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Three Unique Typefaces from Colophon, Peter Bil’ak, and Moritz Resl

Lately I’ve been running into a lot of interesting examples of typography so I thought I’d put together a single post that showcases three interesting type endeavors.

The first is a new typeface called Archive created by London based designers, Colophon. What I love about Archive is that it feels like a familiar, Roman style font but has a lot of great little details. The lowercase e’s feel open, kind of like they’re smiling, and the shoulders on the h’s and n’s have a nice, wide stance that really make them stand out.

Archive by Colophon

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Fear of Flying: A Great Animated Short by Conor Finnegan

Conor Finnegan's Fear of Flying

Late last year I managed to catch Conor Finnegan‘s excellent short film Fear of Flying at a small festival in Dublin. Ever since seeing it I’ve been wanting to share it with you guys and fortunately Conor posted it to Vimeo just a couple of days ago.

Fear of Flying tells the story of Dougal, a bird with a rather unfortunate fear of – you’ve guessed it – flying! With winter quickly approaching, our feathered-friend decides he’d rather avoid the journey south and instead he battens down the hatches while his friends move south to enjoy the warmer climate.

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Takeshi Murata and Oneohtrix Point Never’s Artificial Still Life

Oneohtrix Point Never's Problem Areas 1

Oneohtrix Point Never's Problem Areas 2

“This? is some serious computer generated porn,” DallasCharter says, a note that is the most up voted comment on the new Oneohtrix Point Never music video. The artist much like the video is synthetic. His name is barely able to be articulated without some rigorous athletics because, like his sound, his name is something you expect to be intimidated by: it’s a high end, brilliant, fusing of basic techy concepts with a sublime slant. OPN’s aesthetic is a gold plated Casio. His newest music video feels like this too.

Directed by video maker, tech experimenter, and one of my favorite all time artists Takeshi Murata, the music video for the song is an appropriate mashing of the real and fake and real fake real. “Problem Areas,” the first song off of OPN’s latest single R Plus Seven and his first Warp release, is a typical OPN song highly polished and meditating on a simple chord structure beaten with plain bass and funny synth notes. Like the song, the video is completely artificial. Outside of the human hand pounding a musical or computer keyboard, nothing is actually made by hand: it’s made with a hand and executed by a computer.

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Kelsey Brookes, LSD and Painting

Inside Kelsey Brookes' Studio Practice 2

Inside Kelsey Brookes' Studio Practice 1

It’s pretty well known that Kelsey Brookes has a background in science. The San Diego based artist has really started to come into his own, pushing his aesthetic and artistic limits to new levels by throwing himself curveballs making “things that he enjoys seeing.” What does he enjoy seeing? LSD molecules blown up to giant sizes and recreated in crazy, crazy colors that look a bit like you dropped a pebble into a neon rainbow puddle, an effect that he describes as being akin to “taking LSD while looking through an electron microscope at LSD.” Since TFIB has a bit of a subtle drug theme today, it’s only fitting that we share a video of Kelsey making his high-end drug inspired work.

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108 Years of Herman Miller in 108 Seconds

108 Years of Herman Miller in 108 Seconds

American furniture manufacturers Herman Miller turns 108 this year, so in honor they’re going back to their roots with a new campaign, exploring the why’s behind Herman Miller.

At Herman Miller we think, learn, and communicate through design. It is the language with which we share new ideas and address the problems people face. Before we decide what we do and how we do it, we must first ask “why?” It is in this spirit of inquiry that we approach the stories we tell on WHY. For us, design is never just about a finished product. It is a narrative that extends from the designer’s vision to the people it touches and places it transforms. With WHY, we invite you to discover why we do what we do at Herman Miller.

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Van Gogh Paintings In Motion

Van Gogh Paintings In Motion

Luca Agnani, an Italian designer and animator, has taken the classic works of Vincent Van Gogh, and brought them to life. He’s created a short film called Van Gogh’s Shadow which shows over a dozen of Van Gogh’s paintings suddenly filled with life and movement, perhaps giving us an insight into how the artist may have seen the world he lived in.

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Ruslan Khasanov Mixes Ink and Oil To Create A Kaleidoscopic Video

Russian designer/typographer Ruslan Khasanov (who we’ve featured on the site a couple of times for his typography) has crafted a rather beautiful video titled Pacific Light. Ruslan mixed together colored ink, oil, and soap, producing a wonderfully colorful short video that defies standard descriptions. Sit back and enjoy 2 minutes of trippy, technicolor footage.

Ruslan Khasanov - Pacific Light

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A Persistent System: A New Video Showcasing Vitsœ’s Timeless Design

Vitsoe shelving system

“Living better, with less, that lasts longer.” These are the words of Mark Adams used to reiterate the ethos of Vitsœ, the enduring design company of which he is managing director. We continue to applaud—and desperately covet—the classic designs envisioned by industrial designer Dieter Rams which inspired the conception of the company founded by Niels Vitsœ and Otto Zapf. Not only are they representative of good design (as in the tenets of his design principles which cite that products be innovative, useful, unobtrusive, and long-lasting), they continue to be of use to us in the 21st century.

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Sean Pecknold delivers some good advice in ‘Like A Lunatic’

Like A Lunatic by Sean Pecknold

Inspired by a bowl of cereal and the ’99 classic Wear Sunscreen, Like A Lunatic is a delightful little video packed with great nuggets of advice and fantastic narration. Created by TFIB favorite Sean Pecknold, it was made over a weekend with the help of Alina Hardin and Matt Daniels and combines a number of playful animations. There’s little else I can add other then to tell you to check out the video and try your best to follow the advice, who knows, it might just help you!

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Long Live The Kings – A Short Documentary About Motorcycles and the Open-Road

Three Knights - Long Live The Kings by Donald van der Putten @ Hysteric Studios

Long Live The Kings is a film and photographic project by SAGS (aka: Clement Beauvais and Arthur de Kersauson). Shot exclusively on film, it’s a celebration of motorcycles, good company and the open-road. Featuring a short documentary shot solely on super 16mm, the video was filmed during a road trip around the French Pyrénnées.

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