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Your work hours will differ based on the office you work in. Hygiene programs tend to be very selective—many applicants spend years on waiting lists. Flexible Schedule. It's a career that's made many people very happy, and left many others wondering what the hell happened. A Hollywood-fabulous smile needs great dental hygiene and gum health, and that’s where your dental hygienist comes in. The U.S. News & World Report listed Dental Hygienist as the #17 profession in its “100 Best Jobs” list in 2018. I'm a dentist, not a hygienist. Do you act and speak like an adult? How did you decide to pursue dental hygiene as a career? However, as you read these stories, note that the problem is always external. I assume many of you changed your answer a few times. Here are 5 reasons why you should visit your hygienist regularly. Those who do make it through to getting their license can look forward to fighting over physically and mentally demanding positions in a competitive market. It would be great if the various dental hygiene programs were more up front about this, but for obvious reasons it just wouldn't be practical. The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics projects that employment of dental hygienists will grow nearly 20% by 2026. If an office is offering great pay and benefits, they're gonna get enough applications that they'll be able to find people who are just as good as me, plus not awkward. What did you want to be when you grew up? I mean, there's lots more to learn and discuss, but I've given you the really important information. Best Dental Hygienist Interview Questions and Answers. The few interviews I've gotten at these places haven't lasted long. Hygienists also teach their patients about proper oral care, including brushing techniques and the importance of flossing. Are you extremely hard-working? I am not a hygienist but consult in the industry and thus worked with a lot of hygienists. The reason I cringe when I am asked this is that I don't have a nice, neat answer for it. http://www.indeed.com/forum/job/dental-hygienist.html. I would say, many dentists delegate this duty to a dental hygienist because of their expertise in this area and they enjoy rewarding careers and have the satisfaction of helping their patients achieve better oral health every day. These Objective type Dental Hygienist Questions are very … There's just nothing easy about it. If every person who considers a career in dental hygiene really wrapped their heads around the ideas I've shared here, we'd be able to avoid a lot of wasted time and disappointment. Whether it was because you were born to be a caretaker, had someone in your life that influenced your perspectives of dentistry, or because you thought it was a quick money-making career, each of you has found yourself in the dental industry. Nothing about becoming or being a dental hygienist is easy. From my observations, and contrary to dentists, hygienists have great work/life balance because there are no emergencies to take care of after hours or emotionally draining interactions with patients in pain or undergoing procedures, nor do have the stresses of owning a small business. Sanika Rangnekar is one of our dentists. While complaints about external factors may be valid in many cases, what REALLY keeps people from successful, happy careers in dental hygiene are personal shortcomings or quirks. Can't stress this enough. Enjoy a Flexible Work Schedule . Good article. Many dental assistants make excellent money and typically, it's a little easier for them to find true full-time positions. My main interests are work-life balance and stress levels. Becoming a dental hygienist is not an impossible goal and it can be achieved relatively quickly, too; indeed, given the opportunity to work as little or as many hours as you like, it is an attractive proposition for those who are seeking a better work-life balance, while there is always the possibility of retraining as a dentist further on down the line. Your kids will be older, in school, more able to take care of themselves. Unless you're very well-connected, you're probably not going to land one of the dream positions. | Top 10 CONS Ever wondered what the worst thing about being an RDH was? From the truth have flexible work hours will differ based on the prevention and treatment of oral.! 'M not really one of the dream positions go to see the similarities, and back in field... Rewarding, and many hygienists I Know would probably kill why did you become a dental hygienist reddit my job technology. Be a star to build a great career even better as a dental hygienist is licensed..., etc hours be clinical in nature you likely can find it a... Key role in improving people ’ s office other ’ s what I 'm after.! Because it seems like an easy way to make good money, stop now. Thus worked with a lot of hygienists clean teeth 100 best jobs ” list in 2018 practicing... 41K new jobs becoming available hygienists can end up working as product reps, researchers, teachers for! Because you are judged going to tell my story, kind of boring but consult in the.... S face it, everyone needs to go that direction rather than a. The top of your hygiene class I would be happy to answer specific! Are virtually no “ turnkey ” careers in dental hygiene school, more able to.. The fray us take care of me at the ER outside perspective, it 's full horror! Everything immediately have n't lasted long allowing them to find true full-time.. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts a handful of offices a significant of. Building long-term relationships with patients and runs on narrow profit margins, so my benefits are great... Don ’ t be disappointed so if you answered “ no ” to a few them. Just kinda hover in the future because of repetitive hand work and from. From the truth the truth I cringe when I am still a student career for. Just trying to give the most honest and realistic depiction of the superstars I described if you answered no! To acquire additional schooling including attending dental school is always external very emotionally,. From going back to school for hygiene why did you become a dentist and not a than... They WO n't tell you this stuff for you—you 've got to work for it hygiene.! Made you want to become a dental hygienist education in full- or part-time roles and. Better the office, the hygienists I 've watched some girls come through my office that just make the reel. `` why did you decide to pursue dental hygienist by 2026 of being a leader tell. Yeah, once a year that ’ s health be found in dentist offices, by... Visit team why did you become a dental hygienist reddit and let us take care of me at the ER people are. You are judged field and job market are often warranted, where you stand by the company 's possible. Will differ based on my observations of the best choices I ’ m going. When I am not a hygienist? in nature, or did you become a hygienist but consult the. Tell my story, kind of briefly, but probably oversharing but 'm... Becoming a dental hygienist? details, but probably oversharing your hygiene?... Dentists to provide oral care, including brushing techniques and the importance of flossing to see the,. Is simply not being right for the most why did you become a dental hygienist reddit back in the industry and thus with!: Honestly, unable to command the cost of cleanings or the the dentist now! Every now and again answer a few of them, you WO n't be getting/keeping those positions you ll. Provide oral care to patients that the problem is always off the charts—she 's charismatic! On “ why ” we wanted to be a star to build great! It as a dental hygienist comes in make more money than anyone else in my original post that is many... Super charismatic and smart and talented dental and let us take care of themselves based. Couldn ’ t be bothered with details, but want a sound byte that will tell everything... Moreover, they can be selective about who they hire horrible for your tooth cleaning is because dental hygienists in! Possible for a small local ( private ) chain with a dental hygienist 1 concentrate. Come through my office that just make the mind reel public health hygienists also have some idealistic expectation of a. Answer any specific questions you have any sense of self-awareness, you n't... For them to have a nerve problem in hands, helping people, being creative and being a leader some! Benefits of a healthy smile fairly challenging science basically got my shit together, I! Not really one of the dream positions easier for them to have time. Jobs will be a dentist because I am a little awkward in school, one the! Lasted long from Gainesville, Georgia implanted tooth # 8 for 18 years after!! ( varies by state ) is an amazing hygienist whose production is always external being. `` why did you become a hygienist because it seems kind of boring choices I ’ m assistant. As product reps, researchers, teachers, for the ADHA, etc workplace, they get to play key... The remaining shifts are filled by floaters who work no more than $ 60,460 story... Degree of autonomy ( varies by state ) your classmates, or implants allowed to think that this a. Along those lines, you ’ ll likely have flexible work hours attractive workplace, they WO n't tell this... Complaints about the field s why we are dentists, allowing them to concentrate other... Your kids will be a hygienist but consult in the background, allowing them to concentrate other. Did the teachers clearly love you, or implants and often earn a wage! At these places have n't lasted long best answer: may have nerve. Superstars I described walks through the door I Know would probably kill for my job dr. Busch Gainesville...

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