Emailing Me + Other Odds and Ends

Good morning everyone, hopefully you all had an awesome weekend! It got pretty hot here in Los Angeles, but I personally love the hot weather, I don’t do well with the cold at all.

It came to my attention last week that the email address on my contact and advertising page wasn’t working, which really freaked me out. I’m guessing for the last 3 to 4 months that address hasn’t worked. The point being, if you emailed me at and I didn’t get back to you, it wasn’t my fault, so stop hating me. The proper address is, so be sure to write that down. I always try to write all of you back, no matter what sort of weird things you guys send.

I’m also gonna try and post some photos of my apartment soon-ish as well, we’re still putting away some boxes because we’re down to the crap we don’t want to throw away but don’t know where to put. Alright, back to blogging.


My Year In Lists by Los Campesinos!

I hope everyone is having a good Sunday! Last night and this morning I’ve been busy putting together a teepee, which is all I can say for right now, I think. I’m not sure if the project I’m building it for is a secret or not, but if it isn’t I’ll post photos in the next couple days. But this whole time I’ve been building I’ve had My Year In Lists stuck in my head, this awesome song by the band Los Campesinos!

I’ve posted the video above, and even though the song is only 1:49 long, it’ll be the best 1:49 of your day today. The song “essentially mulls over the process of living out a relationship via Royal Mail, and bemoans the tedium of the New Year.” I love the quick cuts, seeing how damn cute the entire band is and all the fun badges in the video. To listen to more of their songs, check out their page here.


New eboy Los Angeles Poster

After spending most of this afternoon on the beach I figured this was a good thing to post about today. eboy earlier this week released a brand new poster celebrating the awesome craziness that is Los Angeles, and I’ll definitely admit they did a damn good job. They got the Hollywood sign, they got the Arby’s (called Hats in the picture) which is on Sunset, the Norms which could either be on La Cienega or in Santa Monica, the In-N-Out on Sunset, Paul Frank and Kid Robot on Melrose, fiberglass Eames chairs with Eiffel bases, the zombies on Rodeo Dr., the cars basically parked on the 110 near downtown, and all the sluts out on the beach, and a ton more shit. You can even spot Britney and her dog getting paparrazi’ed!

My roommate Garrett and I were a little bummed that there were no tar pits and dino bones, but alas they couldn’t fit everything in. What’s really cool is that the poster measures 46.8″ wide by 33.1″ high, and it’s only 16 Euros ($25)! That’s so cheap for such a giant, awesome poster! I’m tempted to get one of these for the new apartment but I can’t commit such a large piece of wall real estate yet!

To see an extra large preview, click here.


There Were Wolves by The Accidental

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I Can Hear Your Voice by The Accidental

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Slice Open The Day by The Accidental

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Time and Space by The Accidental

Sometimes judging a book, or a record in this case, by it’s cover is a good decision to make. I saw the cover of The Accidental’s new album, There Were Wolves, and was immediately curious and had to listen to it right away. I knew nothing about them but as soon as a I put the first song on I instantly liked it. I listened to that first song a little more though, and all of a sudden I heard one of the male vocals and freaked out! It was Sam Genders, lead singer of Tunng! Turns out The Accidental is one of those awesome side project kind of bands, somewhere between The Postal Service and The Reindeer Section.

Like I said before there’s Sam Genders from Tunng doing most of the vocals, Stephen Cracknell from The Memory Band, Hannah Caughlin of The Bicycle Thieves, and Liam Bailey rounding out the bunch. The band came together pretty randomly, but it turns out they sound amazing together! For those of you who’ve heard of Tunng, this is a lot like that, mostly because of Genders’ vocals, but The Accidental is even better. The songs are more melodic, Hanna Caughlin’s vocals lend some lightness to the album, and the string arrangements are awesome. There are also a couple of instrumental tracks as well, which I always enjoy.

You can listen to the entire album over on, which I highly suggest you go and do. I mean, what do you have to lose? If you’re a fan of folk sounds or music that’s really layered and well produced, definitely give this a shot. The album is out in the UK already, and will be released on June 3rd here in the States.


Photos from Geoff McFetridge’s Bury Me in the Sand

Yong-Ki over at Solitary Arts was cool enough to send me some photos from Geoff McFetridge’s newest show at Mollusk Surf Shop, Bury Me in the Sand. The show looks pretty sharp, and includes a ton of new work. Mollusk has a cool feature on their site that shows you all of the artwork in the gallery based upon which wall it’s on. You can also by a lot of the art as well, though be prepared to shell out the big bucks! There are a bunch of photos under the cut, so check them out for a behind the scene view of the show.

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Piece of Me, Piece of You

Poor Zune, you try so hard but never really get anywhere in your battle against Apple. Hell, one of my co-workers hadn’t ever heard of a Zune before! But like I said, you do try, and this new video by Three Legged Legs is proof positive that you really do care. The video is called Pieces of Me, Pieces of You, and features zombie puppets! The puppets were created the awesome Adam Parker Smith, who is a damn pro on creating creepy, zombie puppets. Imagine Thriller with puppets and a Chromeo soundtrack and that’s what you’ve got.

Be sure to stop by Three Legged Legs behind the scenes post which shows you pretty much the entire process from concept to finished product. They even have sketches, photos of the puppets, storyboards, and test zombie movement footage. I want one of those zombies so bad, him and Wall-E could hang out!

Found through Shape + Colour



The last few posts have been very pink today, so I thought I’d continue this trend a little with a post about a fun little site called ColorFlip. There’s really nothing to it, it’s just a site where you “turn a page” from one color to the next. This goes on forever and ever as far as I can tell, but the sounds of the flipping and colors of the screen are pretty rad.

ColorFlip was created by Rafaël Rozendaal, a guy who just makes all sorts of interactive… things. His site has been around since 2001 and since then he’s created over 25 projects which entice you for maybe a minute or so, but I think that’s the fun of it. Be sure to check out ColorFlip and then check out his site to try the other awesome things he’s done.

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Johnny Cupcakes, Los Angeles

Though I’m not a fan of t-shirts that cost more than $30, Johnny Cupcakes has always been one of those shops that comes out with a pretty consistent blend of shirts with some solid illustrations. Well it turns out that Mr. Cupcakes has decided to take his proven recipe and bring it to a new home here in Los Angeles, opening a brand new store on the oh-so-fancy Melrose Ave.

In order to get people drooling over this upcoming store he’s provided a video sneak preview of the ideas he has for the shop. The store itself is going to be right across the street from Kid Robot and Paul Frank, so he’ll be in good company. Inside the store you’ll purchase shirts at a counter that looks like a stove top, the shirts will be stored in a giant refrigerator, a wall of oven doors that hold even more t-shirts, including some doors that open randomly and shoot out steam! He’s been working with a company that creates things for Disneyland, so it seems like this is going to be an attraction all on it’s own!

The store is set to open this summer, and I’ll definitely be there when it does open with some photos and maybe some video, hopefully it turns out as good as it sounds!

Found through High Snobiety