Dntel remixes classic Enya tracks into contemporary songs

Dntel remixes classic Enya tracks into contemporary songs

If you’re a music nerd you might remember a guy named Jimmy Tamborello. He was one half of your favorite early 2000’s band, The Postal Service, the guy who made all the beats for Ben Gibbard to sing with. The Postal Service was but a brief moment in the life of Tamborello, who also records under many monikers like Dntel and James Figurine (you must listen to his older albums) and is a fantastic electronic musician.

Several years back he put out a record of remixes, but not remixes of any usual pop group. He made a remix of Enya songs. Tamborello was a big fan of Enya’s music in his teenage years, and as an homage decided to interpret some of his favorite tracks with his own musical language. The result is a quirkier, pop-inspired Enya album that’s unlike anything you’ve ever heard. Kyle plays the album on repeat quite often and I’m a huge fan of it.

This tribute is free to download, simply click here.

All my life I’ve heard the same refrain, “Why can’t you be… Normal?” But, everything in life has its risks including (and especially) being ‘Normal.’ Most of us understand there’s risk when taking the chance and aspiring to something more. But even more are ignorant of the cost of Normal, the cost of not taking chances, and the risk of complacency.

– James Victore writes a stunning piece on 99U about the undeniable benefits of being weird. More than anything Victoire speaks about the courage it takes to take your own path and finding like-minded people along the way.

Jamie xx’s video for “Gosh” showcases the beautiful potential of terraforming Mars

Jamie xx's video for "Gosh" showcases the beautiful potential of terraforming Mars

I’ve been a huge fan of the new Jamie xx album In Colours. I personally feel like it’s far better than anything he did with The zz, *achem*, The xx. Adding to the grandeur of his new album is this epic music video directed by Erik Wernquist, who you may remember from his video Wanderers, which follows intergalactic explorers breaching the undiscovered parts of our universe.

For this music video Erik takes a similar approach yet this time he plots the potential of humans inhabiting Mars. It’s kind of a slow burn, the real juicy stuff doesn’t start till about the 2 minute mark, but I promise you it’s worth it. This should be watched full-screen on the largest monitor/TV in your office.

And if you haven’t listened to the new record yet, get on it.

‘Brush Girl’ by Christoph Niemann

'Brush girl' by Christoph Niemann

It’s hard to give such a creative individual like Christoph Niemann an ordinary title like “illustrator” but it would probably serve him best. Over the weekend he created this exquisite sketch simply titled “brush girl” and I rather liked it. Funnily enough may brain immediately goes to Degas when I see this. Perhaps it’s the skin tone, the face that’s hidden from view or the tone of the skin color. Either way it’s quite stunning for such a clever idea.

If you’re a fan of Niemann’s work you should take some time and read his interview over on FvF, it’s a treat and it gives you an idea of what his work ethic and ideals.

Instrument surveys the current state of home automation

Instrument surveys the current state of home automation

Slowly but surely our homes are getting smarter. There’s an app for your lightbulbs, your thermostat understands your temperature preferences, and monitor every corner of your home with the touch of a button. Portland based design firm Instrument have created an impressive survey of home automation gadgets and how they fit into the lives of Gen Y, Gen X, and our beloved Baby Boomers.

You may have heard of some of the items on this list but there were many there totally new to me. Have you heard of the Dyson 360 Eye? It utilizes “complex mathematics, probability theory, geometry and trigonometry to map and navigate a room.” Pretty sweet, right? It will also be interesting to see what’s announced at Apple’s WWDC event and see how they enter the fray. Will the Apple TV start being less TV and more hub of all Wi-Fi connected devices? We’ll know soon enough.

You can read Instrument’s entire list by clicking here.

Hello, again. It’s been a while.

Bobby Solomon

I’ve had a lot of trouble starting this post, I’ve been attempting to write it for a month or two now. After daily posts of ideas, creativity, and randomness, how do I explain my drought of passion and ideas? Well, a lot of it has to do with my day job. For those who didn’t know I’m a full-time creative director at Disney who nowadays feels most like they’re moonlighting as a blogger. I currently work with a brilliant team of 21 creatives – UX, UI, Vis Dev, and more. Together we’re making some pretty phenomenal web and app experiences as well as beautiful pieces of art that we share with millions of Disney fans across pretty much every social platform out there. Saying it’s an exciting time would be an understatement.

While my career continues to excite me the blog unfortunately suffers for it. Thankfully, taking a break over the last few months has given me some time to rest, to refocus, to regain my perspective. After over 8 years now I can’t simply let this site whither and die, it would be a travesty. So I’ve decided to get back at this, sharing the ideas that shape the way I see the world. It probably won’t be design-centric all the time but the world is large and full of wonders (sorry for butchering your quote Lord Dunsany). Hell, I’ve even decided to throw a new style onto the site. It’s not quite refined yet but it looks sharp on mobile and it’s something fresh to make the return even sweeter. Thanks again for all the support over the years, here’s hoping you’re still enjoying the ride.

Interview with painter/photographer Marilyn Minter

I’m a huge fan of Marilyn Minter and her paintings/photographs. They’re sexy, raw, juicy, bold, in your face, and amazing. She’s a powerhouse creatively and gives no fucks about how people try to classify her art or what’s right or wrong in the art community. In conjunction with her upcoming retrospective at the Contemporary Art Museum Houston, Vogue sat down with Minter and spoke about art, social media, and Photoshop. This part cracked me up.

How do you decide whether one of your pictures should be a photographic C-print or an enamel painting on metal?
I went to an art school [the University of Florida] that was invested in showing only the “truth,” which at the time was Abstract Expressionism. If you didn’t paint like de Kooning, they didn’t pay attention to you. I got a “C” in painting and an “A” in photography, so I thought, “I guess I’m a photographer.” I just didn’t know how to make anything without a subject. I became a photography major, but only ever worked in black-and-white. Color was verboten. With photography there was always something I wanted to change, to get rid of, so I started painting the photos. Now I decide to print a photo rather than paint a copy only if there’s nothing I can do to make it better.

But either way, you use a lot of Photoshop.
When Photoshop came around, I thought I’d died and went to heaven. When I hear artists say “Oh, the good old days” or “I’m old school,” I just want to puke. There’s no tool I won’t use.

Be sure to read the full interview here.

Timeless copper and brass pens by ystudio


Like a lot of things these days, writing by hand is a “dying art form” that will soon cease to exist, just like books, newspapers, and records. I personally use a notebook everyday to keep track of all the things, which means I have a trusty pen that I take with me everywhere. Having the right writing instrument is pretty key, and these pens by ystudio have me drooling.

The Taiwan based shop has created a series of pens and mechanical pencils made from pure copper and brass. They’re definitely not cheap but you can imagine having these pens for years, if not your entire life. Plus the patina that’s built up with use is a beautiful demonstration of wabi sabi in action.

You can see their entire line-up by clicking here.

Webydo: Pixel Perfect Responsive Websites. Code-Free (Sponsored)


Webydo is a code-free web design canvas, made for designers. Moreover, it‘s a professional website design platform that empowers graphic and web designers to create and manage pixel-perfect responsive websites for their clients, without writing code.

The new Pixel Perfect Responsive Editor allows designers to take complete control over their responsive websites and customize your sites’ design elements, layouts, content, navigation and functionality.

In addition, Webydo can streamline your entire web design business by providing you with advanced management solutions, like a built-in CMS, the ability to bill clients from the dashboard, a full white label solution, advanced cloud-hosting to host your projects and many more convenient features for both your business and your clients’.

Sign up at Webydo.com!

HypeForType releases Glaser Stencil in a range of lighter weights

I first remember seeing Glaser Stencil being used on the cover of Phaidon’s Design Classics series – the chunkiest, quirkiest set of numerals you’ve ever seen. Now HypeForType has released the font in a set of lighter weights that will surely be much more versatile.

Glaser Stencil was designed by the world renowned American illustrator and graphic designer, Milton Glaser. Originally it featured on a Camegie Hall poster by Glaser in 1967. The bold weight was digitalised by many, however the forgotten lighter weights have never been digitalised until now. In agreement with Milton Glaser himself, Glaser Stencil has been officially brought back to life by Rick Banks at Face37, and is sold exclusively at HypeForType. Glaser Stencil is an all caps font available in four weights: Extra Light, Light, Medium, and Demi.

I’m guessing we’ll see these being used in a lot of restaurant branding. Snag it for yourself by clicking here.

HypeForType releases Glaser Stencil