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Veronique Branquinho for Camper

For me, Belgian designer Veronique Branquinho epitomises everything that is stylish about the Antwerp fashion scene: a discreet sense of androgyny, minimalism, monochrome colour palettes and structured tailoring. Although her label collapsed last year in the midst of the global financial crisis, she has not completely disappeared from the fashion arena and her most recent project is a collaboration with Camper. Branquinho’s capsule collection for the Spanish footwear label’s Together project features three derby styles that showcase her simple and modern aesthetic. My first reaction upon viewing the neutral, two-toned lace-ups was the all too familiar sentiment of “I want them. I don’t care how much they cost”, but then I discovered that the shoes are, in fact, designed for men. Go figure.

Dapper gentlemen can find Branquinho’s collection online and in select boutiques.


New Shoes from Zuriick

Zuriick yet again ups their game with another fresh batch of good looking shoes. It seems to me like they’re starting to branch out from the standard sneaker genre, which I think is a smart move. Above are three of their newest styles, I’m not quite sure when they were released, but I’m really digging all of these.

In order they are the Madsen, Nadal Mids and the Shug Low. The variety of these shoes is what I like a lot, so if you only bought these three shoes you’d be set for pretty much any event. And the best part is that they’re all round $100, so you’re not breaking the bank by any means.


Urban Outfitters x Quoddy Deck Shoe

I’ve been on Urban Outfitter’s press release mailing for a little while now and so I get a bit of a jump on what’s coming out next, which is always fun. So last week I got to see a preview of their spring and summer collaborations, one of them definitely caught my eye.

The shoes above are a collaboration with Quoddy, the Maine based manufacturer who’s been handmaking shoes since 1909. These are described as “Quoddy for UO Deck Shoe” so my guess is this collaboration is much like the one they did with The Brothers Bray. Quoddy designed the shoe but their constructed in China for less and UP distributes them. I don’t know if this is true, it’s just my guess. Update: Whoops, my guess was wrong, and I quote, “the shoes are made in Maine with the same materials and construction process as the Quoddy’s main line.” Good to know.

Either way I definitely love this shoe and I couldn’t find anything on the Quoddy site that was quite like this, so I’m pretty excited. I think the color choice is spot on and that these would be damn comfortable to wear around all summer long. I guess we’ll have to keep our eyes peeled for when they launch.


Amy Martino

Amy Martino is a New York based illustrator who’s got quite an eye for color. I spotted the pair of shoes you see at the top there which actually sparked my desire to post a bunch of shoe related stuff today. I can’t say that I’d ever wear a pair of shoes with such… personality, but I would put them in a plexiglass box like pieces of art. I also included a few images that I think she drew inspiration from as well. I love the colors, textures and patterns that she used. The combination of all of these elements are really beautiful. Be sure to check out Amy’s portfolio as well, she’s got a ton of great work to look through.


The Zissou by Clae

Last week I got a sneak peak at Clae’s upcoming Spring/Summer 2010 releases and they’ve got a lot of rad shoes coming out. But one definitely caught my eye which is called the Zissou. This sweet little shoe is an evolutionary step from their another shoe they made called the Coustea, though the Zissou has a nice set of laces on it. It comes in two different colorways, a classy looking navy which is my favorite, or for the daring there’s the mint.

I think the warm Los Angeles weather has me ready for summer already!


Evisu x Common Projects Sneakers

Today I’ve got a few cool shoe related posts, something I haven’t done here in a little while. First up is a collaboration from Evisu, whom I know from their line of denim, who’ve teamed up with Common Projects, a company who in my opinion makes some of the sexiest shoes out there. The outcome is pretty similar to what Common Projects normally does but there are some new details like the suede on the toe and that navy color is something I haven’t seen before.

Sadly, these aren’t going to be out until next fall, with the hi-top going for $185 and the low-top for $165. I think I’d get a pair of the hi-top, black ones, though the white ones could be rad for the summer.


Maharam x Nike 21 Mercer Street Exclusive

Nike has teamed up again with textile designer Maharam on another batch of shoes which are exclusive to their 21 Mercer store. There are two different styles in three different patterns; a Blazer High in a check patter (which looks a hell of a lot like Louis Vuitton hi-top), a Blazer High in basket weave pattern and an Oregon Waffle (read: low-top) which comes in a stripe of sorts.

Overall I think these shoes pretty damn beautiful. I love the fact these are pretty much all blacks, but with the addition of patterns and textures it definitely gives these a ton of character. I wish I could afford a pair of those checked Blazer Highs, those are totally my favorite.

Click here for more photos of these sneakers.


Sebago x Cool Cats Docksides Shoes

I’ve been on a big shoe kick lately (ha!) and I’m guessing because the weather is starting to change…? Nontheless, I keep seeing shoes I’m really digging, and this Sebago team-up with Cool Cats definitely caught my eye. Eveidently, Cool Cats is So-Me’s crew, and they teamed up to design this docksides shoe that’s limited to 75 pairs. It’s a simple enough idea, make a black shoe with colorful eyelets, but there’s something fun yet classy about these. What isn’t fun is their $236 price tag, but I guess that’s the price for art.

Grab yourself a pair over at Colette if you’ve got the cash to drop.


New Shoes for Autumn: Converse and Palladium

I’m usually a hardcore lover of the summer, but lately I’ve been getting excited at the idea of it getting a bit cooler here in Los Angeles. Well today was the first day that it really started to feel like the season was changing, and I’m quite excited for it. Because of the change, I’ve been thinking about getting some new shoes, so I wanted to share a couple of gems that I have my eyes on.

The first are these silver corduroy low tops by Converse. When I start to think of autumn, I definitely think of corduroy. Plus the color of these, along with the off white of the rubber, the gold eyelets and the black detailing, make this an amazing look shoe. Plus they just look so damn comfy!

The second pair are from a boot manufacturer called Paladium and style is called Pampa. High tops and cold weather and like best friends, and these seem like they could do some serious trudging through some nasty weather. This probably wouldn’t work if you needed to get through snow banks, but they should be able to handle the puddles of Los Angeles without problem.

What’s best of all is that the Converse pair is only $60, and the Palladium’s are $65. Cute, functional and recession friendly.


Backe and Zapien Shoes by Aldo

When I think of the brand Aldo I think of malls and bad Euro-style shoes (which they definitely still carry). But they’ve just released a couple of pairs of shoes that actually caught my eye, and are definitely within a reasonable price. The pair at top are called Backe and are a high top style with a nice oxblood coloring to them. There are some weird kind of textures on these as well, but my guess is that no one would really notice.

The bottom pair are called Zapien and are a great idea for a winter boot. The sole is a thick layer of rubber that seems like it would definitely protect your from the elements and the suede makes it look nice and rugged. It doesn’t really get that cold here in Los Angeles but I’m still tempted to get them, especially because they’re only $100.