Hunter Gatherer Helps The Prius Figure Out Its Plural

Plural for Prius by Hunter Gatherer

Plural for Prius by Hunter Gatherer

Plural for Prius by Hunter Gatherer

Plural for Prius by Hunter Gatherer

Toyota has started a pretty funny ad campaign trying to figure what the plural of the Prius is. Is it Prii? Priuses? Prien? Well, they’ve decided to let the people decide and have made a great video to advertise the campaign. But I give them mega-bonus points for asking Hunter Gatherer to create the stop-motion video for the campaign.

Todd St. John is the guy behind Hunter Gatherer and I’ve been a huge fan of his for I can’t even think of how long and this video reminds me exactly why. He’s taken his signature cut wood blocks to create all the shapes and figures. It was hard putting together the preview images on this post, I wanted to put nearly every frame up there! Todd’s style is so quirky and fun, I know these are kind of generic things to say but when I look at his pieces I can’t help but smile at them.

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My Favorite 2011 Calendars – Atherton Lin & Bike EXIF

I always feel like it’s getting harder and harder to find a good calendar for the new year. I’m usually bombarded by images of cutesy pets or dumb muscle cars or artists who’s work is being abused for a quick buck (M.C. Escher, etc). Thankfully I know some pretty rad people who make some pretty rad calendars that don’t suck. First up is Atherton Lin’s, who some of you might remember. I’ve written about them and their calendars before and they’ve even made a desktop wallpaper for the site. As always their calendar is filled with beautiful watercolored images that are beautiful in their design and are always pleasing to the eye.

On the other end of the spectrum is a new calendar from Bike EXIF, a motorcycle blog that takes bike lust to the next level. I’m not a big motorcycle fan but I love the way that Bike EXIF is presented, with more of an eye toward design.
Chris Hunter, the editor of Bike EXIF, has taken the sometimes awful motorcycle calendar and elevated to a distinguished level. I love the type treatments and the subtle textures as well. Perfect for the moto-bro in your life.


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A Night of Tim Biskup and Fiat

Yesterday I got a text from Tim Biskup asking me if I’d like to go the grand opening of the first Fiat showroom in North America. That entire sentence in-my-opinion is completely ridiculous, so of course I said yes and brought Kyle along with me. It ended up being a really crazy event for many reasons. First, it was basically a black tie event with older men and women in fancy looking suits and dresses. Kyle and I on the other hand wore red plaid (yes the both of us, not on purpose) and we may have also been some of the youngest people there. When we ran into Tim he was actually hanging out with Brian Bell from Weezer, which was random and funny as well. Turns out Tim was there painting the hood of one of the Fiat’s as a part of a promotional campaign the company is doing. The car will be travelling around the country and other artists and creative types will be adding to it.

It’s always fun to hang out with Tim but it was even better getting to watch him work. I’ve known Tim’s work for at least 10 years now so it was a real treat to see him working in person. He’s truly an amazing painter who has an amazing amount of control when he works. He’s able to paint a perfect circle, which I thought was pretty impressive. I even got to learn little details like how he adds blue and red to black to give it life because without it the black is too grey.

All in all it was a pretty great night. Mozza catered the event so we ate lots of yummy meats and cheeses and drank a ton of Prosecco. We even got to see Robin Thicke perform Lil Wayne’s A Milli on the roof… it was just one of those nights.

Update: Tim sent me an image of the finished car, it turned out pretty amazing, don’t you think?


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Google’s Self Driving Car? There’s More To It Than You Think.

The New York Times recently covered a story about Internet company Google testing autonomous cars that have been driving themselves around San Francisco. These test cars, comprised of seven Toyota Prius’ and an Audi TT, have all equipped with sensors that attach to the roof and wheels and allow the cars to drive unaided by humans, though there are humans in the car during the test for legal and safety reasons. The article focuses on the technology aspects mostly, how the car works and where it traversed. It was a great article and it’s a really amazing concept. Then I came across this idea from Nathan Williams, a designer who works over at Wolff Olins, who tweeted:

Google’s mission = ‘organise the worlds info’… if you think about it, drone cars make perfect sense. Bots collecting data. Simple.

And suddenly it became clear what Google could be working toward.
Imagine you make a technology that allows cars all over the world to be driven autonomously. There are a huge number of benefits to people and society at large. Less accidents, more freedom to interact with people in the car or just so you can text or watch a movie. But what does Google gain from this? Well, you have to input an address into the system so the car can drive you to your location. It can tell which grocery store you shop at, which gym you visit, what kind of school your kids go to. It knows what time of day you’re travelling, if you make a morning and evening commute or if you zip around town at all times of the day. What would Google do with this information? They’d sell ads based around the data. It’s your real life and your digital life merging together.

I’m not trying to sound Orwell-ian here, though the idea can sound a bit scary. There are a lot of devices that capture your real life and combine it with your digital presence, think or Foursqaure. But this would be one of the largest companies in the world who already knows so much about you getting even more information getting even more precise data. I came across this article by IDEO though titled Why Would You Trade Away Your Online Privacy? which spoke exactly about the tradeoffs of privacy. It’s a great read and it honestly answers a lot of concerns one might have against losing privacy… you know, so long as Google doesn’t turn evil.

Update: The Associated Press has their own take on it but seems to think the cars would have cameras attached, taking photos along your route to flesh out Google Maps. While it’s an interesting idea I think it misses the real point which is tracking behavior in the real world.


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‘World of Motion’ by Colin Hesterly

About getting from Point A to Point B, Colin Hesterly describes his video as “an exploration in nostalgia[;] a tribute to man’s various achievements in transportation and technology.” And there’s a rocket! If you like the video check out some of Colin’s other work here.


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‘Give Me 3’ Campaign with Design by Geoff McFetridge

As I was riding my bike home last week I started noticing these extremely well designed posters popping up with the phrase “Give Me 3” in support of giving bike riders at least 3 feet of space on the road. I immediately thought, “Wow! Those look like something Geoff McFetridge would do.” And sure enough, Geoff McFetridge definitely did design it. The Give Me 3 campaign was created in partnership by the LACBC, Midnight Ridazz, LADOT, and LAPD as a way to increase bike safety in the city. I think the image is totally fun and it’s nice to be riding with these giant posters along side me as a constant reminder.

I’d say for the most part my experience biking to work has been really easy, so far. I haven’t had any big problems and for the most part people are quite conscious of where I’m at. These posters are going to be posted up until December and hopefully they stay up for quite a while.

For more info about the project click here.


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Shinya Kimura, Motorcycle God

The video above is one of the most well produced shorts I think I’ve ever seen. Shinya Kimura is a guy who builds motor cycles, plain and simple. But these are no ordinary bikes, they’re like works of art made of chrome and steel that go really, really fast. I love that he finds a peace and tranquility in his work, that the speed makes him feel like he’s one with the earth and the sky. I’m even a bit jealous, that he’s found such love and devotion in his work. I think I feel that way about designing but it seems almost spiritual to him. The video itself is masterfully edited: the sound, the cuts, the coloring… everything is so perfect.

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Filming Myself #3 by Stebs Schinerer

Stebs Schinerer is at it again, filming himself out in the elements do tricks while making a totally beautiful video in the process. You might remember his last video where he filmed himself riding in the snow and now he’s out after a fresh rain riding through puddles and jumping off all kinds of things. I don’t claim to know anything about bike stuff or doing tricks, but I definitely enjoy watching it when it’s presented like this. Nice works Stebs.


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