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The In-Between Space | A Mix By The Fox Is Black

The In-Between Space | A Mix By The Fox Is Black

The In-Between Space | A Mix By The Fox Is Black

The In-Between Space | A Mix By The Fox Is Black

Nine times out of ten I don’t mean to make a mixtape. Most of the time I’ll start having one or two songs stick in my head, and from there I start drawing connections to other songs, so on and so forth. Such was this mix I’m calling The In-Between Space, which I found through the Japanese word Engawa. I thought it was fitting for this mix because the songs, although rather upbeat, ended up having a lot of references to the parting of lovers, being sad and finding happiness. Honestly, it wasn’t on purpose whatsoever, I’m quite satisfied in my personal life. But together they ended up making a really beautiful blend of songs that really feels like they embody spring.

There’s some brand new stuff from Fleet Foxes and Ezra Furman, some new Radiohead and some year old stuff from Mojave 3. I think it’s a fairly eclectic mix that should tide you over for a bit. But not to fret, I have a guest mix coming out next week or the week after to continue the good tunes.


Not In Love | A Mix by The Fox is Black

Not In Love | A Mix by The Fox is Black

Not In Love | A Mix by The Fox is Black

Not In Love | A Mix by The Fox is Black
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It’s been quite a while since I’ve done a mix of any kind, this for a couple of reasons. The first is that I don’t listen to as much music as I used to. Partially to blame is being in a relationship, where before I’d spend hours pouring over new music, now I spend it with someone I love being around. It’s also because I have a full time job and the blog, so it’s hard to spend as much time devoting myself to new music. The other reason is I needed to find my inspiration again after changing the name of the site. The Kitsune Noir Mixcasts will always be there but I needed to remold the mixtapes into something new, and that took me a little bit of time.

But here we are with a new mix in time for Valentine’s Day, though it really has nothing to do with the holiday. No, this mix is filled with all kinds of loud songs, be them electronic or rock or somewhere in between. I start things off nice and then punch you in the face. If you’re in need of waking up or want something to run to, this might be what you need.

If you want something more lovey-dovey be sure to check out Kitsune Noir Mixcast No.025, it’s made for just such an occasion. Here’s the tracklist for the mix:

Swarming by Efterklang
Seed by Kap Bambino
Fujiyama Attack by Guitar Wolf
Tell ‘Em by Sleigh Bells
This Is All We’ve Got by Cut Copy
Tokyo Eye by Sonic Youth
Mickey Mouse by Wavves
Exit Does Not Exist by Modest Mouse
We Are Sex Bob-omb by Sex Bob-omb
Not In Love by Crystal Castles
Bury Us Alive by Starfucker


WTF | A Mix by Smoke Don’t Smoke

WTF | A Mix by Smoke Don’t Smoke
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I figure I should start off the new year with a new mixtape, so my good buddy Tim from Smoke Don’t Smoke hooked us all up. It’s a fact that Tim has the best taste in music that I’ve ever seen/heard. I pride myself in having good taste in music, about knowing about new music pretty early. Tim is like that but x1000. So he’s put together a selection of some great songs by bands you’ve probably neve heard about, though a few have been featured on the site before. I’m a big fan of the GOBBLE GOBBLE track as well as Jesse Woods Drum Mix of his song Neon Rose, I get it stuck in my head constantly.

It sounds to me like a summer mix, so I decided to create some rather summer-y artwork to accompany it. The other day I tweeted that the artwork made my eyes bleed a bit, do you agree? If anything it’s just kind of ridiculous. Here’s a how Tim describes his mix:

I started out with some more electronic, beat centric tracks, and hopefully led you carefully into a more naturalistic place of introspection. Kind of like starting at a super chill space rave slowly drifting downward until you finally land gently in your bed on planet Earth. Plus after watching Risky Business, how could I not sample the “what the fuck” scene?!

Thanks Tim! Also, if you’d rather not DL the mix you can listen to it by clicking the little audio player below. I figure some of you might like to sample before you download it!

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Floating Like A Diamond Iceberg | A Kitsune Noir Mixtape

Floating Like A Diamond Iceberg | A Kitsune Noir Mixtape

A year ago, maybe a bit more, a made a mixtape about my feelings about New York. I had been on a couple of turbulent vacations there and I had a pretty negative outlook on the place. In my mind it was a sad, dirty place with nothing but chaos and frustration. Pretty dramatic, right? But that was the motivation nonetheless. So this mix is a buildup of noise and frustration and anger which gently tapers off, like when you leave the city on the Fung Wah, crossing over the Manhattan Bridge and back to the rest of the world.

The title of the mix is based on a Truman Capote quote, as he described Manhattan as “a diamond iceberg” floating between the East and Hudson Rivers. I thought it was an elegant name for a rather loud and distortion filled mix. There are a lot of my regulars on this mix, but this is definitely a different sound than I usually do…. maybe. The end is pretty classically me.

A Rat’s Nest by Thom Yorke
Vox Celeste by Deerhunter
Artificial Heart by Yo La Tengo
Poison Arrow by Sonic Youth
The Man Who Sold The World by Nirvana
These Years by Lotus Plaza
Bear by The Antlers
Invisible by Grouper
Nobody by Shearwater
False Knight on the Road by White Antelope


HELLAWEEN II | The Return of Punchy

HELLAWEEN II | The Return of Punchy
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So many things going on! I’m sorry I’ve been so quiet lately but I promise that it’s all for you. Better site, better design, better content, more of what you love, free puppies! But seriously, there’s a lot of big things happening behind the scenes right now that will come to fruition in the next couple weeks.

First things first, if you wouldn’t mind taking this quick survey for me, I’d totally appreciate it. I’ve made this blog for primarily me for the past 3.5 years but I’ve started to realize that I need to listen to you and your opinions more. This is growing beyond just a silly project of mines so this is your chance to let me know how I’m doing and what I should be doing better.

Your reward for taking the short quiz is a brand new Mixtape by the amazing Punchy! You may remember him from his Mixtape from two years ago called HELLAWEEN which is still my most downloaded mixtape ever. He’s back now with HELLAWEEN II / The Return of Punchy, an even dancier mix that’s perfect for getting ready for your Halloween party or driving around town to the next party you’re headed to. As you can see from the tracklist this is not the usual lineup of artists that would be featured on the site, but I’m having no problem dancing to this! A big thanks to Adam for the mix!

Don’t forget there’s also We Never Heard It’s Noise, the Mixtape I made last year.

Mad House Intro
Cousin Cole – Thuggish Ruggish Love
The Ting Tings – Hands
Nina Sky – You Ain’t Got It
MIA – XXXO (Riton Rerub)
Sia – Clap Your Hands (Diplo Remix)
Punchy* – Whoomp Like a G6
Nicki Minaj – Check it Out
Bobby Pickett – Monster Mash (DJ Greg J Edit)
Backstreet Boys – Everybody (Backstreet’s Back)
Chromeo – Don’t Turn the Lights On
Mark Ronson & The Business INTL – The Bike Song
Willow Smith – Whip My Hair
Kayne West (ft. Nicki Minaj) – Monster
Drake – Over (Esentrik Mix)
Duck Sauce – Barbra Streisand
New Order – Blue Monday
Rockwell – Somebody’s Watching Me
Lady Gaga – Enter Telephone (DJs from Mars Mix)


Nonprojects | A Mix by Asura & Anenon

Nonprojects | A Mix by Asura & Anenon
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About a month or so ago I came across local Los Angeles record label Non Projects after hearing about one of their artists named Asura. I was a huge fan of Asura’s music, as I’ve mentioned him previously before, so I thought I’d also get in touch and see if they’d want to work on a little something for the blog, and they were kind enough to accept.

The mix is actually two people’s points of view, Asura and Anenon, who is an amazing musician himself and also runs Non Projects. Asura, who does the first half, describes it as:

“This mix gathers the music influencing my next steps. West African and Caribbean polyrythms, poylphonic choral compositions (so much Bulgarian), vocal free jazz, endless electronics, filth and black marble and gold. Some examples of the current syntheses are included. All is full of love.”

While the second half by Anenon:

“For this mix, space is the place. Not in the near cliched cosmic jazz sense, but in the actual expanse of the sound. Open wide bliss from Norway (Susanna, Arve Henriksen), the delicate yet epic beauty of early John Cage piano music (“In a Landscape”) along with the darkness of a Paul Bley improvised piano solo. The vast vocals of Will Wiesenfeld in Asura’s ridiculously clean Baths remix and one of my all time favorite solos in jazz history from Miles Davis in “Masqualero,” essentially the audio equivalent of watching a Jackson Pollack painting in action.

Elsewhere, music from close friends is sprinkled throughout alongside a couple of my own remixes and new obsessions (Oneohtrix Point Never, Toro Y Moi and new Caribou material).”

Overall it’s a hugely eclectic mixtape and that’s what I love about. From song to song it’s all over the place but it’s awesome to see the range of music that inspires these guys. I’ve also got to mention that Asura and Anenon have a split album coming on July 20th called Silver Trees/Damiel. I can say that I’ve had the chance to listen to it already and it’s rather brilliant. For more information and/or to pre-order it click here.

Side One: Asura
1. Orchestre Poly – Rhythmo de Cotonou-Malin Kpon O
2. Konono No.1 – Wumbanzanga
3. Oneohtrix Point Never – I Know It’s Taking Pictures From Another Plane (Inside Your Sun)
4. Sourakata – Dioula
5. Gary Bartz and Ntu Troop – DU (rain)
6. Oscar Mcclure – Cardboard (Asura Remix)
7. Quadron – Buster Keaton (Asura Neon Brakes Ruin)
8. Kitka (With Tzvetanka Varimezova) – Kalimanku Denku
9. Neu – Isi
10. Bougouni Yaalali – Track 2
11. Sunn O))) and Boris – The Sinking Belle (Blue Sheep)
12. Bjork – All is Full of Love (Live)
13. Asura – High Life
14. Boredoms – Super Good

Side Two: Anenon
1. [ a. d. l. r. ] – Hikikomori Family Values
2. Julian Priester – Love, Love
3. Caribou – Leave House
4. Miles Davis – Masqualero
5. Rarebit The Destroyer – Tape Shreds
6. Susanna & The Magical Orchestra – Jolene
7. Arve Henriksen – Viewing Infinite Space / Yagya – Snowflake 1
8. Paul Bley – Vocal Tracked
9. Soul II Soul – Back 2 Life (Anenon Remix)
10. John Abercrombie – Timeless
11. John Cage – In a Landscape
12. Oneohtrix Point Never – Zones Without People
13. Baths – Hall (Asura Remix)
14. Take – Incredibright (Anenon Remix)
15. Toro Y Moi – You Hid


Soon Will Be The Break Of Day | A Mix by Pollyn

Soon Will Be The Break Of Day | A Mix by Pollyn
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Last week was kinda stressful with traveling and trying to get my life back into order so unfortunately I didn’t have time to put together a quality Mixcast. To make up for it I’ve decided to release a Mixtape that was put together by the folks of Pollyn. This Los Angeles based band is made up of vocalist Genevieve Artadi, guitarist Anthony Cava, and beatmaker Adam Jay Weissman, who together make dark and moody music fronted by a beautiful voice and backed by rad beats.

They’re having a show this Saturday at Bordello here in Los Angeles with The Robotanists which I’m actually presenting. It’s always fun to try new things! So I thought it would be awesome if they made a little Mixtape and then gave it away to you. It’s a pretty wide range of songs from all over the place but I think you’ll really like. You’ll also have to check it out for their cover for Tom’s Diner, it’s absolutely top notch.

If you’re in Los Angeles this weekend be sure to snag some tickets to the show by clicking here, they’re only $10. And for more information and music from Pollyn click here. Big thanks to Pollyn for making such a rad mix.

Enjoy the Mixtape and I’ll be back next week with a brand new Mixcast, cross my heart.

1. Blue Jay Way – The Beatles
2. Bad Trip – Cilibrinas Do Eden
3. The Amazing Sounds of Orgy – Radiohead
4. Hearts Entwine – Branda Ray
5. Histoire A Suivre – The Honeymoon Killers
6. Tom’s Diner – Pollyn
7. Destination Vertical – Masha Qrella
8. King Kong – Psapp
9. My Rocky Mountain – Erik Sumo
10. Lawdy Rolla – The Guerrillas
11. Roscoe (Beyond The Wizards Sleeve Remix) – Midlake
12. Black Balloon – The Kills
13. Nightless Night – Husky Rescue
14. Ice House – The Creatures
15. D.A.R.E (Pollyn Remix) – Gorillaz
16. Captain Easychord – Stereolab
17. Moscow Nights – The Feelies
18. Purple (Ummah Remix) – Crustation
19. All Is Full of Love – Bitone
20. This Deed – Electrelane


Like Air, Like Twilight | A Mix by J. Crosson

Like Air, Like Twilight | A Mix by J. Crosson
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I felt bad that I didn’t release a Mixcast last week so I thought I’d giveaway this little mix that my buddy J. Crosson released. He’s a handsome, young DJ from Canada who made this little mix for me a little while back and I thought this would be a perfect time to give it away.

I know a lot of you like dancier mixes and this is some straight up house, techno dance marathon kinda’ stuff. It’s got a little bit of everything, new and old, and most of all it’s just fun. If you’re not a fan of fun things you should probably not download this mixtape. But if you want something to get you shaking this morning you should definitely give it a listen. Thanks again Jonathan!

1 Her (Original Mix) // Ghosts of Venice
2 Rollin’ & Scratchin’ // Daft Punk
3 Hold On // HOLY GHOST!
4 In The Morning // Junior Boys
5 Favorite Things // The Golden Filter
6 15 to 20 (Den Haan Remix) // The Phenomenal Handclap Band
7 Run Fay Run // Isaac Hayes
8 So Happy Together (Baron Von Luxxury ?’s You Remix) // The Turtles
9 I Will Come Back // HOLY GHOST!
10 Two Takes It ft. Carmen Castro // Mr. Oizo
11 Best Party Ever (Shazam Remix) // Toecutter
12 Serious // Donna Allen
13 Sequencer // Lifelike
14 Runaways // The Outrunners