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‘untitled 246′ by Eduardo Omine

This was meant to be a part of the colors post from yesterday, but I thought extend it a bit to show you the how great this is. Created by Eduardo Omine, the video is rather simple. Lines start to appear, crossing and running into one another, and when they strike they a particle effect like an explosion. But when you combine this with music and a change in pace and color, it really starts to get interesting.

I’m not really sure why this video is so interesting, it’s sort of like a digital spider’s web coming together. But there’s something really appealing and visually interesting about how all of these lines are going to come together and what they’re going to create when they do.



Garuda is a simple but beautiful film about a young Indian boy who chases his dream. The visuals in the film are totally stunning, filled with all kinds of wonderful colors and textures. There seems to be bits of paper, pastels, watercolors and all sorts of things I can’t identify. You know name, it they probably used it.

The short was created by Nicolas Athane, Meryl Franck, Alexis Liddell, Andres Salaff, Maïlys Vallade, who were all students at Gobelins. My only complaint is that it’s too short, I’d love to see an entire film done in animation style like this. If only animation studios would start to turn in a direction like this.


Rethink Scholarship Video By Rory O’Sullivan

I got an email a couple days ago from KN reader Rory O’Sullivan who wanted to let me know that he’d finished a video promoting the Rethink Scholarship at Langara College. They’re offering $18,000 and a 3 month internship for aspiring designers and art directors, all you need to do is fill a sketchbook full of ideas or rebuild the sketchbook into something else.

To illustrate this idea Rory created a visual journey, presenting tips for better ideas. Each page is filled with a helpful tip and small brilliant ways of visualizing them, like opening a chest up to illustrate the idea of trusting your gut. I also think it’s great how he reveals some of the messages through the use of a black light and embossed words. He came up with so many clever ideas and it’s just terrificly done.


CL!CK: A LEGO Short Film

Did I mention that today is all video day? Cuz’ it is. I don’t usually like to post videos more than once every couple days but I kept finding videos that were really exciting, so here we are. This video above by LEGO, which was created for their Lego CL!CK site, might be my favorite of them all though.

It’s a short film about a man who’s trying to figure out how to make a man fly by himself. But he’s struggling through a creative block until the literal blocks fall upon his table and turn into a factory of ideas. He searches through the factory, trying to find his idea until he finally comes upon it.

The story is told entirely through stop-motion, or something like it, and almost has an Amélie vibe to it. But there’s also a bit of Wallace and Gromitt-esque humor to it as well, that makes you kind of grin to yourself while you watch it. I also think it’s great that hte factory is filled with all kinds of ideas, represented in different sizes depending on how complex they are. The best example is the idea of world peace, which is a giant light bulb sitting in a courtyard, still yet to be completed. But then there are smaller ideas, like the idea of peanut butter pasta… blech.


‘BIRD’ by Andrew Zuckerman

I’m sure most of you have already seen Andrew Zuckerman’s books CREATURE and BIRD, but have you seen the behind scenes video of these animals being photographed? I used to work for a photographer who took shots nearly identical to these (but many years before), so I know what it’s like to be around crazy animals, who in real life, you’d never get a chance to be close to. It’s so interesting to watch them, well, do their thing.

It’s also interesting to point out all the post production that goes into making these shots look like they do. I used to retouch the images as well, and holy crap is it a lot of work. Anyhow, watch the video and get a sense of how amazing these animals really are.


The Real Good Experiment by Blu Dot

I’ve been on kind of a video binge lately, and this is what started it all. On Thursday, I think I’m going to post nothing but videos for the day, but that’s besides the point. I remember hearing about this little experiment a few months back that Blu Dot, a store that sells high-end design furniture, would be giving away 25 chairs in random locations scattered throughout New York. The buzz on Twitter alone was pretty exciting. But as it turned out, they had much more in mind, what they called The Real Good Experiment.

They ended up watching the chairs from afar, waiting to see who would take them. Not only that, but they even rigged the chairs up with GPS units just in case they lost them somehow. As you’ll see in the video they were able to track a few of them down and then interview the people who took the chairs, to ask them why they took them.

For some reason I find this video absolutely magical. The production value of the video is off the scale, most notably for me was the audio. It’s also funny to see who passes up the chair and who actually takes them. Note to large brands: this is how you get people to buy your products.


The Pump Promotional Video

My buddy Dave Franzese sent me an email with a hysterical little promotional video his studio Dark Igloo did for New York eatery The Pump and I can’t stop laughing. The video centers around the fictitious Crap corporation, with ads featuring Crap being put on all manners of foods and made to look like modern day twists on old advertisements.

When watching the video you should watch all the way through the first time, then watch again but pause each at each new scenario so you can read the copy that was written, it’s really funny. The ads themselves area also really well done, looking like something you’ve definitely seen before but with a more demented angle to them all.

I’d also suggest checking out The Pump’s menu as well, which looks absolutely delicious. I wish they had some of these here in Los Angeles.


Linefeed Reading List 1209/0110

When I first started this blog I was desperately looking for a WordPress theme that I liked, which if you’ve ever tried to parse through WordPress themes it’s a bit crappy. But I was able to come across a blog by a fellow named Michael Bojkowski who had a theme that was simple and everything I wanted. Well, I still use that theme to this day, though it’s been tweaked to the nth degree, but I owe Michael for helping me out.

Anyhow, he now runs a blog called Linefeed which is filled with all kinds of interesting design and ideas. Every time I visit I’m always amazed by all the new stuff he has up, it’s like he finds things from a different universe, it’s amazing. One thing he does consistently is his Reading List, which is his review of magazines from the month. The one above is a mixture of December and January, but he presents some interesting magazines you might not know about and some insightful commentary on ones you do.