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A video game inspired short on the history of the Barbican, a microcosm of London

A video game inpired short on the history of the Barbican, a microcosm of London

Being born, raised and still currently residing in California, I can’t say that I’m familiar with the history of The Barbican, the storied area of London, England. To be specific, a barbican is simply a gate or outpost used to defend a city, but THE Barbican has a rich history which is masterfully told through this short video by Persistent Peril.

Working together with The Barbican, PP were able to give the short a video game aesthetic, depicting the history of the Barbican area using color to show the passing of time and the development of man made structures. Honestly, they do such a great job with the pacing, sound effects, and overall look and feel that you become engrossed in the history of the place, even if you know nothing about it.

Subtle, looping video portraits by Jean-Yves Lemoigne

Jean-Yves Lemoigne is a French photographer who’s pushing the boundaries of what photography. Using a Red EPIC Camera he’s created these intriguing photoloops which feel like an evolution of Andy Warhol’s screen tests.

Because of the expert styling and lighting these definitely feel like works of art, and the subtlety of each movement is just so that it takes a second to figure out that something is happening. It’ll be cool to see how Jean-Yves continues to evolve this sort of technique and what the practical applications would be for a technique like this.

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Dior Homme gets together with Fantastic Man to combine fashion with dance

Dior Homme teams up with Fantastic Man, combining fashion with dance

Dance and fashion. You don’t often seem them together very often, and if you do, it might only be in the sort of over-the-top theatrical sense. Dior Homme and Fantastic Man magazine have decided to shift that perception. Working together the two brands have created a series of five short videos which showcase the impressive dance moves of some rather talented young men who are dressed to the nines in some of Dior Hommes fall-winter 2013 collection.

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Watch ‘The Shining’ told in the style of an 8-bit video game

Watch 'The Shining' told in the style of an 8-bit video game

The creative minds behind Cinefix have taken Kubrick’s classic The Shining and turned it into a rather faithful 8-bit video game. What really sells the game for me is the music, which is both true to old Nintendo games and the vibe of the film. I’d totally play this.

Los Angeles, I’m Yours Video: Sinclair Denim

LAIY Video Sinclair Denim 1

LAIY Video Sinclair Denim 3

LAIY Video Sinclair Denim 2

There are a lot of Los Angeles makers. There are painters and coffee makers and ceramicists and woodworkers and all sorts of people who make things, many of which have some reverence or relationship to the city that surrounds them. The city has become a paradise for those who make!

To speak to this and to really capture something in the air, LAIY has some exciting news to share: we’ve launched a video series to share stories of the creatives the city is housing. They are quick little peeks into culinary or fashion worlds, designers or juice makers—and they all speak to something very specific about the city. First up as our subject is crazy local jean maker Sinclair Denim, fancy pants (and more) makers who put an incredible amount of work into their crazy jeans.

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Antoni Gaudi’s Sagrada Familia comes to life in this amazing step-by-step video

Antoni Gaudi’s Barcelona masterpiece Basílica i Temple Expiatori de la Sagrada Família has been under construction since 1882, and it’s not slated to be done until 2026, but that doesn’t mean we can’t have a sneak peek of what the completed church will look like when it’s finished.

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‘Box’, a short video that explores real and digital space through projection-mapping onto moving surfaces

'Box', a short film that explores real and digital space through projection-mapping onto moving surfaces

Captured entirely in camera. That’s the key thing to remember while watching this short film from Bot & Dolly (with help from GMUNK) simply titled Box. This in my opinion is a great example of truly contemporary art. A fusion of technology, Op Art, and a choreographed stage performance, the complexity of this video is truly incredible.

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“Designed Together”, a colorful new commercial for the iPhone 5C

Last week, Apple officially released iOS 7 as well as the colorful iPhone 5C, marrying the product and the operating system into a cohesive thought. This is the first time that Jonny Ive has had creative control over both the hardware and the software, and as you’ll see in the commercial below it’s a cohesive thought that the iPhone has needed for a while now.

I’m a huge fan of iOS 7, I have been since the beta, but it’s been great to see the reaction of friends and family to it as well. So far I’ve heard nothing but good things about it, heck, even my mom thinks it’s great looking.

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