Will Chevy’s Volt Succeed?

The other day, Chevy released specs for their upcoming model Volt, an electric/gas hybrid which they’re hoping will save their sinking ship. They’ve touted that the Volt with be able to get 230 miles per gallon, an astounding number which if true, would kill any competitor (for now). The big BUT to the story though is the price tag of the car, which starts at $40,000. I guess my question is, will enough rich people buy this car to keep it alive? At least long enough for development to continue and the price to steadily drop over time. The Prius currently costs around $22,000, so it’s nearly double that.

In my head I’m trying to equate the situation to something that Apple would do. Apple makes high-end products, and for much less money you can still get a computer. I think what Apple does, that I’m guessing GM won’t, is make it an experience that’s absolutely worth the higher price tag.

What do you all think? Will the Volt be able to survive?


Another New Where The Wild Things Are Trailer

When it comes to new Where The Wild Things Are movie, I’m of two minds. On one side, I want to know everything and see all there is to be seen. But the other half of me wants to know nothing, and be absolutely surprised when it finally comes out. But I had to post this trailer, which gives a little bit more information and shows a little more of what’s to come. Honestly, I feel like I’m going to be smiling and crying the whole time. I think Max Records is going to do an amazing job as Max, which I think is so very important. Without him being believable, and feeling and seeming like a real kid, I think the movie would be cheapened.

This trailer yet again makes me believe that this is going to be the best movie of 2009.

Found through Harold & Zooey


Kitsune Noir Mixcast / No.002

Well it’s Friday again, and as promise, another Mixcast. This time around the mixcast is 43 minutes, and features 10 songs, so there’s even more music packed into this edition. Most of these songs are pretty recent, though there are a couple from the last year or so. Hopefully there are some new goodies on here that will catch your fancy.

As like last time, I’d love to hear what you all thought. Did any of the songs really stick out for you? I still kind of sound like a bumbling fool. Let me just tell you that this is how I sound in real life, I’m definitely not faking it any way, shape or form. Nontheless, I had a lot of fun recording this one, and I hope you all like it.

Here’s this week’s tracklist:

Wild Young Heats by Noisettes
Monkey Bee by Monkey (Damon Albarn)
A Horse Is Not A Home by Miike Snow
Swiss Glide by Michna
Kids (MGMT Cover) by The Kooks
Many Ghosts by Akron/Family
Edge Of Our Lives by Holiday Shores
Ancient Questions by Mount Eerie
Don’t Watch Me Dancing by Little Joy
Nothing To Hide by Yo La Tengo


The Desktop Wallpaper Project featuring Brian Wade Scott

The Desktop Wallpaper Project featuring Brian Wade Scott

Brian Wade Scott

Well, well, well, it’s Wednesday and we’re back on to the normal Desktop Wallpaper Project cycle, one every Wednesday. You might have noticed that I updated the tags that go along with each wallpaper. I’ll be changing out the old ones soon enough, but I wanted to do something new that better reflected the current site. Today I have a wallapper from designer/illustrator Brian Wade Scott. Brian currently lives in Los Angeles and is currently attending Art Center School of Design.

Brian wrote me that his wallpaper is “all drawings of churches, geometry, and space. I’ve been doing a lot of these kinds of drawings lately so I wanted to continue through in these drawings.” I love how creepy and minimal this is. A lot of wallpapers make your eyes bleed, or they can be overly boring. But I think that Brian hit the nail on the head, sort of a middle ground. I hope you all enjoy this and I’ll post up someone else new and exciting next Wednesday.

Doing Things Differently Leads To Something Exceptional

Absolut Vodka has teamed up with director Rupert Sanders to create a series of advertisements that absolutely (ugh) make me smile. The ad features a number of different locales, the forest, city, snow and so on, and in each place there’s a different word, which eventually creates the phrase, “Doing Things Differently Leads To Something Exceptional.” The overall effect is pretty stunning, I mean the creative direction behind it is really top notch.

I think my favorite scene is with the bottles in the forest. They were somehow able to raise and lower the height of the bottles, so when you see it at first they look about waist high. But then later you can see them from below, spelling the word ‘Things.’ Over 2,000 bottles were used to create the effect.

I’ve put behind the scene videos for each of the words under the cut, so don’t forget to take a peek at those as well. It’s really rad being able to see how they created each of these shots.

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Creators Inn by Elvine

In Stockholm a new hotel-in-hotel concept is opening at the Hotel Scandic Malmen called the Creators Inn. The idea was to design a room based on a creative type of person who was visiting Stockholm, catering to their needs through the concepts of function, products and services. The room is split up into three different sections, the local library, the dream study and the relaxing spa. You’re basically given a ton of space in which you can hang out or work, depending upon what your mood is. The rooms even come with a bike which you can ride around town and clothes you can wear in case you don’t have anything clean, how crazy is that?

This feels very in the spirit of Ace Hotel or The Standard, but there seems to be more of a personality to the project. The idea that you can call up a Creative Concierge and ask them to play video games with you is pretty astonishing. Now I’m just curious how much this room goes for…


Death Watch

has an interesting video on a collaboration between Dutch design school Eindhoven and funeral insurer Dela which is titled Remember Me. The idea was for the students to create new ways of dealing with death and how we cope. Ideas range from a clocks to burial shrouds, but many of the ideas are extremely elegant and beautifully done. Unfortunately, I can’t embed the video, but you can click here to watch it.


Growing Cities: Vancouver’s Living Roof

Check out the first installment of new documentary series called Growing Cities, which takes a look at environmentally friendly architecture in cities. The first episode features the Vancouver Convention Center in British Columbia, who’s 6 acre roof is covered in native grasslands. It’s pretty interesting listening to landscape architect Bruce Hemstock talking about the project, you can definitely tell that he’s a plant nerd (I mean that in only the nicest ways.)

It’s really neat seeing the roof from above, how it almost melts into the surrounding scenery, but I wonder how many people actually get to see it?