10 Questions for David Sedaris

I don’t think you can ever go wrong with David Sedaris. David’s new book, When You Are Engulfed in Flames, came out a week ago and it’s already #1 on Amazon in the Humor and Fiction sections. So last Thursday, Time sat down with the writer and asked him some questions sent in by readers, and they’re pretty funny. I’m pretty sure my favorite question was asking him if he had still quit smoking, as it’s part of the new book:

Yes, I have. I quit smoking in January of 2007. In the end, the reason I quit was so I could stay at decent hotels. Nice hotels in the U.S. went completely nonsmoking. That said, I don’t suggest that anyone quit smoking. I love the smell of smoke. Cigarettes smell really good to me. They smell like an apple pie baking.

To check out the rest of the list, click here. Also of note, the cover of Sedaris’ book was designed by Chip Kidd, which you can see here. But I do remember reading somewhere that David actually found the painting, so he didn’t really have to do anything, haha…


Ghosts of Winter Print by Evan Hecox

If you read the blog regularly you know I have an extreme fondness for Evan Hecox’s work, so seeing that he’s released a brand new print is always cause for a post. This newest print is titled Ghosts of Winter, Berlin and features an almost bleak scene, the colors not quite as vibrant as say his last series which was set in Mexico. I’m pretty sure that this is the point though, Berlin is far and away a much different place from Mexico so it shouldn’t have the same tone. I think it’s entirely beautiful and filled with all the classic Hecox elements like power lines, buildings and bicycles.

The print came in editions of 200, came being the operative word, as the print is sadly already sold out. The best idea is to check back in with Arkitip frequently, they’re actually pretty good about doing reprints of his Evan’s work. You can also read Evan’s blog on Arkitip, or subscribe to the RSS feed as well, keep a leg up on the competition!

Update: So I was totally wrong up there, the print comes out on June 21st and there are still editions available. It was late, so sue me! I was also told they don’t do reprints either, so be sure to pre-order this little guy!



Reading through the newest issue of GOOD Magazine I spotted an ad for TRKFLD bags and I was instantly curious. The logo has sort of a retro/contemporary feel, not to mention that the bag was pretty cool looking as well. I popped over to their website and they’re definitely not fooling around, sporting 19 different styles of bags with multiple colorways and 5 different accessories as well. Everything is made out of Sunbrella fabric, which is “100% solution-dyed acrylic” and is made to be “fade resistant, water repellent and breathable.” Not bad for a company that started only a few months back!

I posted pictures of my favorite bags up there. The first one that the guy holding is… the Bobby. If that’s not fate, I don’t really know what is. I’ve honestly been looking for a smaller bag to throw my camera and flash and misc. items into for a while, and this would be totally perfect. I definitely want to buy this bag, but I’m not really sure if I want the warm colors version or the cool version, so what do you guys think? What I do know, is that I hope the guy modeling the bag comes with it…

The other bag is called Mi, and to me looks sort of like an over-sized tennis racket bag without the handle, which I think is pretty rad. I also really like the horizontal stripes on the bag, especially the thick blue and white version. It’s so 80’s yuppie/nautical but with a twist, which is definitely starting to come back into style.

The bags run around $80 or so which isn’t bad at all, especially because they look like they’d last about 20 years. Definitely check out their site and see all the styles they have, I’m sure everyone could find something they like.


[adult swim] Vinyl Figures

On my epic Saturday journey I made a stop at the Kid Robot on Melrose, simply because I hadn’t been there in a while (and I wanted to pop into Paul Frank). Once inside I did end up seeing a bunch of fun toys I really wanted to buy, but I wasn’t really down to spend $25 on anything, so instead I opted for $8’s on a rad [adult swim] mini-figure. Just look at that shiny chrome box! It totally spoke to my inner cro-magnon man.

I frantically opened the box immediately after I got out of the store, REALLY hoping for an Ignigknot and Err, but sadly ended up with Harvey Birdman’s sidekick, Avenger. Que sera sera…


The Go-Getter

Last night I took a little drive across town to see The Go-Getter, a story about a young guy (played by Lou Pucci) who steals a car to find his long lost half brother. It gets a lot more complicated then that, in fact the story is pretty epic because he ends up driving up and down most of the west coast. On his way a cell phone in the car rings, and it’s the owner of the car who is played by the amazing Zooey Deschanel. The movie is pretty dream-like all throughout, with lots of blown out shots and color distortions, and in some parts even feeling like something Michel Gondry might have done.

Another big aspect of the movie was the music, which was mostly done by M. Ward. The movie actually starts with a toned down version of Animal Collective. After that every single scene has amazing songs and music, and of course, the soundtrack isn’t on sale anywhere. So instead I’ve been listening to Post War non-stop, which definitely helps a little bit. Can I just throw out there that I do know about Zooey and M. Ward’s side project, She and Him? I know one of you is going to try and “out-cool” me with that tidbit of info, haha…

I don’t think the movie is playing in a whole lot of places right now, but if you have the chance to see it I highly suggest doing it. And i you know Zooey Deschanel, tell her we need to hang out because she’s pretty much the coolest chick on Earth.


It’s Going To Be An Apple Day

So that’s it! Basically what we learned today was that the new iPhone is now the iPhone 3G, it’s going to have 3G and GPS built in. The iPhone 3G will come in black and white, 8GB and 16GB versions. The 8GB goes for $199 and the 16GB goes for $299, the white version will come in only the 16GB version. What’s scary is that I bought an iPhone last December, but for $200 I would totally buy a new one. What does everyone think about all the new stuff?!

11:52: Did I mention it comes in white as well? haha… way cool.

11:46: THE 8GB IPHONE IS GOING TO BE $199!!! Shut the front door. That is so totally insane. And that price is for the whole world, no matter where you are. They just killed, raped, mauled and utterly destroyed all competition. The 16GB is going to be $299, and they’ll be realeased, in all selected countries, on July 11th.

11:44: Built in 3G ANNNDDDD GPS. Google Maps on the iPhone is hands down one of my very favorite things about it. I feel bad for all those people who make GPS systems, they are major screwed. The iPhone 3G should be available in over 70 countries by this fall.

11:36: And there she is, the new iPhone 3G. Still pretty much the same but a little smaller, black, plastic back. The new 3G phone is wayyyy faster I guess, nearing WiFi speeds. Hopefully AT&T can step up their game and make this worthwhile.

11:19: MobileMe. Takes all of your info, stores it in an “information cloud” that constantly updates all of your connected devices. Change a date in your iCal or update a contact on your iPhone? Your computer knows soon after. Works with Mac or PC, even in Outlook. Me.com is going to be the most popular site on the net VERY soon.

11:09: Wow. You can view all iWork documents on the iPhone now, as well as all MS Office docs as well. Bulk delete and move in email, save images from an email to your iPhone, scientific calculator, added languages. iPhone 2.0 software will be released in July. Free for iPhone, $9.95 for iPod Touch users. The update can be downloaded wirelessly!

11:01: Whoa, crazy game by Digital Legends. Kind of God of War-esque.

10:53: News to make my roommate Garrett happy. MLB.com is going to have an app that allows for instant scors, real-time video replays, even minutes after they just happened. Dudes everywhere now want an iPhone.

10:49: More new games, Cromag and Enigmo, try them now, $10 for the iPhone. Also a British insurance salesman made a game call Cow Terry, which is musical instruments on the iPhone, piano, drums and a “blues application”.

10:45: A slew of new interfaces like eBay, Typepad, Loopt, and even The Associated Press. WordPress is also coming out with one, so says the guys at Gizmodo. Helloooooo mobile blog posting.

10:31: Oh Shit, Monkey Ball! And it only costs $10! I hope they announce that I can buy the game in like 2 hours, or I might be a little annoyed, haha… The images look like the Nintendo DS, easy. Fun times!

10:20: So far they’re just talking about the SDK and how you’ll be able to write your own programs, as well as how they’ve been working with big Fortune 500 companies to make the iPhone more big business friendly. YAWN!

Today is the big day! Apple is releasing all sorts of new goodies, so I’m going to try and keep up and post the things I find to be really cool! I think most people are going to be salivating for the new iPhone most of all, but I’m sure they’ll be more surprises then just that!


Aaron Morse Installation at The Hammer

Yesterday afternoon I took a trip out to Westwood to finally see the Kara Walker exhibit, My Complement, My Enemy, My Opressor, My Love (and it was really damn good), but on the way into the show I was blasted by the awesome artwork of Aaron Morse lining the walls of the entryway. The piece stretches over two GIGANTIC walls and then on another small wall, depicting the entire history of Earth.

He actually separated the histories of man and animals, as well as the smaller third wall showcasing the beginnings of life. I love, love, love, the colors in his pieces, and the style in which everything is depicted is very surreal but seems so spot on. Sadly, his work is only up until June 12th, so if you’re in LA over the next four days go make a stop.


My Take on Dwell on Design

Friday afternoon I headed over the Los Angeles Convention Center for the 3rd Annual Dwell on Design Conference and Exhibition, something I had been really excited about since I first saw the ads pop up in the magazine. I got there around 1pm and it wasn’t very busy, which I was happy for, but there also wasn’t as many exhibitors as I thought there would be.

My friend Frank ended up meeting me there and we walked around, were slightly disappointed my the lack of really exciting products or services or whatever I thought I might find there. Not to say there weren’t some really cool things, but I had higher expectations. Frank and I were a little annoyed that everything was “hip and modern”, like there was no other way to describe the things you’re selling. The highlight for me was the cute, blonde guy at the GOOD Magazine booth who let me take a free magazine. Seriously.

I’ve posted photos of some of the other things that I really liked under the cut along with some descriptions, so check out more under there!

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