Geometric Play Time With Anna Lomax

Anna Lomax Art 1

Most persons born in the early to late eighties will remember a specific bedsheet that I cannot Google to find because it it something so common yet so specific that it is impossible to find on the internet. It was a play on primary colors and geometry: it was a white sheet with a black grid that had red and blue trim with infrequent green, yellow, and more shapes placed throughout. The concept is something between Memphis Group and DJ Tanner’s bedroom. Sound familiar? I hope so (because I still cannot find a photo of it).

Whoever made these sheets had a big influence on the current crop of designers and artists. That’s why there is so much pattern clashing and playing with geometry. You see it from Will Bryant to Stephanie Gonot—and my theory is that these bedsheets had something to do with it. This idea jumps across the pond too as artist and art director Anna Lomax has felt this too. Her work is a huge playing with pattern playing and collision of forms. It’s artistic play time that is quite wonderful.

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John Goldsmith’s Normally Abnormal Street Photography

John Goldsmith Photography 1

John Goldsmith is a Vancouver based photographer. He does a lot of projects and portraits but his street photography has to be his strong suit. It’s not that he’s capturing fashionable street scenes or crushing cultural commentary but instead is finding rich oddity in the world around him. His camera is somehow able to find things the normal eye is missing, to capture specific moments where something is weird, be it from your perception being off or that you are just the right angle. This element of fleetingness is why his street photography is so great: it catches abnormalities in normality.

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Happy Pi Day

It’s Pi Day, March 14 (3-14), so I had to post this old photo by Paul Octavious who built the ? symbol beautifully out of books. If you like this be sure to check out his Book Collection series where he constructs numbers and other scenarios out of books.

Pi Day photo by Paul Octavious

The VSCO Artist Initiative, A $100,000 Scholarship Fund For Creatives

The VSCO Artist Initiative

Looks like the folks at Visual Supply Co. (VSCO as you probably know them) are giving back to the artistic community, establishing a scholarship fund for creatives.

Recipients will document their ideation and creation process on VSCO Grid?, with the end result sold via the VSCO Store and physical gallery exhibitions. Profits are divided between the artist and a reinvestment in the Initiative, enabling future projects for other artists. In this manner, the creative community can build a growing and sustainable movement built upon principles of integrity and artistry.

The first recipients are Kevin Russ, Lauren Marek, Street Etiquette, Chris Schoonover and Jon Schoonover, Leon Yan, and Niv Patel. It’ll be interesting to see if any non-photographers will be featured as winners. VSCO being a photo editing app would seem to lean toward that medium, hopefully it’s not exclusively that way.

You can apply yourself by clicking here.

The Illustrations of Zao Dao Capture A Certain Spirit

Zao Dao

Zao Dao

Zao Dao is a Kaiping, China based illustrator who does manga-esque illustrations that are full of personality and lots of little details. There’s this graceful fluidity to everything that makes each piece look like it was so naturally done. And I love the ornamentation and many of her figures, adorned with lovely beads and ornate jewels. You can see much more of her work by clicking here, and looking below.

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‘NASA Images of a Spacetime Odyssey’ Serves Up a Liberating Dose of Reality


Last weekend the Cosmos: A Spacetime Odyssey aired, Carl Sagan’s masterpiece reimagined. In celebration, NASA unveiled a gallery of images, aptly titled “NASA Images of a Spacetime Odyssey.” It’s a gorgeous collection of some new, and some familiar images, from NASA’s repertoire of galactic exploration. More than that, this gallery is one of those beautiful moments when art converges with science, serving a dose of liberating reality, to aid in easing the troubles of our daily lives.

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Surreal, Piercing Illustrations by Steve Kim

Steve Kim Illustration 1

Steve Kim is a Los Angeles based illustrator whose work is a morphing of many things. He does a lot of work for The Verge and Polygon which has him reflecting on topical items like memes and video games. His style is central to his work and he doesn’t relinquish any part of himself to a client. Kim makes ghostly, somewhat haunted illustrations that slice people and subjects up, creating odd and eerie works.

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A.P.C. Makes Quilts, Too

A.P.C. Quilt 1

A.P.C. Quilt 2

Here is something important to know that many may have been unaware of: A.P.C. makes quilts. Like grandmothers and some Brooklyn and Downtown Los Angeles hobbyists, the French brand have a line of quilted goods that range from zig zagging pillows to checkered blankets that range from the common to the experimentally lovable. They’re obviously pricey, covetable goods but—Boy.—would they look nice in any home or apartment.

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