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Re-Covered Books: ‘The Great Gatsby’

Re-Covered Books

I’ve been excited to start a new competition for a while. A kind of project that would be enjoyable for me to curate and would engage you as a creative person. Offhand, I mentioned on Twitter that it would be interesting to have readers create their own covers for books. So, I’m presenting the newest The Fox Is Black competition: Re-Covered Books. The idea is simple: create a cover for a book I choose and the winner gets a $100 gift card to Amazon. Sound good?

The first book we’ll be re-covering is The Great Gatsby by F. Scott Fitzgerald. I wanted to start with an American classic that was well regarded by many and I feel like The Great Gatsby has a lot of rich imagery that will translate well to a cover. Do a Google search of “The Great Gatsby Book Cover” and you get a lot of variations, some of which I’ve posted above for inspiration. The one I’m most familiar with is the top left one, with the flapper looking girl with a tear rolling down her face, superimposed over Coney Island. But, my favorite is the simple Alvin Lustig cover with the giant dollar sign: clean and beautiful.

The competition will judged by myself, Danica, and Alex with one grand prize winner taking the cake. I’d love to see you take this project and really creating something remarkable. My suggestion would be to print out a full dust jacket and wrap it around a book you own. The size and shape are up to you and your taste. The more effort you take, the better your chance to win. I’ll be posting all of the entries in a separate post and a link in the sidebar so you can check in to see what’s new. Here are the details:

• Size and shape are completely up to you: the more inventive, the better. It does need to be a book though. No electronics!

• Send all entries to with the subject “Re-Covered Books: The Great Gatsby“. Just cut and paste what I wrote there. It’s super easy and it helps me keep track of entries.

• All entries are due January 28th, 2011 by Midnight, PST. That gives nearly 3 weeks to create something for the competition.

If you have any other questions, feel free to leave them in the comments. I hope a lot of you participate, as I think this could be a really fun competition and your work could get noticed by some really cool people. Good luck!

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