The Fox Is Black is visiting Milan – April 1-6

Visiting Milan! April 1 - April 6

Though I don’t do it as often as I’d like to, I love traveling. The pleasures of exploring the unknown, the excitement of having your first conversations in a foreign language, these are exhilarating feelings that can only be attained through traveling. I’m excited to say the I’ll be visiting Milan from April 1-6, thanks to a partnership with Lexus, for the Lexus Design Award and the Salone del Mobile, one of the most exciting design fairs in the world.

I’m hoping to get some recommendations from you readers on what to see, where to eat and drink, and especially any exciting events around the fair. I’d also love to meet up with any creatives in the area for a café or a cocktail. I know there’s go to be so much to see and do so any tips are greatly appreciated.

Easiest way to reach me is by email:
You can also follow my Instagram to see the adventure in real time.

March 27, 2017 / By

Time To Inspire

Rodrigo Tello

Today is a difficult day for me, and I believe a lot of people feel the same way. It’s hard to imagine what the next four years are going to look like. I’ll admit, it’s a bit daunting. Last night, while I was on the exercise bike, watching that horrid countdown to inauguration, all I could think of was, “What can I do to help?”

I landed on reinvesting in this site, taking up writing again (I’m still a horrible writer, FYI), and getting back to what I started. Sharing beautiful ideas, inspiring projects, writing about the new… that’s what I can do. With all the bad that’s going on in the world hopefully I can bring some positivity, and shine a light on the people who are doing amazing work.

To help kick things off, I’d love help from those of you out there who still read the site to contribute. If you think someone/yourself is doing amazing work, email me and let me know:

Animated Gif by Rodrigo Tello

January 20, 2017 / By

Hello, again. It’s been a while.

Bobby Solomon

I’ve had a lot of trouble starting this post, I’ve been attempting to write it for a month or two now. After daily posts of ideas, creativity, and randomness, how do I explain my drought of passion and ideas? Well, a lot of it has to do with my day job. For those who didn’t know I’m a full-time creative director at Disney who nowadays feels most like they’re moonlighting as a blogger. I currently work with a brilliant team of 21 creatives – UX, UI, Vis Dev, and more. Together we’re making some pretty phenomenal web and app experiences as well as beautiful pieces of art that we share with millions of Disney fans across pretty much every social platform out there. Saying it’s an exciting time would be an understatement.

While my career continues to excite me the blog unfortunately suffers for it. Thankfully, taking a break over the last few months has given me some time to rest, to refocus, to regain my perspective. After over 8 years now I can’t simply let this site whither and die, it would be a travesty. So I’ve decided to get back at this, sharing the ideas that shape the way I see the world. It probably won’t be design-centric all the time but the world is large and full of wonders (sorry for butchering your quote Lord Dunsany). Hell, I’ve even decided to throw a new style onto the site. It’s not quite refined yet but it looks sharp on mobile and it’s something fresh to make the return even sweeter. Thanks again for all the support over the years, here’s hoping you’re still enjoying the ride.

June 7, 2015 / By

The Fox Is Black’s “My Favorite Things” 2014

The Fox Is Black's "My Favorite Things" 2014

Traditionally I’ve never done gift guides, not really my style, and I’m not a fan of “Best Of” lists either, very subjective and overly time restrictive. This year I’ve decided to put together a week of posts highlighting My Favorite Things, ranging from food, to design, to fashion, to experiences. Might you want to purchase some of these things? Sure, but the point is really to highlight the talented folks who’ve inspired me. Hopefully you can feel equally inspired by their output and take that energy into the new year.

December 15, 2014 / By

The Fox Is Black gets a new coat of paint

The Fox Is Black gets a new coat of paint

It’s interesting when you run a site dedicated to the work of others. You try not to create anything that’s flashy or distracting from the “content”, so you tone things down and let the styling fade into the background. Unfortunately, over the last six years, I think that TFIB perhaps became a little too… flat.

With the help of my friend Tim Mather, who co-owns the beer app Untappd, we’ve made some UI changes to make the site feel a bit more colorful and lively while still providing a clear reading experience. The header reminds me of old Kitsune Noir days which some of you longtime readers will remember. Overall I’m happy to have the site feel cleaner and more vibrant, which pairs with our posts more effectively.

Hopefully you enjoy it as well. Feedback is totally welcome and appreciated as we’re still getting some of the bugs worked out.

October 15, 2013 / By

It’s August, Time For Changes


It’s been a crazy couple of months. Between my day job at Disney, running the site every day, finding time to enjoy life, well… you know the saying “Give 120%”? I certainly agree with the sentiment, but I honestly think there are times when 120% still isn’t enough. In this case I had to pull back on the blog for about a month simply for my own well-being. I took a week off around the 4th of July, but never really found the energy to come back full force. Last week though, I caught my second wind and I think the site is going to be in a really great place.

I’ve also been planning some larger changes. First thing is that we’re focusing the site on design more. It’s kind of a silly thing to say, I’ve always thought about the site as a “design site”, but it’s started to get a little too scattered without enough focus. So, expect more graphic design, industrial design, typography, really hone in on the good stuff. We’ll still be dabbling in contemporary illustration and fine art, with a little bit of music blended in for fun. I’ve also been working on tweaking the site design (again) because the site is feeling flat to me. Expect more color and a cleaner design.

I’d also like to welcome Carli Krueger and Nick Partyka who are both joining the site as part time writers. Carli will be focusing on typography while Nick will be tackling design. A big welcome to them!

As an added bonus I decided to put one of my favorite Rilo Kiley songs below, a sweet track called “August”. It kind of perfectly defines what August the month feels like to me, I hope you enjoy it, and the changes that are coming to the site.

Background image above via Black Arts Viper

August 5, 2013 / By

We’re Looking For New Writers

Future by Bobby Solomon

I’m going on a cleanse to find myself. Well, that might be a bit much, but I am trying to make some personal changes, and with them, come changes to the site. Since I started The Fox Is Black (and Kitsune Noir before that) I’ve always treated the site as “just something I do” without giving it much further thought. For the past months though I’ve been giving the site a lot of thought, namely, what’s the point?

Well, I have a lot of ideas around this question, but I’m closing down the site for the week in order to figure out the details. A big part of the break will be spent refocusing the site from an editorial perspective. I’ve realized, both personally and professionally, that it’s easy to make a beautifully designed website, but it’s only as good as the stories you put in it. It will still be the site you love, but hopefully a better, more refined version.

That said, I am looking to add some talented writers to the roster of TFIB. I’m searching for writers who are obsessed with contemporary design, typography, illustration or fine art. I want writers with strong opinions, who understands trends vs. fads, and keeps a positive attitude in their writing. I’m hoping to find a mixture of paid full-time, writers as well as part-time writers who’d like to contribute to the site less frequently.

If interested, please send an email about yourself (like a paragraph, please keep it short and sweet) along with links to pieces you’ve written, to I’m looking to hire people in the next week or two, so be sure to email soon.

July 1, 2013 / By

Introducing Night Mode on The Fox Is Black

Night Mode on The Fox Is Black

As I’ve been making improvements to TFIB over the last few weeks, I’ve been wondering why websites aren’t more responsive to people? Why should they remain static and not bend to our needs? In that way I’ve been trying to think of the site more like an app and less like a blog. So I decided to take some inspiration from Twitteriffic, my go-to Twitter reading app who’ve done an incredible job of making my tweet reading experience even better. They’ve got this great feature where you can shift the app to a dark theme, which makes it a lot easier to read at night.

I’ve decided to take this concept and bring it to TFIB, which I’m simply calling Night Mode. At 7pm the site will switch themes, turning to an inverted version of itself (but not so dark that you can’t see the fox). At 7am, Night Mode switches off and the site goes back to normal. This is based on your computers clock, so it doesn’t matter where in the world you are. My hope is that you’ll have a better reading experience with this change. There’s nothing worse than reading a website that’s too damn bright when you’re laying in bed, whether it’s late at night or early in the morning.

You’ll have to let me know if you like it this new feature or not. You can hit me up on Twitter or on Facebook and let me know either way.

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