Starbucks QuickOrder Concept

In just 3 days, Steve Jobs will be announcing all sorts of Apple goodies, including a very probable software developer’s kit that will allow people to create applications for the iPhone. The Starbucks QuickOrder system by Phil Lu is one such application, allowing you to order, customize, and pay for your favorite morning wake-me-up beverage.

At first I wasn’t sure that this was a very good idea, thinking there would be cold, unpaid for drinks sitting Starbucks across the world. But it turns out that the application would sync with your iTunes account, which would draw the money directly from your credit card that’s attached to the account. Then you walk into your friendly local Starbucks, they scan a Semacode that’s on the screen, and your beverage is made. I think this could be pretty damn handy if Starbucks were to ever implement something like this. Man I love the future.


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House Industries Catalog

I’ve been a fan of House Industries since I was about 16 or 17, a time when I knew little about fonts but liked to visit Chank a lot. And even though House is a font foundry, they always had an amazing way of showcasing their new fonts, mostly through their incredible knack for illustration.

The images above are from their most recent catalog (I think) and this may be my favorite one they’ve ever released. The whole thing has a retro, Penguin books feel, and is printed on what feels like recycled, craft paper. The only colors used in the entire thing are pink, orange, goldenrod, and black, and it makes for an amazing visual feast! Coming in at a whopping 78 pages from front to back, I was so excited to go through the whole thing, enjoying every bit of it.

I’ve thrown some scans of my favorite pages under the cut, so check it out if you have some time! They’re totally worth it!

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Funky Forest by Theodore Watson

I can’t remember how I came across this, but I absolutely love it. This is the Funky Forest, created by Theodore Watson and Emily Gobeille, an an interactive environment where children grow trees with their body movements and divert water to the trees they create in order to keep them alive.

Screw kids, I want to run in there and create awesome trees and divert water! It’s almost like playing god with synthetic life, which I’m sure everyone lcan enjoy these days. I’m so impressed that it’s even possible to do things like this. If I was a kid, you’d literally have to drag me out of there to get me to leave. Although, as an adult you may have to do the same thing, anyway.


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I recently added a few new blogs to the Daily Sites list, just trying to keep things fresh, but I wanted to talk about one in particular. It’s called Typeish, a collection of “inspirational, provocative, intoxicating, exquisite, captivating, photography, designs, type, art, fashion, and packaging.” It’s pretty similar to FFFFOUND except people e-mail in suggestions instead of having individual users upload items.

I really love the simplicity of th design of the site. All of the images are placed onto a yellow legal pad, and it really looks nice. I also like the coffee stains at the top and the pen swirlies. And after you look at all the images on the page, simply click refresh and you’ll get a new batch of images. A very simple site done very well.


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Ryan Berkeley Prints

As of lately I’ve been trying to collect more and more art prints, I think that’s what happens when you hit your mid 20’s. My collection so far is pretty small, but so is my apartment so it works out well. The prints above are from an artist named Ryan Berkeley who lives and works in Portland. He has these really rad 5 x 7″ prints on Etsy right now featuring animals dressed up in fancy clothes.

I think these are really rad, and I love the colors and the clothing choices. The best part is that they’re only $7 a piece, which is quite a steal. It would be awesome to frame a bunch of these together. Definitely snag these while they’re still in stock!

Found through Design*Sponge


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Larry David Loves Obama

I was reading The Huffington Post earlier when I came across this awesome little article about Larry David’s Support for Obama. I guess Larry David was so excited over Obama’s victory speech in Iowa that he flew out to Dartmouth College in New Hampshire to talk the students about supporting Obama. The event sounds like it was pretty funny, an odd combination of Seinfeld/Curb fans and asking political questions, my favorite being:

“I’m undecided between Obama and Hillary,” one young woman said. “Aren’t you tired of the old?” he replied. “Don’t you want to put on some clean clothes? Voting for Hillary would be like doing Frasier again on TV. Don’t you want something fresh, new and creative?”

Thank you Larry David, you fight a good fight.


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Last Week in Music | 12/30/07 – 1/6/08

I just wanted to take this chance to say sorry for not posting anything for a little while.
I’ve been extremely busy with a gigantic project I’m putting together for the blog. I’ll be announcing what this project is around March, so you’ll have to wait till then to find out. But trust me, it should be pretty rad for everyone, and it involves FREE things. Free is always best.

Here’s my pathetic Last Week in Music from last week. I listened to a lot of Beirut’s old/new labum, The Joys of Losing Weight (which I posted here). The other stuff were just some stuff I listened to while I was sick over the weekend, nothing too exciting. Check back next week for a much fuller, and more precise list.


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Sam Jinks

This post was meant to be about Patricia Piccinini, and her amazing sculptures. But after some googleing, I found out that she in fact didn’t create the amazing sculptures above, they were created by a guy named Sam Jinks. I couldn’t find a lot of information out about him, just some random articles, but it looks like he creates all of Piccinini’s sculptures for her.

His style is a lot like Ron Mueck’s, with his sculptures carrying an insane amount of detail, to the point of where you’re not sure if it’s real or not. Jinks grew up with comic books and then eventually became interested in anatomy, which ended up fueling his love for sculpting.

I threw a couple more of his amazing creations under the cut, so be sure to check those out too.


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