The Best Made Co. Rigging Knife

The Best Made Rigging Knife

The Best Made Rigging Knife

There are many objects out there that I think are beautiful looking but may not fit quite right into my own life. A good example of this is the Rigging Knife by Best Made Co., who’s description proves just how much I don’t need it:

Rest blade on target area, with other hand raise mallet and deliver a fierce blow to the back of the 1/4″ thick spine of the Best Made Rigging Knife: this is how you will cut rope.

I do very little rope cutting in my day-to-day yet still this knife is a thing of beauty. It has a stainless steel blade, a rosewood handle, a lovely leather sheath, and all kinds of subtle details like the word COURAGE etched into the blade itself. It’s something so perfectly crafted that you want to touch it, you just know it has an amazing tactile quality to it. Plus you can imagine how well an object like this would age. Sadly, my design job doesn’t have me cutting much rope. Perhaps in the future?

Takeshi Suga captures a Japanese winter wonderland

Takeshi Suga captures a Japanese winter wonderland

Takeshi Suga captures a Japanese winter wonderland

Japanese photographer Takeshi Suga sent me a link to a new collection of photos titled Winter Wonderland which are quite lovely.

Although I’ve been remotely inspired by the song Winter Wonderland, my main focus is to explore the idea of a wonderland in wintertime Japan. Winter in Japan can be extremely harsh but I seek moments of euphoric serenity it also offers every now and then. That’s where I believe Winter Wonderland resides.

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Visiting Reykjavik

Reykjavik, Iceland

Photo by Cactus Motel

For the first time ever I’m leaving the country. Yeah, I know, of all people I should have had interesting adventures around the world. In real life I’m a homebody who likes to chill with his boyfriend and his dog and write and make stuff. But every now and then you can’t say no to a globetrotting adventure.

I’ll be heading to Reykjavík, Iceland for DesignMarch, a four day design event featuring exhibitions, speakers, events and all sorts of fun things to do. I’m really excited for the event, to meet new people, and to explore the city itself.

I’m writing this post because I’m hoping to get some recommendations from locals or from those who’ve visited Reykjavík. As you can see I’ve already started my own map of Reykjavík but I’d love to get more tips. Also, if you’re in the city or will be visiting I’d love to meet up with you for a coffee/meal/drink/etc. I’ll be on my own for this trip so it would be great to get to meet some friendly faces.

You can shoot me an email at

‘Old Skin,’ a New Music Video from Ólafur Arnalds

Olafur Arnalds

Icelandic composer Ólafur Arnalds is known for beautiful compositions laced with the slightest of electronic twinges. His latest album, the EP For Now I Am Winter (out on April 2nd), includes orchestral compositions from composer Nico Muhly, but also features something new—words. For the first time, Arnalds is introducing vocals into his work via Icelandic vocalist Arnór Dan. Pushing his work even further, Arnalds just released “Old Skin”, the first video from the album and also his first live action music video ever.

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Young Dreams’ new music video “First Days of Something,” directed by Kristoffer Borgli

Young Dreams' new music video "First Days of Something," directed by Kristoffer Borgli

Young Dreams' new music video "First Days of Something," directed by Kristoffer Borgli

I’m always excited when I get an email from Kristoffer Borgli telling me he’s made a new music video. This time around he’s worked with Young Dreams, a Norwegian band who’s new album Between Places comes out this week. The video is for the song “First Days of Something,” a stunning song which reminds me of the longing of love when someone is lonely.

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“Mute” – A new track from Youth Lagoon’s new album ‘Wondrous Bughouse’

Wondrous Bughouse by Youth Lagoon

Trevor Powers’ Youth Lagoon project is back with a new album called Wondrous Bughouse and “Mute” is our first taste of what that album holds in store. Filled with a barrage of sounds it flip-flops between warm textures and harsh clangs, but all the time it’s beautifully strung together by Powers unique voice. It’s a an uplifting song and one that is well worth checking out!

Wondrous Bughouse is released March 5th. You can purchase a copy online through Fat Possum Records and check here to see if Youth Lagoon is playing in a town near you.

Top Five From LAIY: Week Of February 25


The Film Independent Spirit Awards
The Film Independent Spirit Awards are basically The Oscars cool younger brother who likes to party and doesn’t give a shit if you don’t dress up. In fact, he encourages you *to* drink and *not* to dress up. By some magic, we got invited to attend the ceremony this year by Jameson–one of the big sponsors for the event–and realized that it is the Los Angeles award ceremony because it’s so laid back, supports unknown artists, and gives the proper nods to big timers, too. It was a wonderfully fun time and so hope we can attend again in the future. (Also, yes, that is Francis Ford Coppola talking to Sofia Coppola in the photo.)

Performing Methods
Downtown’s CB1 recently opened a new show titled Performing Methods which features artist Chris Oatey’s paintings and sculptures which are all made through a very physical process. They’re very enveloping and complicated and, to help highlight visual art that is in a way performative, he curated Performing Methods–In Context within CB1 too, a group show that features other artists who do similar performative work. Please enjoy this as our Featured Interview this week because we had to take a bye week due to technical difficulties.

The Modern Craft Project In Los Angeles
The Modern Craft Project is an effort by Wallpaper Magazine and Ketel One to celebrate makers and creatives. To introduce the idea to LA, a very intimate dinner was held that featured fancy cocktails by Ketel One mixologists and food by the Animal guys. It was delicious and fun and really showcased an LA artform that has come into its own: food.

Rhye’s Woman
Rhye may not be a band you’re familiar with but they are the LA buzz band at the moment who have broken beyond local chains and into many, many people’s ears. They are part R&B/jazz referentials, part minimal dance, and a whole lotta Sade. Their debut album Woman comes out on March 4 and you will want to listen to it. A lot.

Eames Prints To Help The Eames Family
The Eames Foundation is trying to raise money to help restore and preserve the Eames House. To do so, they are selling limited edition prints of Eames designs for $75. What a deal! They look good, they help a great design cause, and everyone wins.

‘Allo?’ An interactive exhibit by Jean Jullien

'Allo?' An interactive exhibit by Jean Jullien

'Allo?' An interactive exhibit by Jean Jullien

Jean Jullien, a French artist based in London and an old friend of TFIB, has a new exhibit at the Kemistry Gallery called Allo? The show is filled with observational pieces, works that find humor and sadness in our everyday life. His ability to bring a wit to the ordinary is brought to life thanks to his signature style of art, slightly sketch and slightly cartoon-ish which encapsulates the idea of our lives. He also worked with Ana Tiquia to create a series of augemented reality posters.

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