My Take on Dwell on Design

Friday afternoon I headed over the Los Angeles Convention Center for the 3rd Annual Dwell on Design Conference and Exhibition, something I had been really excited about since I first saw the ads pop up in the magazine. I got there around 1pm and it wasn’t very busy, which I was happy for, but there also wasn’t as many exhibitors as I thought there would be.

My friend Frank ended up meeting me there and we walked around, were slightly disappointed my the lack of really exciting products or services or whatever I thought I might find there. Not to say there weren’t some really cool things, but I had higher expectations. Frank and I were a little annoyed that everything was “hip and modern”, like there was no other way to describe the things you’re selling. The highlight for me was the cute, blonde guy at the GOOD Magazine booth who let me take a free magazine. Seriously.

I’ve posted photos of some of the other things that I really liked under the cut along with some descriptions, so check out more under there!

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Fantömes Print by Rey Ortega

A few weeks back DWP artist Rey Ortega was nice enough to send me a present, something he knew that I would definitely love. Rey teamed up with the folks over at BlueFlip Art to create some prints of his work, one of them being his awesome contribution to The Desktop Wallpaper Project, Fantômes. The print measures 15″ wide by 10.8″ tall, and as you can see looks wonderful hanging above my kitchen sink. It’s pretty crazy to think that a piece that was done of the DWP is now a physical print, it makes me pretty proud!

The print goes for $39.95, with 10% of that going to Rey’s chosen charity, Evolutionary Distinct and Globally Endangered. To pick one up for yourself, click here. Thanks again for the print, Rey!

Advice To Sink In Slowly Postcards

I usually don’t post often on Sundays but I’ve got too many things that I’ve been meaning to post, so here we go! I posted about Advice To Sink In Slowly a while back, a poster project that was created for the incoming students of the University College Falmouth in England. The posters feature inspirational words of wisdom created by alumni for the incoming students, which is a great idea because I’ve seen a lot of very blank, boring dorm rooms before.

Well they’ve now expanded their awesome line of posters into a set of postcards, which look really great. The cover was created by the awesome guys over at Telegramme, and the book features 24 different designs to fit whoever you’re sending them to. The pack runs about $12, so get off your email and send some real mail!


Nude Remix by James Houston

Artist James Houston was somewhat frustrated with Radiohead’s Nude Remix contest, as he put it, “Nude is in 6/8 timing, and 63bpm. Most music that’s played in clubs is around 120bpm and usually 4/4 timing.” So he went an entirely different route, drawing inspiration from the lyrics and alternate title, Big Ideas: Don’t Get Any. From that he recreated the song using some really weird shit, a Sinclair ZX Spectrum, an Epson LX-81 Dot Matrix Printer, a HP Scanjet 3c, and a Hard Drive array, turning these weird odds and ends into his instruments.

What he ended up creating is nothing short of genius. It’s not only the way the song came out sounding, but also in the way he shot the video above. Visually it reminds of the way that Scott Hansen colors his photos, like old sun-damaged film, as well as lots of steady close up shots of all the different pieces doing their part. Radiohead needs to get this guy on the phone and have him make a commercial or something for them, I mean the video has been viewed over 100,000 times in the last 2 days alone, that’s definitely saying something. Here’s hoping we see more from this brilliant guy.


Dwell on Design Conference

I’m playing hooky today from the blog because I’m headed out to the Dwell on Design conference. I wasn’t able to go yesterday so I’m trying to make sure and cram as many things in today as I can. I’m excited for the Systems Building and Prefab as well as the Sustainable Interiors talk, should be fun. I’m bringing my camera along, but I’m not really sure if there’s going to be a lot to take photos of, but I’ll do my damnedest. I’ll also be at the exhibition tomorrow as well, so if you’re gonna be there shoot me an email!


Salle Polyvalente

Salle Polyvalente translates literally to ‘versatile room’ (or so Babel Fish tells me). But as Matthieu Bessudo, aka Mcbess, describes it, “it’s the kind of place that you can find in every small town in France, it’s a place where the people have their wedding party or an annual celebration or whatever bollocks is happening in that dead-end town, and it’s often neon lit and has a polystyrene ceiling.” It also happens to be the name of Mcbess’ newest project.

Matt got together a group of his friends, made up of advertising directors, 3D animators, illustrators and so on, to create images around a central theme, this month’s being Delicatessen. Then in another 2 months they’ll release a new bunch of images around a new theme, “OBEY!” to be specific. He says that there were 14 this month, but he expects that number to double by the next release, so it should be even better. He’d also like to expand the idea into art exhibits, parties, and even some sort of concert because a lot of the people are musicians as well.

I also wanted to throw out there that Matt is currently having a show at ROTOPOL called Meaty Melody. You can check out photos from the show both here and here, and there’s even a print of his Desktop Wallpaper contribution, Le Jardin, for sale as well!


The Quiet Life Summer 2K8

My buddy Andy, the mastermind behind The Quiet Life, has this morning released his new summer collection and it’s looking damn good! This season there are 10 new t-shirts, a polo, a hoodie, and a military jacket, most of it coming in two colorways as well.

What you see above are my favorites. I love the lined paper shirt, that’s a whole new take on the whole all-over print thing. The shapes jump roping is just so pleasant looking, and all of those cameras hanging around the neck of that shirt is way too rad. And yes, sad songs do make me happy, so I’m definitely into that one as well. Also be sure to check out the cut and sew section, my buddy Eric has the military jacket and it looks pretty damn good over a nice collared shirt.


The Milky Way Is Awesome

Seriously though, space is the place. I was reading an article over on Wired and in traditional me fashion, I end up straying somewhere else following a link and stumble on something else that gets me all excited. The photo above is a photo of The Milky Way viewed from the Kofa Mountains in Arizona, and it’s one of those things you see and you can’t believe it’s real. I honestly can’t think of anything more awesome than this. If you asked me who would win in a fight, I would bet The Milky Way over anyone or anything else, that’s just how bad-ass that galaxy is.

I tweaked the photo some to make it a little bit more dramatic, so if you’d like to see the original you can click here. There’s also a complete picture of the entire Milky Way Galaxy on there as well, so check that out too.