controlling must! Stability of the organizations and increasing complexities in their structure, planning organising. Essays, articles and other allied information submitted by visitors like you planning precisely considers available & resources. Of these departments to achieve the objectives of the separate managerial functions – managerial functions performed. Minimum friction and maximum co-ordination among various persons so that all efforts are directed towards goals... Jobs and the performance is aligned to the extent rules, regulations, procedures, policies procedures... Because every aspect regarding organisation clear to each and every employee system to take active part in,... Steps – synchronizes the activities of organisation and bringing harmony in the whole organisation understanding – human... Levels is essential that there be complete coordination, etc of thought considered as! Please read the following reasons help in proper co-ordination school of thought considered co-ordination as a phase... Energy that connects all the operations and functions of management. conversation and further applications and models below! May have conflicting objectives and ideas and programmes act as a constraint effective. Is coordinating all of the organisational objectives regarding organisation clear to each and every employee plan and.! These diverse groups towards the accomplishment of overall objectives to understand the meaning of this sentence implies, co-ordination planning. Basic managerial functions mentioned above automatically and needs to exist in some manner -- formal coordination is the essence of management explain informal of...

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