Andrew Holder Interview On Los Angeles, I’m Yours

Andrew Holder Interview On Los Angeles, I'm Yours

Today on Los Angeles, I’m Yours, we have a special treat: an interview with artist Andrew Holder. Holder has been featured on The Fox Is Black quite a few times and is a super sweet guy, living in a nice little house in Eagle Rock. We spoke with him about his work and inspirations, how Art Center in Pasadena is the reason he is in the city, and how surfing in Los Angeles isn’t very good. Be sure to check it out and, if the interview doesn’t sell you, he also wanted to climb up a tree for his portrait (which ended up being super rad). You can read the story here.

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Inspiration: Andrew Holder, Todd St. John & Jon Contino

Yesterday I came across a few minimal pieces from some of my favorite creative folks and thought I’d share it as a bit of inspiration. All of the images above have a really similar vibe to me, they’re extremely simple in color and form but still absolutely detailed and hard to fully understand at a glance.

The first piece is by Andrew Holder, it’s called Sun Chaser, and I love the chunky halftone pattern in the sky, it’s almost overwhelmingly busy. The second two sculptures are by one of my all-time favorites Todd St. John. These are from his series of intersections and I totally wish I could buy one of these, I’m really in love with them. To round things out is a drawing by Jon Contino, which is a beautiful bit of text with some nice weathering that makes it perfect.

Maybe you’ll gain a bit of inspiration from these as well?


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An inside look at Mike Perry’s new temporary art space, Wondering Around Wandering

Mike Perry's Wondering Around Wandering

Mike Perry's Wondering Around Wandering

Mike Perry's Wondering Around Wandering

Mike Perry's Wondering Around Wandering

Mike Perry’s Twitter bio reads that he’s “busy making stuff,” and after witnessing his latest project in person it’s clear he’s not kidding. He’s an extremely prolific and talented artist with a solid work ethic, and his efforts in the past few years have become more and more ambitious. From his first book, Hand Job: A Catalog of Type, to successive books Iron Me On, Over & Over, and most recently Pulled: A Catalog of Screen Printing, Mike has become a major figure where contemporary art and design collide. His own work has expanded from drawings and screen prints to sculpture, painting, products, and animation, with solo exhibitions across the US, Europe, and Japan.

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Mike Perry Shares His Love For Screen printing With His New Book, ‘Pulled: A Catalog of Screen Printing’

Mike Perry Shares His Love For Screenprinting With His New Book, 'Pulled: A Catalog of Screenprinting'

Mike Perry Shares His Love For Screenprinting With His New Book, 'Pulled: A Catalog of Screen Printing'

Mike Perry Shares His Love For Screenprinting With His New Book, 'Pulled: A Catalog of Screen Printing'

Mike Perry Shares His Love For Screenprinting With His New Book, 'Pulled: A Catalog of Screenprinting'

A few weeks ago I was looking around OK, one of my favorite stores here in Los Angeles, and I was surprised to see that Mike Perry had a new book out, this time centered around screenprinting. The book is called Pulled: A Catalog of Screen Printing, and takes a look at interesting people doing interesting things with the medium. Much like his previous books, which centered around hand done type and patterns, Pulled gives you an idea of how creative people can get as well as the hard work that goes into making a print that has, say, 18 colors.

In total the book features 44 artists, people such as Scott Barry, Deanne Cheuk, Josh Cochran, Jim Datz, Steven Harrington, Andrew Holder, Cody Hudson, Andy Mueller, Rinzen, Andy Smith and obviously lots more. It’s even got a two page cheat sheet of how to do your own screen printing, should you feel inspired and motivated by the book.

You can snag yourself a discounted copy of the book on Amazon by clicking here.


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RRR.002 – Review and Giveaway




Back in Novemeber of 2009 I reviewed a little zine called RRR, it was a collection of images from all kinda of artists and photographers and I was really impressed with it. Well now the second edition has been released and it happens to be even better than the first. Clocking in at 100 pages this 6 x 9″ zine is filled with all kinds of great artists like Mike Perry, Will Bryant, Andrew Holder, Ed Fladung, Gary Benzel and Keith Scharwath.

What’s great about a zine like this is that it’s filled with so much inspiration. Every page is different. There’s photos, then illustrations, then design, each one bursting with imagination. I know when I got my issue I totally poured over it, amazed by all the talented people and their beautiful work.

Lucky for you I’ve got 5 copies to give away thanks to the man behind RRR, Scott Massey. So how do you get your hands on one? Leave me a comment with your favorite place to get inspiration. My five favorite comments will win a copy, simple as that. Good luck!


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RRR 001

My buddy Mike Perry sent me a copy of this new zine he helped co-publish called RRR. It’s basically a big colorful art book which contains recycled thoughts and ideas contained in a book you won’t want to waste. The rough theme of the book is about the earth and nature and a lot of it is centered around that theme. Most of the book is printed in two colors though there’s a center chunk which is full color. The book has a crazy amount of artists as well:

Anna Wolf, Alex Krastev, Andrew Holder, Art Brewer, Brian Foster, Brian Willimont, Brookes Reeder, Carlo van de Roer, Charles Adler, Chris Partelow, Chris Pfeil, Deke Smith, Gigi, Gregory Comollo, Greg Lamarche, James Victore, Jenny Bowers, Jess Leitmanis, John Esguerra, Jonathan Sandridge, Julie Goldstein, Justin Krietemeyer, Kassia Meador, Kelly Lynn Jones, Lynn Milosz, MarK Tesi, Mary Dunlap­, Massimiliano Bomba, Matt Lindauer, Matt Schwartz, Mike Perry, Mike Afsa, Mike Joyce, Mark Kane, Paul Sahre, Robin Cameron, Ryan Tatar, Scott Richards, Scott Massey, Steven Harrington, Stephanie Hosmer, Shelly Voorhees, Urchin

Crazy, right? It’s absolutely beautiful book though, I hope they make more of these.
If you’d like to pick one up for yourself click here.

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We Are The Friction

I also got a package from Jez Burrows a couple days ago containing a copy of his new project We Are The Friction. The book was put together with this better half Lizzy Stewart and is a book of illustrations and short stories from 12 artists and 12 writers. Pretty cool, huh? Half the time the art is inspired by the stories and the other half the stories are inspired by the artwork.

The line-up is pretty solid too, featuring Frank Chimero, Charlie Duck, Ray Fenwick, Andrew Holder, Verity Keniger, Jon Klassen, Micah Lidberg, Edward McGowan, Nigel Peake, Pietari Posti, Lizzy Stewart and Nous Vous on the art end. On the writing side there’s Dan Kennedy, Carey Mercer, Spencer Krug, Mark Hamilton, Caren Beilin, Jez Burrows, Roxanne Paris, Ben Greenman, Chris Eaton, Ryan Boudinot, Sean Michaels and Tao Lin.

So far my favorite story is Fable of Yukio by Spencer Krug (the guy from Wolf Parade) and Ray Fenwick. It’s a story about a boy named Yukio who is born with a hole in his chest which he then fills with objects. These objects end up helping him throughout his life like being a great farmer. The rest of the stories are great as well, so be sure to check out the site and see for yourself.


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Parking Lot Art Show 2

If you’re headed out to Sunset Junction here in Los Angeles this weekend be sure to stop by the parking lot behind CafĂ© Stella for Parking Lot Art Show 2. Last years was really fun and crazy and this years looks great as well. Exhibiting in the trucks this year will be Andrew Holder, Anne McCadden, Austin McCormick, Diego Cardosa, Kristen Boteshkan, Mike Kelly and Sex Savages. There was even wrestling last year, and I think there might be more this year, so it should be a fun time.

The show is August 22 from 4 to 9 PM.


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