The Desktop Wallpaper Project featuring Dan Matutina

Dan Matutina

Today I’m happy to announce a desktop wallpaper by a guy with one of the coolest names ever, Dan Matutina. Dan does work under the name Twistedfork creating lovely little illustrations with lots of life and color. He also seems to have a kind of fetish for pirates in ninjas, but y’know, who can blame the guy. He also has this rad little project called Status and Shapes where he interprets people’s Twitter messages into a rad looking image. He only did a few but I hope he does more cuz’ they’re pretty rad looking.

As for his wallpaper, I’ll let Dan describe it:

“Was thinking of a cinematic scene where a Ninja is trying to invade a pirate ship and assassinate the Pirate Captain. But the First Mate who was sleeping at the Crow’s Nest saw the Ninja. They start fighting. :) Ofcourse, Ninja and Pirates are geeky. Just tried to make it more badass.”

Absolutely spot-on and totally fun. Don’t forget that there’s an iPad wallpaper size as well, and for those who’ve asked, I’m thinking about creating a larger size for larger monitors. The thing is you vocal few make up less thatn 2% of people who visit the site, so says the Google-y Analytics, so be please be patient.


April 7, 2010

Micah Lidberg for GOOD Magazine

Click the image to enlarge

It’s always great when people I know work together. My friends over at GOOD Magazine asked the extremely talented Micah Lidberg to create an illustration around the how neighborhoods around the U.S. got their names. So he created a map and covered it with hand drawn type, the end result being the amazing image you see above. I love how many different type faces he created, each one more beautiful then the next.

What’s funny is the whole issue, which was art directed by Keith Scharwath, is filled with great illustrators like Scott Barry, Chris Johanson, Erin Kunkel, Leif Parsons, Will Etling and ton of other folks, so I suggest grabbing yourself a copy.


April 7, 2010

Los Angeles, I’m Yours | A Call For Submissions

I know I’m asking for trouble by doing this, but… I’m currently working on an upcoming “art show” with my friends at Poketo called Los Angeles, I’m Yours, and we’re looking for some creative folks. If you live here in Los Angeles and can describe the things you make as hand crafted, homemade, or do-it-yourself, then I’d love to know more about it. Recognizing the unique creativity of this city is exactly what our show will be all about, so I’m excited to open things up like this.

Here are the requirements:

You must live in the greater Los Angeles area. San Diego is NOT Los Angeles, nor is Brazil or Helsinki. I love you all, but you must be an Angeleno to participate.

– You must make things that can be described as hand crafted, homemade, or do-it-yourself. You must also have these things on hand or produce within an extremely short time frame.

– Please don’t send me crafts. I don’t want to know about your oven mitts or cat houses or anything else you’d find at a craft fair. We’re looking for things that are out of the ordinary and are unique. Think Anthropologie, Heath Ceramics or an antique store.

If you think you fit this description please send an email with the title “Los Angeles, I’m Yours Submission” to with a link to your items/stuffs. If you don’t have a site then a few small images are ok, but please don’t blow up my inbox or I’ll blow up your email : )

April 7, 2010

How To Make A Neverend Clock

My cohort Mike over at Furni made this awesome little video showing a bit of the process that goes into making one of our Neverend clocks. Not being on the production side of things I was excited to see just what Mike exactly does, cuz’ as far as I know it’s all just magic and elves. But as you’ll see Mike puts a lot of hard work into making one of these puppies with his laser vision… ok, just seeing if you’re still reading.

We still have some left so if you’d like to snag one click here.


April 6, 2010

Ben Folds Does Chat Roulette While Playing Live

I’ve always been a big fan of Ben Folds, ever since his days in Ben Folds Five, I was definitely that kid being all emo (before it had a word like that) to Brick. Since then he’s left the band and been just fine doing his thing, but his live shows have always been one of the most successful things he’s ever done. Well, he just raised that bar.

During a recent concert Mr. Ben decided to hook up a computer and start up Chatroulette IN THE MIDDLE OF A SHOW. He plays to the person on the other end, commenting on what they’re wearing or any other little detail that might pop up. I laughed for pretty much the entire 5 minutes, it’s definitely the best use of Chatroulette I’ve seen so far.

Found through Buzzfeed


April 6, 2010

New Shoes from Zuriick

Zuriick yet again ups their game with another fresh batch of good looking shoes. It seems to me like they’re starting to branch out from the standard sneaker genre, which I think is a smart move. Above are three of their newest styles, I’m not quite sure when they were released, but I’m really digging all of these.

In order they are the Madsen, Nadal Mids and the Shug Low. The variety of these shoes is what I like a lot, so if you only bought these three shoes you’d be set for pretty much any event. And the best part is that they’re all round $100, so you’re not breaking the bank by any means.


April 6, 2010

Like Air, Like Twilight | A Mix by J. Crosson

Like Air, Like Twilight | A Mix by J. Crosson
Click here to download

I felt bad that I didn’t release a Mixcast last week so I thought I’d giveaway this little mix that my buddy J. Crosson released. He’s a handsome, young DJ from Canada who made this little mix for me a little while back and I thought this would be a perfect time to give it away.

I know a lot of you like dancier mixes and this is some straight up house, techno dance marathon kinda’ stuff. It’s got a little bit of everything, new and old, and most of all it’s just fun. If you’re not a fan of fun things you should probably not download this mixtape. But if you want something to get you shaking this morning you should definitely give it a listen. Thanks again Jonathan!

1 Her (Original Mix) // Ghosts of Venice
2 Rollin’ & Scratchin’ // Daft Punk
3 Hold On // HOLY GHOST!
4 In The Morning // Junior Boys
5 Favorite Things // The Golden Filter
6 15 to 20 (Den Haan Remix) // The Phenomenal Handclap Band
7 Run Fay Run // Isaac Hayes
8 So Happy Together (Baron Von Luxxury ?’s You Remix) // The Turtles
9 I Will Come Back // HOLY GHOST!
10 Two Takes It ft. Carmen Castro // Mr. Oizo
11 Best Party Ever (Shazam Remix) // Toecutter
12 Serious // Donna Allen
13 Sequencer // Lifelike
14 Runaways // The Outrunners


April 6, 2010


I was listening to some really fun things last week, lots of new gems that I think you’ll enjoy.

First up was Rufus Wainwright and his new album All Days Are Nights: Songs For Lulu. The album came out a couple of weeks ago but I honestly came across it randomly, not knowing it was in the works. This time around Mr. Wainwright has stripped away the theatrics of his last album for a minimal approach, pretty much just him and a piano. The effect is marvelous and this honestly could be one of his very best albums. A lot of the lyrics are centered around his family, which I’m guessing was sparked by his mothers fight with cancer and her passing in January. There’s no sass, no ego, just a deeply personal record which is sad and beautiful.

After that is probably the counterpoint to the Rufus, it’s a wonderful lady named Zee Avi. Zee is a Malaysian singer who released a self-titled album last year and it’s just about the cutest and cheeriest album I’ve heard in a long time. She basically became famous through YouTube, getting signed by a label that’s partly owned by Jack Johnson. Her style is kind of reminiscent of Feist or Regina Spektor and I would add that’s she’s just as talented. I can’t recommend this album more highly, it’s a gem.

Then there was Bonobo, who I read about over on ISO50. Real name Simon Green, Bonobo is a DJ and electronic musician who’s been making these kind of ambient trip hop albums for about 10 years now. I picked up his most recent release Black Sands and I have to say I’m totally impressed with it. The first few songs on the album sound like a hip-hop-esque soundtrack to a Final Fantasy game. If you need some epic sounding music to get some work accomplished this is my suggestion.

As usual feel free to add me on by clicking here.


April 5, 2010