Desktop Wallpaper Project

Dark Igloo wallpaper - iPhone, iPad, Desktop

Dark Igloo (1/2)

I’ve been friends with the homies of Dark Igloo, made up of duo Dave Franzese and Mark Miller, for a few years now, and they’re two of the most creative dudes I know. Taking a look at their portfolio you can see the amazing amount of diverse thinking they posess – each project is unique and totally engaging. The guys hit me up recently with some beautiful wallpapers that I’ll be sharing today and tomorrow. The first is Dave’s wallpaper who’s keeping things NICE. I feel like this is a perfect wallpaper for the season; nothing overly holiday but certainly fits the vibe of the weather. Check back tomorrow for Mark’s wallpaper which is a throwback to the little things that made up (some) of our childhoods.

Jude Landry Wallpaper - iPhone, iPad, Desktop

Jude Landry

Everyone I know loves bikes, especially sweet bicycle illustrations. Today’s wallpaper from Jude Landry is particularly great not only because of the sweet ride he’s illustrated but also because his style is really fun and colorful. I love that he worked the globes into the wheels which serve as reminders of the proliferation of bicycles and how they can get you around the world.

Trevor Tarczynski - iPhone, iPad, Desktop Wallpaper

Trevor Tarczynski

I’ve been in a super colorful mindset lately, the more cracked out the better. So obviously today’s wallpaper fits my vibe to a tee. It was created by Trevor Tarczynski, a Los Angeles based designer who’s known around town for designing some of the best show posters. For his wallpaper he took the lyrics from a song he loves, in this case the Beach Boys song I Just Wasn’t Made for These Times, and the styled them to look like the calligraphic work of Mouneer Al Shaarani. The line above says, “I guess I just wasn’t made for these times,” a lyric I’ve always thought was so incredibly poetic. It’s also pretty cool how he did the background.

The wavy effect was achieved by spraying water onto my monitor and taking some photos then work in Photoshop. I’m really happy with the results. A soft prismatic and psychedelic yet digital vibe.

A big thanks to Trevor for such a beautiful wallpaper. Check back next Wednesday for another great background.

Will Bryant wallpaper - iPhone, iPad, Desktop

Will Bryant

Last week we featured a really rad wallpaper from Will Bryant that showcased a collection of medals for winners and losers. Funny enough Will also sent me even more wallpapers, saying that I could use them if I wanted to. Well I thought this one, simply titled Practice Kindness, would be great to have on the site.

I love the colors, the way the text interacts with the background texture, and the messages is spot on. I always feel like people who are kind, who really give a damn about other people, end up doing best in life. That’s what I feel this wallpaper is about, and Will has done a beautiful job of illustrating this mantra. A big thanks to Will for two awesome wallpapers!

Will Bryant wallpaper - iPhone, iPad, Desktop

Will Bryant

Last night was a night of winners and losers with no grey area in between. But life isn’t always so black and white, and these medals by Will Bryant are a perfect example. I’ve known Will for several years now, he’s done wallpapers for the site previously, and now he’s living in the creative epicenter of Portland getting his MFA in Studio Practice. His work is always playful and fun, utilizing a ton of bright colors and tackling serious subjects like hot dogs with glasses. He made these medals titled Celebrate Failure which sum up a gamut of feelings when it comes to winning and losing. I think we should give these medals out to folks more often, despite what place they come in.

Be sure to check out the iPad and iPhone sizes as well which feature different orientations to fit the devices. A big thanks to Will for sending me these sweet photos. He also sent me some other wallpapers as well, so you may be seeing his work again next week!

The Desktop Wallpaper Project featuring Ten Paces and Draw, with Olivia Mew

Olivia Mew

Astoundingly it’s already November. I’m not sure that October even happened. Nonetheless time marches on and we have a new wallpaper from our friends at Ten Paces and Draw. For this month’s wallpaper Ten Paces and Draw curator Alyssa Nassner was able to snag Olivia Mew, a Canadian illustrator and textile designer who’s got some serious skills. She decided to make a wallpaper that reflects Remembrance Day, a memorial day that’s observed by many countries around the world.

“November 11th is Remembrance Day in Canada & the UK, our version of memorial day. The poppy is the symbol of it, so come November lots of people wear poppy pins on their coats as a sign of respect.”

What I love about our monthly wallpapers with Ten Paces and Draw is that they draw from a really wide variety of topics. I think Olivia has created a really wonderful looking wallpaper that can also be really meaningful to a lot of people. I like the contrast between life and death as well, the skull with the poppies and subtle moth is stunning. Not to forget that the color palette is extraordinary. A big thanks to Olivia for a job well done and thanks to Alyssa from Ten Paces for picking yet another wonderful artist. Check back next month for December’s wallpaper!

Mike Giles Wallpaper - Desktop, iPhone, iPad

Mike Giles

I’m sure many of you readers are night owls. As creatives we tend to work late in the night to meet tight deadlines or to realize that vision we have deep in the back of our minds. Today’s wallpaper from Mike Giles, a Phoenix based designer, illustrates this idea perfectly. It also illustrates that late night work sessions are made way better when you have dogs around. A beagle to be specific. Mike has a dog named Banner who’s put into this piece and who’s also featured on the iPhone and iPhone 5 versions of the wallpaper.

Though I must admit, based on the clock in Mike’s wallpaper 11:05 at night is stil pretty early, or maybe that’s just me?

The Halloween Wallpaper Project featuring Braden Graber

Braden Graber

We’ve reached the end of the series of Halloween Desktop Wallpapers so why not end the week as Halloween night ends for most kids? With razors in chocolates, shitty “healthy” candy, and a peanut butter cup or two that you eat immediately because it’s the best candy you have. The final wallpaper is by Braden Graeber and is an homage to Halloween candy culture. There’s a little bit of grandma hard candy we all hate, broken Pixy Sticks because Pixy Sticks always break, and some Tic-Tac looking pills that are undoubtedly treats for the parents: it’s all a part of Halloween. Braden’s has laid it all out in a colorful, humorous, and somewhat entrancing way to remind you of that Halloween isn’t just about frights and fun–it’s also about terrible candy.

The Halloween Wallpaper Project featuring Spencer Harrison

Spencer Harrison

We’re nearing the end of our week of Halloween wallpapers but the momentum isn’t slowing down. Today we have a fun wallpaper from Spencer Harrison a designer from Melbourne who founded Happy Stüdio. For his wallpaper he took a smattering of everything that makes this day Halloween-y and laid it out in a clear, concise manner. This is the wallpaper for the designer who likes their Halloween to be clean and minimal, don’t you think?

Thanks so much to Spencer and check back tomorrow for our final wallpaper!

The Halloween Wallpaper Project featuring Meredith Sadler

Meredith Sadler

It’s our third day of Halloween inspired wallpapers continues and the awesome art just doesn’t stop. Today we have the work of Meredith Sadler, a Toronto based illustrator who’s style is rough and textural with lots of bursts of color. She’s illustrated a wallpaper that feels like the quintessential Halloween look – spooky ghosts, haunted houses and a foreboding crescent moon hanging low in the sky. I love the way she played with colors on this piece, the way the sky blue lines of the house contrast really well with the background. And the ghostly trail weaving through the houses has such a great color shift as he makes his way through the neighborhood.

A big thanks to Meredith for a wonderful wallpaper and check back in tomorrow for another!

The Halloween Wallpaper Project featuring Haik Avanian

Haik Avanian

We continue our week of Halloween inspired wallpapers with this super clever approach by Haik Avanian. Rather than showing a bunch of different candies Haik went the opposite route and blew up a Tootsie Roll to an extreme proportion. It’s definitely pop art inspired and I think the simplicity of a piece like this works so well as a wallpaper. A big thanks to Haik for such a wonderful wallpaper, and be sure to check in tomorrow and the rest of the week for more wallpaper goodness.

The Halloween Wallpaper Project featuring Noah MacMillan

Noah MacMillan

For those of us in the States (and certain places around the globe) it’s Halloween time, probably one of my favorite times of year. I remember dressing up as the weirdest things as a chid (proof here) and then running around the neighborhood collecting candy. In that spirit I decided to gather a group of five talented creatives to make some Halloween themed wallpapers to decorate your devices each day this week.

First up is Noah MacMillan a St. Louis based designer and illustrator who’s work is colorful yet kinda’ dark and edgy in execution. Noah decided that he want to eschew the norms of Halloween and make a wallpaper that was “something a little spooky and mysterious without falling to deep into campy halloween-land.” I think he totally killed it, and I love everything about this wallpaper. The crows, the keys, the spooky branches… it’s perfect.

Again, check back every day this week for a new wallpaper!

The Desktop Wallpaper Project featuring Matthew Foster

Mathew Foster

I love getting random emails from friends who want to participate in the Desktop Wallpaper Project. That’s what happened a few days ago with my buddy Mathew Foster. Mathew’s an amazingly talented guy, dabbling in graphic an environmental design, creating a ton of fantastic work (which you should check out).

Mathew had this sweet graphic on his desktop which he plans on using for an upcoming project, so he thought it would work great for a wallpaper as well. I have to totally agree. It’s a bold, simple message displayed in high contrast black and white, perfect for the minimalists in all of us. A big thanks to Mathew for the sweet art.

The Desktop Wallpaper Project featuring Ten Paces and Draw, with Nolan Pelletier

Nolan Pelletier

I feel like I’m doing a lot of catching up today, with the winner of the Re-Covered Books contest announced and now we’ve got our October wallpaper from Ten Paces and Draw. This spooky wallpaper was created by Nolan Pelletier, a Toronto based illustrator who’s sparse illustrations are still colorful and lively. His wallpaper is pretty funny, like the guy with the flashlight is on a ghost hunt in a haunted graveyard. A big thanks to Alyssa from Ten Paces and Draw and to Nolan!

Santiago Merino Wallpaper

Santiago Merino

Santiago Merino is an artist working in Buenos Aires, Argentina and finishing up his Editorial Design degree. Santiago wrote me a bit ago about participating in the project and I really enjoyed his aesthetic. His work was comprised of a lot of layering and a lot of texture, giving each of his pieces a unique, one-of-a-kind feeling. For his wallpaper he took ink, acrylics and coffee then put it all into Photoshop to perfect it.

I think the wallpaper is really interesting because it’s so different from the normal imagery we focus on. It’s dark and it’s dirty with lots of subtle details. This might not be for everyone but I know some of you are going to love it. A big thanks to Santiago for such an inspiring piece.

The Desktop Wallpaper Project featuring James Olstein

James Olstein

Summer is starting to dwindle out for a lot of us in the northern hemisphere. I’m still holding out for more warm weather (and probably getting it for a while, Los Angeles doesn’t cool down till January). Today’s wallpaper embodies one of the hallmarks of summer – eating ice cream to beat the heat. James Olstein made today’s wallpaper and may have created one of the best puns of all time for his ice cream stand. For that he should be commended. Cone Thugs and Harmony for life!

The Desktop Wallpaper Project featuring Johanna Basford

Johanna Basford

Today’s wallpaper is an inky adventure filled with food by Scottish illustrator Johanna Basford. Johanna is kind of a wizard when it comes to ink. She creates this extremely detailed pieces which you get to scour over, absorbing all the tiniest details.

Her wallpaper perfect example of this, scattered with tasty treats and healthy vegetables. There are also some minor variations in the wallpapers. The desktop versions have a lot of white space around the edges, plenty of room for all your icons, while the iPhone and iPad versions are mor full screen.

You might also notice there’s an iPhone 5 option as well. This is the first wallpaper to have it. Clearly I have a lot of work ahead of me resizing all the wallpapers, but it’ll be done soon!

The Desktop Wallpaper Project featuring Levi Hastings

Levi Hastings

Summer seems to be winding down slowly, it’s currently sprinkling here in Los Angeles, so a bit of nostalgia feels in order. Our wallpaper this week is from Levi Hastings, an illustrator and graphic designer based in Seattle. Levi has a fondness for mustaches and watercolors, which becomes quite evident when you see his work.

His wallpaper though is a page from one of his sketchbooks, here’s his story.

I’ve been very fortunate to take a few trips to Greece, Turkey and Italy over the past few years. My boyfriend’s family is Greek, so I’ve received the authentic Mediterranean treatment alongside the typical tourist runaround, which has left me with a strong connection to these places.

There’s nothing I love more than an afternoon break following a long morning of sightseeing, kicking back on the cobblestones of a busy plaza. It’s one of the best ways I’ve found to fully appreciate the exhilaration and exhaustion that comes with foreign travel. This piece combines a few of my favorite cities, particularly, Istanbul and Athens and Siena.

I love the combination of imagery along with a beautifully balanced color palette. The angles of the piece make it almost look like the buildings are being reflected off of water rather than cobble stone. This makes me want to travel to Europe so desperately.

The Desktop Wallpaper Project featuring Ten Paces and Draw, with Niv Bavarsky

Niv Bavarsky

Each month we get a specially curated wallpaper from Alyssa Nassner, the force behind Ten Paces and Draw, who finds us a very talented creative to make a themed wallpaper based on the month that it appears. For September we have Bay Area illustrator Niv Bavarsky, who previously graced us with his Animal Collective wallpaper.

His wallpaper features a simple message, “Do you remember? Dancing in September”, set in a washed out rave of colors. The type and the background certainly look like someone who’s been dancing until 4 in the morning, perhaps we should take his wallpaper as some solid advice? As a sort of easter egg, you should take this wallpaper, throw it into Photoshop and hit it with the auto levels. You can see just how crazy the wallpaper actually was before he toned it down.

A huge thanks to Alyssa for inviting yet another great artist, and to Niv for being such a great artist!

The Desktop Wallpaper Project featuring Janna Morton

Janna Morton

Last week’s wallpaper took a trip into the ocean, so this week we’re doing the exact opposite, taking a voyage to the arid outback of the desert. Our wallpaper is compliments of Baltimore based illustrator Janna Morton who has a truly unique style. All of her work is extremely iconic and really bold, as you can see above. Her wallpaper is a mix of all sorts of beautiful desert plants as well as lots of random critters scurrying about all over the place. If the desert isn’t quite your style, you may want to download Mary-Kate McDevitt’s iceberg wallpaper!